Stretching Scientifically:
The Golf Stretches

Golf remains one of the more popular sports, with over 29 million people playing in the United States alone and 60 million globally.

It’s regarded as a low-risk sport for injuries by both players and spectators. However, the golf swing’s repetitive motion and traumatic impact can cause injuries to the wrist, lower back, shoulder, knee, and elbow.  These injuries are also caused by a poor level of flexibility and conditioning, as well as faulty swing mechanics. 

Therefore, an appropriate warm-up and stretching routine, coupled with proper swing mechanics most commonly known as stretching scientifically, is essential in preventing any form of injury. 

Why do you need to perform golf stretches? 

Golf requires strength, flexibility, coordination, and, to a slightly lesser degree, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. 

If you’re a golfer with a limited range of motion, you can expect to have a difficult time generating sufficient club speed. In an aging golfer, loss of range of motion is probably more important than losing strength due to its influence on club speed. Loss of spine rotation, hip rotation, and shoulder range of motion all have an impact on how far back the club will start and how long the needed follow-through will be.

In essence, the velocity of your swing as it hits the ball affects power. Thus, your range of motion links directly to your ability to create clubhead speed. 

The golf club has limited time to accelerate during your downswing to achieve its maximum velocity at contact. 

By enhancing your flexibility, the degree of trunk rotation relative to your hips, and the distance of the upswing included, you also increase the distance the club has before making contact with the ball.

Our golf warm-up and stretching routine demonstrate stretches for you to do before hitting your first tee. Following these stretches, you should gradually progress from delicate swings with lower irons to full swings with the driver. 

We recommend that every golfer undertake stretching scientifically; strength and conditioning programs, as well as a flexibility program, after golfing or on off days for more significant performance improvements. 

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