Callaway Rogue X Irons Review

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Compared to the Rogue Standard, the Callaway Rogue X Irons are longer and lighter with stronger lofts. In this review, we enumerate the reasons why they remain as one of the best game improvement irons in the market today.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Shaft Types: Steel, Graphite
  • Shaft Flex: Light, Regular, Stiff
  • Design: Cavity Back
  • Grip: Lamkin Z5
  • Set Makeup: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW
  • Hands: Both
  • Launch Date: February 09, 2018
  • Launch Price: $999.99

The Callaway Rogue X Iron Set

4 Iron18.5°60.5°39″.32″D1
5 Iron21°61.25°38.5″.305″D1
6 Iron24°62°38″.29″D1
7 Iron27°62.5°37.5″.27″D1
8 Iron31.5°63°37″.24″D1
9 Iron36°63.5°36.5″.215″D1

Key Features and Benefits

360 Face Cup and VFT

The 360 Face Cup and VFT (Variable Face Thickness) are two technological features that enable the Rogue X irons to function so well.

Callaway integrated these technologies across the entire face, unlike prior models that had them concentrated on the sweet spot. This modification enables golfers to make great shots even on off-center hits, such as higher, lower, or closer to the heel or toe. Older models are likely to shank or deliver poor results.

The face employs the same 360 Face Cup, the thinnest Callaway has ever manufactured, and because it’s spread over a wider area than the standard model, ball speeds from off-center shots are easier to maintain.

The thin clubface also aids golfers in producing fast ball speeds. The club designers discovered a way to make the feel and sound appear smoother than prior models by using urethane microspheres.

Tungsten Weighting for Optimal Flight and Control

Tungsten Weighting enabled Callaway to precisely set the center of gravity (CG) in each of the long irons, promoting optimum launch and control at each loft. Tungsten, which is twice as heavy as steel, concentrates a substantial amount of weight into a compact space in the form of a finely shaped part, which is critical for accurately managing CG placement.

Urethane Microspheres for Phenomenal Sound and Feel

The advantage of a thin clubface is faster ball speed and greater distance; its downside is excessive vibration, which produces an unpleasant sound and feel. Urethane can be used to suppress vibration to improve sound and feel. However, it can also significantly restrict the capacity of the face to flex, lowering the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) and ball speed. The elastic-urethane microspheres in the Rogue X irons deliver urethane’s sound and feel benefits without sacrificing ball speed or COR.

Standing Wave Technology

Another addition to the Rogue X Irons is the Internal Standing Wave technology, which utilizes Tungsten-infused weights to assist in balancing CG in the clubface. 

This is particularly advantageous since it places the CG on each club in the set on the right spot. The shorter irons, such as the nine and eight, will have a higher CG, resulting in a higher ball flight that ensures more spin and recognizability on the green.

Meanwhile, it’s lower on the longer irons, like the five and six, to ensure an ideal flight trajectory for the ball while on the air.

Stronger Lofts

Callaway increased the lofts of the Rogue X irons to boost distance and rollout. This allows players to achieve par 5s in two shots or easily reach long par 4s with greater spin.

The Rogue X 4-iron has a loft of 18.5 degrees, making it incredibly long and play more like an old 2-iron or 3-iron but easier to hit and with greater forgiveness.


How Heavy are the Rogue X Irons? 

The Callaway Rogue X irons are lighter than the regular Rogue irons.

A particular club will be slightly lighter or heavier, depending on whether you use a steel or graphite shaft or a stiff or ordinary flex shaft.

 You have several set options when purchasing Rogue X irons. Many clubs include a 5-iron through a pitching wedge. Alternatively, you can also choose to include a 4-iron or hybrid.

For a set of Rogues with graphite shafts, the graphite swing weight is indicated as D0. Meanwhile, the weight of steel shafts is measured at D1.

How Forgiving are the Rogue X Irons?

Compared to other irons on the market, Rogue X irons are exceptionally forgiving. Thanks to the large cavity back and huge sweet spot, beginners can hit them with ease and aim for lower scores.

Mishits are a lot better to manage using these irons than with conventional thinner clubs. Notice that the ball will leap off the face with a high ball flight when you’re swinging through the grass.

These clubs will help golfers with mid to low swing speeds generate greater power and hit straighter shots.

What’s the Difference Between the Callaway Rogue and Callaway Rogue X Irons? 

The Rogue X irons’ next of kin are the standard Callaway Rogue Irons. Callaway first unveiled both sets of irons on February 9, 2018.

The “X” practically indicates a longer length when comparing the two. Both clubs are constructed identically. However, the Rogue Xs have longer shafts, higher lofts, and a larger clubhead. 

The two clubs have modified CGs for improved contact and ball flight.

When hit, the Rogue Xs cover greater distances than the Rogues. Many golf professionals consider them to be among the longest on the market.

Both sets are suitable for golfers of any skill level. However, the Rogue Xs may be more appealing to low-handicappers due to their length.


Callaway has discontinued production of the Callaway Rogue Irons in favor of the Apex and Epic models. However, they’re still relatively easy to find at significantly reduced prices. Although, it’ll be difficult to come across something with a custom shaft if you’re looking for such.

The good news is that the stock options are a great match in terms of weight and compatibility for these Rogue Irons. The KBX Max 90 Steel Shaft is available in regular and stiff models.

Meanwhile, the Aldila Synergy Graphite Shaft comes in regular and stiff 60-gram and Senior/Lite 50-gram weights.

The Callaway Rogue X Irons are a huge improvement from the Callaway XR Steelheads of old. They’re an excellent solution for golfers who wants to cover greater distances and prefer extremely forgiving clubs. 

Owing to their ability to increase distance and forgiveness while maintaining a more than satisfactory sound and feel, they’re one of the best-selling sets Callaway has ever produced. 

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