So you’ve decided to play golf. That’s fantastic news! No matter what aspect of the game you’re playing, you’ll need golf tips and advice from time to time. And, as everybody who has ever picked up a club knows, golf is one of the most challenging games to master. Of course, this makes it one of the most fulfilling, which explains why so many of us become addicted to it. However, it can be complicated to determine where to get started. Whether it’s understanding golf terminologies, learning the most effective golf workout routines, or being up to speed on the etiquettes you need to maintain on the course. Everything can seem daunting from the outside looking in. We’ve all been beginners at one point. For budding golf enthusiasts, future golf professionals, and fellow golf fanatics, we’re making life a lot easier for you by breaking down the game, starting with the fundamentals, in these guides:

Apart from the basics, you’ll also learn invaluable tips on choosing the proper golf equipment. Time and again, one of the most common challenges you’ll face as a beginner is utilizing the right equipment. Improper gear prevents you from getting the most out of your game, thus hindering your ability to improve. Beginner golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf equipment and accessories — we’re covering them all for you.

Welcome to LetsGolfBetter, where it’s both our mission and passion to help you play better golf and crush your goals as you gain more confidence in creating a blueprint for success in your life. Ultimately, this blueprint will benefit you in whatever you choose to accomplish in life. We look forward to growing with you and becoming better at golf — one putt, one stroke, and one swing at a time.