Weird (Yet Funny) Items to Give Your Golfing Pals This Christmas

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Christmas isn’t just a great time to upgrade your golf set; it also offers the perfect opportunity to give (and receive) gifts from your fellow golfers. So aside from the items you encountered in your golf club buying guide, you should get your buddies something worth remembering. If you don’t know any, then try the following weird yet funny merchs.

ProActive Sports Bad Day Golf Balls

Want to help your golfing buddies play a prank on their neighbors (or even their wives)? Then get them the ProActive Sports Bad Day Golf Ball! This faux ball will fool people into thinking that you accidentally broke their windows while playing your favorite sport. Simply peel off its backing and stick it on any glass surface, and you’ll have your neighbors going nuts over you swinging your club in their direction. Just make sure to reveal the trick as soon as they call you out for it. That way, there won’t be any bad blood afterwards.

Jef World of Golf Gifts and Gallery, Inc. Floating Golf Balls

But if you want to play a prank on your friends while you’re all having a casual golf game, then gift them a couple of Jef’s Floating Golf Balls. Don’t be fooled by its looks; despite having the appearance of a plain golf ball in your golf club buying guide, it has a trick up its sleeve. Instead of sinking, it will flow once it lands on any watery surface. Have your friends swing this ball on your next fun match, and they’ll soon be scratching their heads in wonder.

GoSports Light Up LED Golf Balls

But in case you want to give them something to light up their Christmas day, grab them a box of the GoSports Light Up LED Golf Balls. This product consists of a series of battery-powered, impact-activated LED balls that will give your game a bright, fun glow. Play with these babies, and you won’t have to worry about losing your golf ball even while having the game at night. The best part is, you can also use these glowing balls to decorate your home and garden for Christmas. Each pack includes 12 balls, three each for white, blue, green, and red.

Daphne’s Pirate Novelty Head Cover

Headcovers help protect your precious golf clubs against the harsh elements. But don’t just give your friend a plain one this Christmas. Instead, you need to get them one of Daphne’s Pirate Novelty Head Covers. That way, your buddy will have something funny to keep their clubs shiny. But in case pirates aren’t your friends’ thing, then you can choose Daphne’s other offerings.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Going to the bathroom should be a comfortable experience. That being said, get your friends the Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game for Christmas. That way, they can continue practicing their golfing chops even while taking a dump. This funny product can easily be installed in front of the toilet. And you can leave the faux grass in place, serving as a carpet substitute to keep your housemate’s feet comfortable during their private time.

Golfer Golf Degree Diploma

Or you can give them a personalized gift by getting them a Golfer Golf Degree Diploma with their name on it. One of the best things about this product is that it really looks authentic. It even has an official-looking embossed gold seal that makes it very appealing. Anyway, this gift is perfect for friends who are really passionate about golf. By giving this to them, you’ll make them feel more accomplished. If you can, try to have it framed so your buddies can display it in your living room.

PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set lets you scribble whatever you want and allows you to play mini golf from the comforts of your desk. As the label suggests, the set consists of three pens that double up as finger golf clubs. There’s the red-colored driver, the blue-colored putter, and the black-coored iron. To make this gift even more practical, you should give it alongside a nice stationary set. And don’t worry about the packaging; this pen gift set comes in a presentable box that can easily be embellished with gift wrappers.

Callaway Stainless Steel Tumbler & Golf Accessories Gift Set

The Callaway Stainless Steel Tumbler & Golf Accessories Gift Set may not be as weird or as funny as the rest of the items on this list, but it’s still a great product to give as a Christmas present. With the tumbler, you won’t have to worry about getting dehydrated at the golf course (or anywhere else for that matter). Accompanying the tumbler is a series of accessories that will help you optimize your future plays, including three plastic golf tees, a divot tool, a pair of Callaway Warbird golf balls, and even a Callaway Poker Chip.

Golf Quiet Please Sign by Golf Gag Gifts

Another great gag gift to consider in lieu of the items in your golf club buying guide is the Golf Quiet Please Sign by Golf Gag Gifts. Give this to your friend and have them bring it to the course every game, and they’ll be able to hush other golfers whenever it’s your turn to swing your Wilson Staff D9 Driver. This lets you concentrate as you make one of your signature shots.

Hole-In-One Golf Green Turf Beret Hat

Lastly, you can consider giving your family and friends the Hole-In-One Golf Green Turf Beret Hat. With its fun-looking design, it will definitely help wearers make heads turn. And don’t worry about it not fitting; the product comes in a single size that can fit anyone. If you like, you can get this hat for every single member of your family. That way, you’ll get into the spirit of the sport the next time you go out and play golf.

Give These Items as a Christmas Gift

There’s nothing wrong with giving the usual items seen on your golf club buying guide as a Christmas present. But if you want to build lasting memories with your friends and loved ones, better get them something you’ll all remember for years to come. So make sure you include the items above on your shopping list.

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