Golf 101 for Beginners


There’s probably never a better time to get yourself acquainted with the magnificent game of golf.  After all, golf is by nature one of those sports that are uniquely suited for a social-distancing world. For one, it’s played over a vast outdoor space that’s a worthwhile form of exercise, not to mention a healthy diversion for your mind. 

However, to fully appreciate the sport, you need to hurdle all the elements that might have kept you from playing until now. Let’s be honest; golf can appear pretty complicated to the uninitiated. Too many rules, different kinds of clubs, and the terminologies are pretty plenty too. 

Since golf is a language we know well here at LetsGolfBetter, we came up with this beginner’s guide to serve one purpose — to provide you the foundational information on how to play golf. We’ll cover everything we deem necessary to help you start your golf journey on the right foot, from tips on how to hit a golf ball up to the equipment you need to hit the ball effectively. 

In this guide, you’ll get to know information about the following: 

  • Most common golf terminologies 
  • Golf clubs and golf gear
  • What kind of clubs do you need 
  • Learning to play
  • How to find out when you’re ready for the golf course 

As a bonus, we also included a golf bag checklist and dress code you can use as a reference. 

Apart from what we included here, there are many fine details when it comes to playing golf. Make sure to check out the official rules of the sport found on the United States Golf Association (USGA) website. 

Download our Golf 101 for Beginners guide now!