The Top Three Callaway Apex Irons

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The Callaway Apex Irons are the spiritual successors to the highly successful Rogue models, and they are as popular among pro golfers as their predecessors. Among these is Sam Rahm, the Team Callaway member who won the U.S. Open championship last year. Aside from Sam, legendary Phil Mickelson also carries the Apex MB Iron in his club bag for each game.

Shared Features of the Apex Irons Family

All members of the Apex Irons Family share common attributes. First, each of the forged clubs has been designed using artificial intelligence. AI-designed Flash Face Cup brought forth some of the most revolutionary features all intended to boost the performance of every player, regardless of experience or skill level.

All Callaway Apex irons include Callaway’s proprietary Tungsten Energy Core technology. Each Apex Iron club provides the wielder with a lot of forgiveness to round out their performance despite their handicap levels.

Last but not least, Callaway has made all Apex Irons with 1025 mild carbon steel body combined with patented urethane microspheres. These features combined give the unparalleled feel as well as sound. Each impact sounds amazing when using the Apex 21 Irons. This is all because of the enhanced shape of the clubs’ construction.

Apex Pro 21

The Apex Pro 21 set is built for the highly experienced golfer who wants to see better performance from a forged iron club.

Thanks to the Flash Face Cup design, the club transfers a high amount of energy from the moment of impact until the ball fully flies into the air. Because of the high coefficient of restitution, the ball does not lose speed prematurely and lands precisely where the players want it to. Better control results in better performance, and a winning game.

The Apex Pro 21 also contains the highest tungsten content among the Apex Irons family with 90 grams. This provides for higher forgiveness and further boosts the player’s final performance.

Apex 21 DCB

Players who feel less confident when playing with forged iron clubs will find the Apex 21 DCB sets to their liking. The Flash Face Cup design provides excellent forgiveness and improved control when hitting the ball out a long distance. The design also helps the player achieve optimal launch speeds and more robust spins.

The Tungsten Energy Core infuses at most 50 grams of pure iron into the club’s body. This helps the club maintain a better center of gravity and maintains consistency of performance throughout the whole game. Players will find making off-center shots a lot easier as well. This is because of the high forgiveness the deep cavity back and larger soles make possible.

The Apex 21 DCB is perfect for golfers who have high handicaps but would like to experience the feel of playing with forged iron.

Apex TCB Irons

The TCB irons exist for the professional. They give a winning game, as Team Callaway member Jon Rahm found to his delight during the 2021 US Open Championship. Wielding an Apex TCB to the club, Rahm went on to bring home the bacon.

Thanks to its carbon steel body and tungsten infusion, the TCB Iron keeps its center of gravity consistent all throughout the swing. With this perfect balance, the player can expect tour-worthy launch and ball flight and not be disappointed. The TCB Irons are perfect for long-distance shots that require a lot of accuracy.

The Apex TCB Irons brings exceptional performance and feel into a compact package, but without the weight offset.

Get the Apex Irons Now

The Callaway Apex Iron sets are a very versatile family of forged iron clubs from Callaway. Whatever your skill level is, there’s an Apex Iron that’s right for you. Whether you are a highly experienced golfer or an intermediate-level player that would want to take advantage of high forgiveness, these iron clubs are the perfect ones for you.

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