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Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Individual Iron Review

Getting the right golf iron is crucial for mid handicappers, as it helps them perform their best at the course and look good while doing so. And among the golf irons out there, few can outmatch the Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Individual Irons.

How good are these Callaway Golf Apex Irons, you might be wondering? We’re glad you asked! Below, we’ll dive deep into this terrific mid handicapper club, and find out its strengths, weaknesses, and other notable features.

Overview of the Callaway 2021 DCB Apex Irons

As the game improvement club in their Apex 21 line, Callaway’s 2021 DCB Irons are perfect for mid handicappers. Compared to standard Apex clubs, it features wider soles and deeper cavities. This allows mid handicapped golfers to enjoy increased offsets, as well as launch the ball at higher altitudes.

Additionally, like other Callaway Golf Apex Irons, the DCB 2021 comes with Callaway’s lash Face technology to increase ball speed and forgiveness. To top it off, the irons are infused with their signature Tungsten Energy Core for added weight.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Design: 100% Forged Body
  • AI Designed Flash Face Cup: 4i-9i
  • Tungsten Energy Core: 4i-A
  • Urethane Microsphere: 4i-9i
  • Offset: Moderate
  • Sole Width: Wide
  • Head Shape: Enhanced
  • Model Category: Game Improvement
  • Recommended Handicap Range: 10+

Notable Features of the Callaway 2021 DCB Apex Irons

Forged Forgiveness

The 2021 DCB is the most forgiving golf irons you can buy. Even the other Callaway Golf Apex Irons can’t outperform it as far as forgiveness is concerned! This is largely thanks to its wider soles and deeper cavities. Allowing you easy ball launches and improving turf interaction, this iron will help you play with more confidence.

First AI-Designed Apex Iron

Another feature that sets the DCB 2021 apart from other Apex irons is that its Flash Face Cup was developed using state-of-the-art AI. This enables you to swing golf balls at faster speeds, while simultaneously improving spin robustness. Combined with the increased control and distance it offers, this makes the 2021 DCB a formidable iron to have.

More Consistent Launches

Thanks to the additional weight provided by its Tungsten Energy Core, Callaway’s 2021 DCB can also guarantee consistent ball launches. Mid handicapped irons typically contain up to 50 grams of tungsten per iron. This ensures increased forgiveness and precise launches even during mishits.

Ultimate Iron Feel

Like other Callaway Golf Apex Irons, the 2021 DCB feels great when handled. Its patented urethane microspheres and forged 1025 mild carbon steel body further helps ensure this, as well as allow the irons to deliver exceptional sound and improved turf interaction at impact.

Pros and Cons of the Callaway 2021 DCB Apex Irons

As with other golf irons for mid handicappers out there, Callaway’s Apex 2021 DCB comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. To determine if this club is right for you, you need to explore both its pros and cons.


  • Slight Draw Bias. The Callaway Apex 2021 DCB’s center of gravity is slightly shifted toward the club’s heel. This enables the club to produce a gear-like effect, making it suitable for both high and mid handicappers.
  • Top-Notch Ball Speed and Distance. Thanks to its AI-designed Flash Face Technology, each DCB iron is capable of making the ball fly at high speeds and distances.
  • Superb Club Forgiveness. Compared to other mid handicapped irons, the Apex DCB features increased forgiveness. This allows you to enjoy higher launches and improved perimeter stability even during off-center shots.
  • Excellent Feel and Sound. Best of all, Callaway’s 2021 DCB Apex Irons offer great feel and sound when used at the course. As an added bonus, its club head can power through the turf without digging into it.


  • Slightly Lower Spin Rate.  Although it still provides excellent ball spin, the Callaway Apex 2021 DCB doesn’t deliver it as powerful as other mid handicap irons. This may make it a little tough for you to hold some greens.
  • Very Deep Cavity. The DCB’s deeper cavities may help increase forgiveness and optimize your performance, but it might still put you off for aesthetic reasons.
  • Somewhat Pricey Gold Iron. At $1,295.00, Callaway’s Apex 2021 DCB is quite an expensive golf iron. If you’re running on a tight budget, then you might be better off checking out more affordable clubs.

How We Rate the Callaway 2021 DCB Apex Irons

To further help you decide whether or not the 2021 DCB Apex Irons is right for you, we decided to test it ourselves. Below is our rating for the products based on its price, forgiveness, shaft options, distance, and overall look, feel, and sound.

Price (3 out of 5)

As mentioned above, these Callaway Golf Apex Irons come at quite a hefty price. But if you really want to enjoy a high-quality, high-performing golf iron, then it’s definitely worth every penny. Still, the price can put you (and many other people for that matter) off from buying this club. Luckily, there are a lot of alternatives out there that offer excellent value, although their features pale in comparison to the DCB’s.

Forgiveness (5 out of 5)

If you’re a mid handicapper, then you’re going to love the 2021 DCB Apex Irons. Out of all the Callaway Golf Apex Irons, this is the most forgiving one. It also promises more consistent and precise launches, as well as guarantees better ball control and turf interaction. So even during mishits, you can rest assured that the ball will fly at top speeds and distances.

Shaft Options (5 out of 5)

With the 2021 DCB Apex Irons, you can choose between graphite or steel shafts. As mentioned in a previous article, the former is great if you have low swing speeds while the latter is better if you want a better feel. Both are perfect for mid handicap golfers, although you need to get fitted and tested if you want to know which one is best for you.

Distance (5 out of 5)

If you want to swing your golf balls at great distances, then the 2021 DCB Apex Irons is one of your best bets. This is largely due to its AI-designed Flash Face Technology, as well as its wider soles and deeper cavities.

Look/ Sound/ Feel (5 out of 5)

Lastly, these Callaway Golf Apex Irons come with patented urethane microspheres, forged 1025 mild carbon steel body, and Tungsten Energy Core to make sure the clubhead feels, looks, and sounds good whenever used at the golf course.


Callaway Golf Apex Irons

Though pricey, Callaway’s 2021 DCB Apex Irons are definitely worth buying if you want the best golf irons for mid handicappers. Through these amazing Callaway Golf Apex Irons, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with at the course.

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