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Let’s Golf Better’s Ultimate Callaway Golf Buying Guide

Callaway Golf is one of the leading golf brands in the world. Their products are known for their awe-inspiring quality and eye-catching style, from their clubs to their apparel. By investing in a few Callaway merchs, you’ll be able to swing longer and better, as well as look and feel good every step of the way. Now with so many Callaway products out there, picking the right ones for you could get overwhelming. So before heading out to buy, make sure you read Let’s Golf Better’s Callaway Golf buying guide below.

About Callaway Golf

Let’s start this Callaway Golf buying guide by exploring how the company came to be. The company that would become Callaway Golf was established by Ely Callaway Jr., who used to work with Burlington Industries as its textile president. Callaway was very passionate about golf, with Hickory Sticks USA being one of his favorite brands. So it wasn’t surprising that he invested in Hickory Sticks when the company began running low on funds.

Eventually, he managed to buy half the shares of Hickory Sticks USA. He then rechristened it “Callaway Hickory Stick USA”, moved its headquarters to Carlsbad, California, and became the company’s president. By 1984, Callaway had bought the rest of the company’s shares, becoming its new owner in the process. The name was then changed to its present name in 1988.

Today, Callaway Golf is one of the best developers of golf clubs, equipment, and apparel. The company consists of five powerful brands (Callaway, Odyssey, Toulon Design, OGIO, and TravisMathew). And their products have made headlines in many major golf tournaments, as well as endorsed by legends like Phil Mickelson, Annika Sorenstam, and Sergio Garcia.
, comfort, and even swag while golfing. However, while some can actually help you with your gameplay, others are just gimmicks you can do without. So best focus on the former to get your money’s worth.

Callaway Golf Milestones Through the Years


Callaway Golf hired Bruce Parker as their head of sales, eventually becoming their Chief Merchant. Parker played a significant role in the company’s growth, and he was the person who helped the brand gain sales in excess of $3.0 billion.


Billiard cue designer Richard C. Helmstetter joined Callaway Golf as a consultant, eventually becoming their chief club designer. He was the man responsible for introducing computer-controlled manufacturing machines to the company. With Glenn Schmidt (the company’s master tool maker), he developed the Big Bertha driver, one of Callaway’s best-selling clubs.


Callaway Golf went public on the New York Stock Exchange in February. Starting with a market capitalization of $250 million, they eventually grew it to $3 billion.


Roger Cleveland became Callaway Golf’s new chief club designer. Years later, he developed and launched Callaway Golf’s Forged Wedges, which are noteworthy for being made from carbon steel as well as their modified U-grooved faces.

In the same year, the company announced the development of a new golf ball. The project was spearheaded by Chuck Yash, who was the former head of Taylormade Golf. Callaway Golf spent around three years developing the ball, investing as much as $170 million in research and development, as well as on a state-of-the-art production facility.

Along the way, Callaway Golf also recruited engineers from Du Pont and Boeing. Through aerodynamic computer programs used by Boeing and General Electric, they were able to test various golf ball simulations based on dimple patterns, ball cores, boundary layers, and cover materials. Thus, the new Rule 35 golf ball was born!

They eventually settled on two versions of the Rule 35 ball, opting to develop a “complete-performance” ball rather than make different ones based on spin, control, distance, and durability. According to Ely Callaway himself, they combined all the performance benefits in one ball so players don’t have to sacrifice anything (i.e., control for distance, distance for feel, etc).

“Each Rule 35 ball contains a unique synergy of distance, control, spin, feel and durability characteristics,” he reportedly said. “This eliminates confusion and guesswork in trying to identify the golf ball that is right for each individual golfer.”

1996 also saw Ely Callaway Jr. resign as CEO and president of Callaway Golf. However, he remained president and CEO of Callaway Golf Ball Company. He was replaced by Donald H. Dye.


Callaway Golf acquired Odyssey Sports, expanding Callaway’s line of putters and eventually leading to the development and launching of the Odyssey White Hot putter series in 2000.

This was also the year when Callaway Golf reached a market capitalization of around $3 billion.


Ely Callaway Jr. regained his position as president and CEO of Callaway Golf Company. He held this office until July 5, 2001, when he died of pancreatic cancer. He was succeeded by Ronald A. Drapeau.


Ron Drapeau announced that the company will acquire Top-Flite Golf and its Ben Hogan Golf division after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The acquisition cost Callaway Golf around $169 million because they had to contend with Adidas, another big-time sporting brand.


Chairman and chief executive William C. Baker became Callaway Golf’s new president and COO, replacing Ron Drapeau and Patrice Hutin, respectively.


In August, George Fellows became the new president and CEO of Callaway Golf. He held this position until June 2011.

On December 8, Callaway Golf won the 2005 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The award was received at the San Diego Better Business Bureau.


Oliver “Chip” Gordon Brewer III became the new CEO of Callaway Golf. Under his tenure, the company sold their Top Flite shares to Dick’s Sporting Goods due to declining sales. Meanwhile, the Ben Hogan brand was sold to Perry Ellis International, though Callaway managed to retain several trademarks, particularly Apex and Edge.


Callaway Golf acquired OGIO, a US-based bag and apparel brand, as well as TravisMathew, a California-based lifestyle and golf apparel brand.


Callaway Golf acquired Jack Wolfskin, a German outdoor apparel company.


Joe Flannery was appointed Executive Vice President of Callaway Golf.

Callaway also announced on October 27, 2020 that it will acquire Topgolf Entertainment Group for $2 billion.

Products Currently Offered By Callaway Golf

So now that you’ve glimpsed the company’s back story a bit, let’s proceed with the products usually found in a typical Callaway Golf buying guide. As one of the biggest golfing brands in the world, Callaway offers a wide range of products. From golf clubs to apparel, they have several options that will help you optimize your play, and make you look and feel good along the way.


Callaway Golf’s clubs are sold individually or by sets. They have clubs suitable for both male and female golfers, and they offer different models based on handicap level, hand orientation, and what-not. You can also have them customized to meet certain specific needs or preferences. They currently offer the following clubs:

  • Drivers
  • Fairway Woods
  • Irons
  • Hybrids
  • Wedges
  • Putters

Notable Features of Callaway Golf Clubs

As you’ll learn from this Callaway Golf buying guide, Callaway Golf Clubs are made and equipped with some of the latest golf technologies on the planet. This not only enabled them to outperform other clubs, but also allowed them to optimize a player’s game regardless of skill or experience. Plus, many of these technologies help ensure the clubs look and feel good whether held or swung. That being said, here are some of the most eye-catching features Callaway clubs has to offer.

Precision Tungsten Weighting

Callaway’s groundbreaking new precision tungsten weighting significantly boosted their clubs’ speed, stability, and MOI. This weight (which ranges from 26 grams to 62 grams depending on the type of club) is inserted deep inside each one of their club heads, and it’s positioned as low as possible to increase forgiveness. So even during off-center hits, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy high ball and swing speeds.

Jailbreak Speed Frame

Callaway golf clubs are also equipped with their patented A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frames. This improves the overall stability of their clubs in terms of horizontal and torsional direction. Moreover, construction, shaping, and positioning of the club is fine tuned to the Jailbreak System, ensuring more speed across the face.

AI-Enhanced Optimization Formula

As one of the first golf companies to introduce Artificial Intelligence in the golf industry, it shouldn’t be surprising that AI has become a regular part of Callaway’s manufacturing process. Through one of their novel formulas, they managed to give their clubs AI-designed faces, which helps dramatically enhance forgiveness while simultaneously reducing spins during plays.

Titanium Unibody Construction

Moreover, Callaway clubs enjoy titanium unibody construction for maximum stability and forgiveness. Combined with their patented Triaxial Carbon crowns and soles, it allows Callaway to save weight during the manufacturing process, too! Speaking of weight, the titanium unibody construction allows the club’s mass to be redistributed more evenly, leading to higher launches (albeit with a slight draw bias).

Unique Club Head Designs

Callaway clubs are well-known for their unique club head designs, which helps optimize their overall performance and appeal. This design varies depending on the type of club. For instance, the heads of recent Callaway drivers typically come with Tour-proven Triple Diamond shapes, making the 450cc club look more compact and lowering the spins it produces. On the other hand, Callaway’s hybrid clubs usually come with larger heads and refined soles, promoting better turf interaction and improving its versatility.

Maximum Shot Shape Correction

Some of their drivers are built in such a way that they provide maximum shot shape correction as well. For example, the Rogue ST MAX D drivers offer high levels of draw bias, high MOI, more upright lie, reduced face progression, and a stretched profile at address. These features are great for players who tend to slice the ball (and wish to remedy it).

High Strength Flash Face Cup

Many of their fairway woods and irons have Flash Face Cups to improve spin and speed consistency across the face. Combined with specially treated C300 maraging steel, it makes the clubs highly durable and flexible as well.

Patented Urethane Microspheres

Callaway golf irons enjoy their signature urethane microspheres, which are positioned further up the face of the clubs to enhance its sound and feel (all while still maintaining epic fast ball speeds).

Offset Groove-In-Groove Technology

Meanwhile, Callaway’s wedges are equipped with offset groove-in-groove technology. That is, its face is etched with a series of grooves that tremendously improve your spin and control at the greens. This practically turns Callaway into formidable spin machines.

Tour Proven Stroke Lab Shafts

As for their Odyssey putters, Callaway made sure they deliver world class Tour performance by equipping every single one with their multi-material Stroke Lab shafts. This shaft is notable for having a shorter steel section, which reduces the overall weight by around seven grams. It’s also stiffer than other customized shafts out there, enabling it to add more stability and consistency to your strokes.

Why Choose Callaway Golf Clubs

Insane Durability

Callaway Golf clubs are also noteworthy for their sturdiness and longevity. In fact, they’re so durable that many people clamor over pre-owned Callaway clubs almost as much as they do for the new ones. Just look as a Callaway Golf buying guide, and you’ll still see phased-out products listed within! Anyway, this durability is largely due to the materials making up the clubs, as well as the technology used to manufacture them.

Stability and Speed

Thanks to their patented Jailbreak System, Callaway clubs offer superior stability and speed compared to other clubs in the market. Previous Jailbreak frames only stiffened the body in the vertical direction. Through advancements in AI, more recent Jailbreak architectures have been speed tuned for better construction, shaping, and positioning. This provides better stability in both horizontal and torsional direction, enabling the Callaway clubs to deliver better ball speeds as much as stability.

Maximum MOI and Forgiveness

Recent Callaway clubs also come with the all-new precision tungsten weighting. This groundbreaking weight is placed deep inside the club head, significantly boosting its speed even on off-center shots and optimizing your launch. At the same time, the cartridge enables the Callaway clubs to produce higher MOIs and offer more forgiveness, something every beginner and high handicapper sorely needs.

More Launch, Less Spins

Moreover, since Callaway is the leader when it comes to AI-designed clubs, their products have specially designed faces so that it can produce more launch and less spins. Thanks to a new formula they’ve recently patented, their club’s AI-designed faces help reduce ball spins during impact. And as if that’s not enough, the face’s design allows more players to enjoy more forgiveness, particularly during off-center shots.

Premium Look and Feel

Finally, Callaway golf clubs look and feel fantastic. But don’t just take this Callaway Golf buying guide’s word for it! Jon Rahm, the first Spanish golfer to win the U.S. Open, made headlines by whipping out a prototype for the Callaway Epic Max during the 2021 tournament. He reportedly said that the Callaway equipment worked well for him, even helping him shoot a course record 59 during the first round.


With an extensive range of golf balls, Callaway basically made sure there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re after distance or speed (or a bit of both), you should definitely consider getting a few boxes of Callaway golf balls.

Notable Features of Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway’s section of golf balls are similarly decked with many of the best golfing technologies currently circulating today. These include:

Precision Technology

Callaway introduced precision Technology in their golf balls enhancing its features right down to its tiniest components and design details. This is one of the main reasons why Callaway golf balls offer such high quality and performance. And their signature Precision Technology certainly helped enable the balls to have tighter energy dispersion properties.

Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core

At the same time, Callaway went out of its way to optimize the very construction of their golf balls. Some of their products (most notably their Chrome Soft selections) come with the all new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Cores. This base component allows the balls to perform at Tour level speeds and spins, as well as allow players to have better control during swings.

Tour Aero Design

Callaway golf balls also enjoy Tour Aero designs. That means the balls are made in such a way that its very surface takes advantage of the wind passing through it, allowing it to fly at higher altitudes, longer distances, and faster speeds. What’s more, Tour Aero designs have certain features that will help you maintain consistent ball flights.

HEX Aerodynamics

Simultaneously, the balls come with HEX Aerodynamic features that help it reduce its drag and enhance its lift. This increases the ball’s overall carry, enabling players to launch it at greater heights, optimize its trajectory, and maximize its consistency.

Truvis Technology

Callaway golf balls like their Truvis Red Golf Balls are notable for their unique Truvis patterns. A series of pentagon shapes are printed on the balls’ surface, giving the illusion that it’s bigger than it actually is. Through it, players can maximize their view of the ball, thus allowing them to enjoy better focus and visibility.

Triple Track Technology

Meanwhile, Callaway products like the ERC Soft Golf Balls are great for beginners because they come with Triple Track lines. This technology basically provides advanced alignment that will help anyone improve their overall accuracy. Moreover, Triple Track technology takes advantage of the concept of Vernier Visual Acuity, allowing you to discern any misalignment from any two line segments or gratings (and thus correct it).

PARALOID™ Impact Modifier

Both the ERC Soft Golf Balls and the Supersoft Golf Balls feature Hybrid Covers that are lined with PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers. This special innovative material gives the balls a construction that’s highly versatile. Not only does it enable the balls to deliver maximum distance and speeds, but it also allows players to enjoy better greenside control. As an added bonus, it even made the balls more durable while retaining their soft feel.

Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover

On the other hand, Callaway’s Supersoft MAX, REVA, and Warbird golf balls come with Tri-Blend Ionomer Covers. Specifically made to increase ball speed, this cover material can help you create a fantastic combination of high launches and low spins when using longer clubs.

Why Choose Callaway Golf Balls

Piercing Flight

Thanks to their Tour Aero design, most Callaway Golf balls are capable of piercing, consistent flights. Combined with their proprietary new Precision Technology, it also allows the balls to fly straighter. The Precision Technology enables the balls to deliver tighter energy dispersions as well, and it enhances every component and design features of the balls to ensure you enjoy nothing but the highest quality.

Greenside Control

With its new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core, Callaway golf balls are capable of delivering Tour level speed, spin, and control. But it doesn’t end there! Some models (particularly those included in the Chrome Soft selections) are specially designed to enhance the benefits above even further. Due to their optimized makeup, Tour Aero design, and Precision Technology, the balls offer a high level of greenside control.

Excellent Feel

Due to its high speed, low compression Hyper Elastic SoftFast Cores, Tri-Blend Ionomer Covers, and PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers, Callaway golf balls offer better energy transfer from the club to the balls. This basically allows the balls to retain its premium feel without compromising its performance.

Alignment Aid

As mentioned above, Callaway products like the Truvis Red Golf Balls and the ERC Soft Golf Balls come with Truvis and Triple Track technologies. These features essentially serve as a guide, providing excellent alignment aid and enhancing the ball’s visibility. These make it great for beginners and high handicappers who still struggle with accuracy, focus, and precision.

Value for Money

Callaway offers their golf balls at reasonable prices, ranging from as low as $17.99 to as high as $49.99. So any player who wants to buy a box or two is free to do so anytime. As an added bonus, Callaway golf balls are so durable that they can be bought secondhand from many stores across the US. If anyone wishes to save money even further, then they can opt for these pre-loved balls instead.


A great Callaway Golf buying guide shouldn’t just showcase clubs and balls; it also showcases other merchs. So now that we’ve finished discussing the most notable features of Callaway’s clubs and balls, let’s move on to their apparel. Now these are separated into four categories, namely:

  • Headwear (Caps, Hats, Visors, and Beanies)
  • Handwear (Gloves and Mitts)
  • Clothing (Polo Shirts, Long-Sleeved Polos, Dresses, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, and more)
  • Footwear (Spikeless Shoes)
  • Eyewear (Sunglasses and even reading glasses)

Notable Features of Callaway Golf Apparel

Premium Fabric

From their head gear right down to the shoes they offer, Callaway takes great lengths to ensure that only the best fabric is used in their apparel. These materials vary depending on the type of apparel, as well as based on the specific product. For example, most Callaway headwears are made from breathable mesh, while their gloves are made from either premium leather or synthetic materials.

Performance Moisture Wicking Fabric

As if that’s not enough, the fabric Callaway uses for their apparel have moisture wicking features that will keep you dry and sweat-free even during the hottest day at the course. Callaway headwear takes this up a notch by installing cooling sweatbands in their hats, caps, and visors. This will help you keep your forehead, temple, and the back of your head cool and comfy.

UV Protection

Callaway’s apparel also provides its wearers great UV protection. The level of protection you could enjoy will depend on the type of apparel. For example, their Tour Authentic High Crown Visor has fabric that can offer SPF 30+ protection. That means it will shield you from up to 97% of UV rays. Meanwhile, their X-Spann Gloves offer up to UPF 50+ Sun Protection, meaning only 1/50 (or 2%) of the sun’s UV radiation would be able to penetrate its defenses.

Opti-Series Technology

Callaway Golf introduced the Opti-Series technology to their apparel as early as 2014. Designed to provide golfers maximum comfort and performance, this advancement comes with several features that achieve the balance between utility and aesthetics.

The Opti-Series technology is divided into several categories, namely:

  • Opti-Dri™

Keeps moisture away from your body by speeding up its evaporation, thus allowing your Callaway apparel to dry faster and stay that way longer.

  • Opti-Cool™

Uses various cooling factors in Callaway’s fabric to divert heat away from the body, leaving you feeling cool and comfy.

  • Opti-Shield™

Offers a decent layer of UPF protection, making sure little to one of the sun’s more harmful rays pass through your Callaway apparel’s fabric.

  • Opti-Stretch™

Improves the construction of the fabrics Callaway uses in their apparel so that they provide better range of motion, therefore enabling golfers maximum movement and comfort as they move about and swing.

  • Opti-Vent™

Improves air ventilation within the fabrics of Callaway apparel, providing each clothing maximum breathability and optimizing the wearer’s comfort during warmer weather conditions.

  • Opti-Genic™

Offers antimicrobial treatment to reduce bad odor from your Callaway apparel, as well as helps maintain the garments’ durability over time.

  • Opti-Repel™

Gives the Callaway apparel a decent barrier of protection against inclement weather, making your clothes more resistant to wind, water, and other harsh elements.

  • Opti-Therm™

Provide the Callaway apparel with a thermal layer that will help golfers withstand colder weather conditions better and longer.

Why Choose Callaway Golf Apparel

Premium Fabric

As touched on earlier, Callaway apparel is made from the finest fabrics the company could get their hands on. Whether it’s the breathable mesh in their hats or the Griptac-infused Cabretta Leather on their gloves, Callaway painstakingly chooses the best materials to provide golfers maximum comfort, performance, and style.

Advance Clothing Features

As you’ve learned above, Callaway decked their apparel with many of the latest clothing technologies available. The benefits offered by the Opti-Series technology alone is enough to set it apart from apparels made by other golfing brands.

Machine Washable Apparel

Callaway apparel is so durable and tough that they can be washed again and again via your washing machine indefinitely. So if you’re short on time when it comes to laundry, best make sure all your golfing gear are from Callaway.

Stylish Gears

Callaway apparel is among the most stylish and fanciest clothing you could ever invest on. In fact, by wearing a few of their pieces, you’ll easily catch everyone’s attention while playing at your favorite golf course.


Of course, no Callaway Golf buying guide would be complete without a list of accessories. Callaway has many of these to offer, including golf bags, headcovers, backpacks, towels, and even travel bags. These accessories are designed to protect your golf clubs, as well as optimize how you carry them whenever you’re traveling. Additionally, Callaway offers accessories designed to optimize your game and maximize your comfort, including rangefinders, umbrellas, weight kits, and a few tools and markers. Then there are items you just buy for fun, including gift cards and what-not.

Notable Features of Callaway Golf Accessories

Premium Materials

As said in this Callaway Golf buying guide again and again, all Callaway products are made using only the best materials money can buy. Their accessories are no exception, as they feature premium, durable materials that will offer excellent value for your money. Take their Fairway C HD Double Strap Stand Bag for instance. Made from waterproof fabric and decked with metal zip pulls and alloy towel rings, it can easily keep your precious clubs and equipment dry while looking stylish along the way.  

Multiple Golfing Technologies

Obviously, it wouldn’t be Callaway if it doesn’t come with the golfing technologies that put the brand on the map in the first place. Just take a look at their rangefinders, and you’ll see just how much effort they put to ensure you have the latest techs by your side as you play golf. Even their very towels have some form of tech. For example, their Odyssey Players Towels are made using absorbent microfibers that help it wipe any dirt or smudge off your clubs (not to mention it comes with woven loop attachments to make it easier to carry around.

One-of-a-Kind Design

Another thing that makes Callaway accessories so unique involves their design. Needless to say that the company took extreme measures to ensure their products court attention at all times without being too outlandish or annoying. Of course, whether you want flashy accessories or not all comes down to your personal preferences. If you want people to notice you while you golf, then best buy Callaway’s more flamboyant products. But if you want to keep a low profile, then better opt for their more discreet merchandise.

Golfer-Friendly Amenities

Then there’s all the amenities the accessories could provide. From optimizing your gameplay to keeping your clubs in pristine condition, Callaway has accessories for every need. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing the right ones that best suit your current needs and preferences.

Why Choose Callaway Golf Accessories

Innovative Golf Bag Makeup

You don’t need to look at a Callaway Golf buying guide to know how amazing their golf bags are. Just a look at its premium yet durable fabric (the quality of which ranges from rugged to lightweight) is enough to make you swoon. Each of their bags are also riddled with the latest features, including quick clips, alloy towel rings, metal zip pulls, and a compact four-way top (complete with full length dividers). Some Callaway bags even have additional perks to offer. For example, the Rogue ST Staff Bag has padded OptiFit comfort straps that conform to the shape of your shoulders for maximum comfort.

Vintage and Unique Headcover Designs

To ensure players fully embrace the spirit of the sport, Callaway gave their headcovers a traditional styling. And to make sure they accommodate all types of golf clubs, the company has given their products a form fitting design as well. So whether you’re looking for head covers for your favorite drivers or your mallet putters, you can rest assured that Callaway has a few good ones to meet your needs. Callaway also has headcovers with eye-catching (and sometimes amusing) designs. For example, they have blade and mallet putter headcovers that feature Jimmy Draino, the world’s most interesting putting instructor (according to Callaway at least).

Soft, Absorbent Towels

Callaway towels offer the perfect complement to your golf club set by keeping it clean, dry, and shiny. They come with woven loop attachments to make them easier to handle, as well as cotton or microfiber construction to keep them soft to the touch. At 30 inches long and 20 inches wide, it’s also quite a big, generous towel, and the Callaway logo clearly printed on it makes it very eye-catching. And it doesn’t hurt that the towels have a high tech look and feel, too!

Sleek, Black Travel Bags

All Callaway travel bags are black, ensuring they won’t look out of style. From their Tour Authentic 22-Inch Spinner Travel Bag to their Clubhouse Valuables Pouch, Callaway went out of its way to make sure that only the best materials are used. High-quality features are also added when making every single one of their travel bags, providing maximum utility and comfort for traveling golfers. For example, Callaway’s Tour Authentic Duffelis fitted with padded shoulder straps and leather handles to maximize comfort. Meanwhile, their Clubhouse Cooler comes with insulated thermal lining to keep the eighteen cans inside it cool, and the bag is seam-sealed to avoid leaking.

State-of-the-Art Rangefinders

Callaway’s Rangefinders put numerous amazing golf technologies in one sleek, compact device. Most units come with P.A.T. with Pulse Technology, allowing the gadget to vibrate to let golfers know that its laser has locked onto the pin. The rangefinders also have 6X Magnification features, which enables it to enlarge images within 5 to 1000 yards. What’s more, the devices have Slope Technology, which helps them measure angles of incline or decline, before calculating the slope adjusted distance. This feature can be turned off, allowing you to use the rangefinders during tournaments (they don’t allow Slope tech during those games).

Wide, Sturdy Umbrellas

Playing golf during hot, windy, or rainy days can be quite challenging. Callaway umbrellas will help prevent these and other harsh elements from ruining your game. With its combination of a robust frame design, a fiberglass shaft, ergonomic, and non-slip molded handle, these umbrellas are sturdy enough to withstand any strong winds and rains. With a diameter of 64 inches, Callaway umbrellas are also quite wide, providing you with more than enough shade to play peacefully. Furthermore, the Tour Authentic 68″ and the UV 64″ Umbrella have extra features, including UV 50+ protective coating and ventilation holes to let some winds easily pass through.

Nifty Weight Kits

Callaway offers a collection of weights that will help adjust the mass of your Odyssey putters. Golfers can choose from 5, 10, 15, or 20-gram weights, and the kits come with screwdrivers to help you properly attach the weights to the clubs.

Unique Yet Helpful Tools and Markers

Finally, Callaway offers a series of tools and markers that will optimize your game even further, as well as help you clean up after your games. There’s the Two-Pack Magnetic Triple Track Ball Markers that feature the same Triple Track Technology found in Callaway golf balls, as well as the Triple Track Hat Clip so you can tuck the markers safely in your headwear. Then there’s the Callaway Odyssey Single Prong Divot Tool to mark your ball’s position on the green and repair the divots you made along the way (it triples up as a bottle opener, too). Lastly, there’s Callaway’s Torque Wrench, which helps you adjust or tighten your Callaway drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids to enhance its torque.

Choose Callaway When Buying Your Next Golf Gears

While investing in Callaway’s clubs, balls, apparel, accessories, and other products can be very worthwhile, it’s not as easy as it looks. One wrong move, and you’ll end up with the worst gears for your play style and skill level. This will ultimately lead to your demise at the course. So read the Callaway Golf buying guide above before heading to your favorite golf stores.