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Let’s Golf Better’s Ultimate Titleist Golf Buying Guide

Planning to upgrade your golfing set with Titleist? Allow Let’s Golf Better to help you through this Titleist golf buying guide!

Since they opened shop in 1932, Titleist Golf (it’s pronounced “Title-ist”) has become one of the major American brands for premium golf equipment. Today, their Pro V1 ball is the most played ball on the PGA Tour, helping affiliate and non-affiliate golfers alike earn many wins through the years. Additionally, they have also moved beyond producing tour performance golf balls, giving golf players and enthusiasts many of the best clubs and gears money can buy.

So if you find your golfing set lacking any Titleist product, now’s the time to check out what this amazing brand has to offer. Read on below if you want to know more.

About Titleist

The story of how Titleist began is quite a funny one. It all began on a normal Sunday when Phillip E. Young, a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, lost a round of golf to his dentist friend. Young, who missed what he deemed a sure putt, believed that the golf ball’s weight was to blame. So he asked his dentist buddy to have his ball X-rayed after their game.


It turns out that Young was right, as the X-ray film showed that his golf ball’s rubber core was off-center. This led to the ball poorly performing during the game. After this initial discovery, Young and his friend decided to X-ray other golf balls. And what they found was very astounding: most of the balls were poorly constructed, with off-center cores that made them extremely prone to erratic performance.  This inspired Young to produce his own line of golf balls, establishing the Acushnet Company in 1932. And thus, as you’ll learn from reading any Titleist golf buying guide, Titleist was born.

Titleist Golf Milestones Through the Years


Phillip E. Young asked fellow MIT graduate Fred Bommer, who was also an avid golfer and a rubber specialist, to head the Acushnet Company’s Golf Division.

With Bommer, Young developed a machine capable of developing a “dead center” golf ball. This equipment does so by uniformly winding rubber strings around the ball’s rubber core.

This was also the year when the name Titleist (which was the name of the balls Young and Bommer were producing) was first coined. Additionally, this is the year when Young implemented a process check still used today: X-raying the golf balls for quality.


Young and Bommer finally perfected the first Titleist golf ball, eventually introducing it to the golfing world as the best ball ever made.

In the same year, the Titleist logo made its first debut. Any Titleist golf buying guide will tell you that it was made by Helen Robinson, who was working for the Acushnet Company as a secretary that time. Known to have beautiful penmanship, the company’s executives gave her a sheet of paper one day and asked her to write the word ‘Titleist.’ How she wrote the word that day inspired the original logo, and it eventually became one of the world’s most recognized marks today.


The Acushnet Company introduced the Acushnet Golf Ball Demonstration Machine in an effort to showcase their Titleist balls’ performance, quality, and excellence. Touring most of the prestigious golf courses during that era, the Demonstration Machine awed many golfers across the country.


The company laid plans to promote the Titleist golf ball at the PGA Tour, and get as many golfers as possible to play with it. 


The company introduced Dynamite Thread technology (which was novel during the 40’s) to their Titleist golf balls. Aside from increasing the yardage of Titleist balls, it also gave them a soft and well-rounded feel.


Acushnet finally realized their dream, and Titleist became the most used golf ball during the 1949 US Open Tournament held at the Medinah Country Club. As of today, they’re still the number one ball used in PGA tournaments, with amateurs and professionals alike using them.


The Acushnet Company and all its golfing brands (Titleist included) was purchased by American Brands (now known as Fortune Brands).


Fortune Brands sold the Acushnet Rubber division, which was the Acushnet Company’s original business.


On October 11, Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball made its debut during the PGA Tour at Las Vegas. Longtime Titleist user Billy Andrade played with the ball during the first tournament and won. By December that year, the Pro V1 was made available to the public. It will eventually become the world’s most played golf ball.


The Pro V1x golf ball was released. With 60 less dimples than the originalPro V1, alongside a combination of firmer core and thinner cover, the Pro V1x offers reduced spins and increased distances, all while retaining the soft feel that made its predecessor so popular,


On December 8, Fortune Brands announced that it will focus more on its liquor business and sell off other parts of their company, including the Acushnet Company and its golfing brands (Titleist included).


On May 20, a Korean group affiliated with Fila Korea, Ltd. and Mirae Asset Private Equity announced that it will purchase the Acushnet Company for $1.23 billion. The deal was finalized by July 29, 2011.


On October 28, the Acushnet Company was included in the New York Stock Exchange list via an initial public offering.


Fila Korea increased their holdings of the Acushnet Company by 53.1%, buying an additional 20% from many of its other investors, including Mirae Asset. This essentially gave Fila Korea the controlling stake of Titleist and the rest of the golfing company.

Products Currently Offered By Titleist Golf

Since releasing their first golf ball, Titleist has expanded to golf clubs and gears as well. From their Pro V1 ball to their special edition caps, these products will also help optimize your game.

A typical Titleist golf buying guide will tell you that Titleist merchs come in three categories: balls, clubs, and gears. Let’s take a look at each of them more closely.

Golf Balls

Having the right golf ball in your game is very important, as Phillip E. Young learned during that fateful Sunday during that match with his friend. This is why he strived to make sure Titleist becomes the undisputed, unequivocal champion when it comes to golf balls. Employing precision manufacturing and innovative design and technology, today’s Titleist golf balls deliver superior performance and unmatched quality.

Notable Features of Titleist Golf Balls

Tour Performance Core

As the main engine of any golf ball, Titleist goes through great lengths to ensure their golf ball products have cores that can help players enjoy maximum distance and speed. For example, their Pro V1 ball is notable for its 2.0 ZG Process solid core, which is the main reason it can deliver such an explosive distance.


Over the years, Titleist has also experimented with other core formulas. This allowed them to create other tour level ball products. A prime example of this is their AVX golf balls, whose cores enable it to generate high speeds and low long game spins.

High-Flex Casing Layer 

A golf ball’s layers help increase its spins, which in turn grants you better control over the projectile. With that in mind, all Titleist balls feature high-flex casing layers to ensure its superior performance and unmatched quality.


For example, let’s take a look at Titleist’s Pro V1x Left Dash®. Thanks to its faster high-flex casing layer, this golf ball is capable of producing explosive speeds, while reducing long game spins at the same time. Made from ionomer, this layer is highly resilient as well, capable of withstanding the impacts from your clubs as well as the pressure from the elements while it’s traveling.

Specialized Cover

As any Titleist golf buying guide will tell you, all Titleist balls come with specialized covers. And while Titleist has different covers depending on the ball, all of them are capable of delivering excellent spins and feel to your game.


As an example, let’s examine Titleist’s Pro V1 again. Featuring a soft cast urethane elastomer cover, it grants players increased short game control. It also doesn’t hurt that this cover is the softest formulation Titleist has ever produced. Another great example is Titleist’s Tour Soft balls, whose thin 4CE grafted covers can provide you enough spins to win every game.

Strategic Dimple Design

Titleist gives their balls strategic dimple designs to improve their aerodynamic capabilities. This is why their ball products can manipulate air flows in ways others can’t, not to mention allow the balls to enjoy less drag, increased distance, and higher lifts.


Dimple designs for Titleist balls vary depending on the ball product. For example, their velocity golf balls sport a series of 350 spherically-tiled, octahedral dimples to promote consistent, high-flight trajectories. On the other hand, their Pro V1 balls have 388 spherically-tiled, tetrahedral dimples on its surface to maximize distance as well as deliver penetrating flights.

Why Choose Titleist Golf Balls

Increased Distance

Obviously, the most important reason to choose Titleist golf balls is because they deliver the best distance among other balls. With its combination of core, cover, layer, and dimples, all Titleist balls are capable of covering great distances within a shorter time.

Added Speed with Lower Spins

Thanks to its high-flex casing layers and specialized covers, all Titleist balls are capable of generating explosive speeds and better ball control. At the same time, these components enable the balls to deliver reduced ball spins during longer matches, optimizing your gameplay even further.

Improved Short Game Control

Depending on the layer used, Titleist balls offer players more ball spin. And as you’ll learn from any other Titleist golf buying guide, with the increased spins come better control, allowing you to guide your ball to your desired destination during short games.

Consistent Ball Flights

Due to its strategic dimple designs, all Titleist balls are capable of delivering consistent flights. Whether it’s their spherically-tiled, octahedral dimples or their tetrahedral ones, Titleist goes through extreme lengths to ensure their balls are aerodynamic and speedy.

Soft and Responsive Feel

Thanks to its specialized covers, Titleist balls offer players an excellent feel. Depending on the cover used, you could even enjoy other perks, including increased spins, better greenside control, and more.

Customizable Balls

To top it off, Titleist allows you to customize your balls based on model and preferences. From play number, to logo, to even some personalization test, you can add extra effects to your balls to make them truly yours.

Golf Clubs

Being the number one producer of Tour performance golf balls, it’s easy for anyone to dismiss Titleist’s roster of golf clubs. But believe it or not, many of their clubs are actually great. Some of them can even hold their own against the best ones offered by famous golfing brands.


Fusing superior handcrafting techniques with the latest golf club technology, Titleist brings you a series of golf clubs that can help you improve your game, as well as make the game more fun and satisfying. From drivers to putters, they have selections that will fit every player’s needs.

Notable Features of Titleist Golf Clubs

Constant Innovation

Titleist’s approach to innovation has always been cumulative, and as you’ll read in any Titleist golf buying guide they’re constantly on the lookout for ideas that can give their clubs an edge over others. This resulted in their clubs being longer and straighter, as well as look, sound, and feel better.


Take Titleist’s TSi1 Driver for example. Perfect for players with moderate swing speeds, it features all the good things you can expect from a Titleist club, including an ultra-lightweight design, multi-dimensional stability, performance-tuned adjustability, and an Aldila Ascent Featured Shaft to boot. Combined, these features give the club an excellent sound and feel. And its sleek black look gives it a sexy, mysterious vibe.

Performance-Tuned Adjustability

One of the best things about Titleist clubs is that they come with adjustability features to maximize all the benefits you could get from it. It also allows players to calibrate the club’s settings so it can match their currency skill and handicap levels, bringing out your inner Tiger Woods. The best part is, Titleist continues to refine this feature, so you can expect more from it in the future


This performance-tune adjustability feature is exclusive to Titleist’s TSi clubs. So whether you’re getting the TSi2 Driver or the TSi3 Hybrid, you’ll be able to fine-tune the club to meet your needs and preferences.

Multi-Dimensional Stability

A club’s moment of inertia (or MOI) refers to its ability to resist twisting during impact. It basically helps golfers measure how much the club head will turn to the left or to the right after it makes contact with the golf ball. And the higher the MOI, the less your clubs will twist and the more forgiving it will be.


With that in mind, Titleist employs a more holistic approach when it comes to their clubs’ MOIs. Aside from minimizing the twisting, they also made sure the MOI design enables the clubs to deliver additional speed. Combined with a tighter spin range up and down the club face, this helps you be more assertive during a golf game.

Active Recoil Channel

Meanwhile, the club’s center of gravity (CG) can impact how difficult your golf shots will be, as well as the club’s forgiveness, launches, and spins. If the CG is positioned higher or forward, then the club will be harder to handle. But if it’s lower or backward, then it will be easier to swing. Additionally, CG can also affect the club face’s flexibility, alongside the speed it produces.


Thanks to Titleist’s Active Recoil Channel (ARC) feature, you won’t have to worry about your club’s CG anymore. Take their TSi3 Fairways for instance. Equipped with the lighter, more refined ARC 4.0, the clubs’ CG are perfectly aligned to its face, ensuring more flexibility, forgiveness, and speed.

Optimized Weight Distribution

Additionally, all Titleist fairways come with varying face thickness, allowing you to pick the one that best matches your needs and skill level. Combined with an ultra-thin crown, it helps lower the clubs’ CG even further to increase forgiveness, lower spins, and elevate launches. This is one of the reasons why Titleist clubs have such a powerful combination of speed and stability.


The Optimized Weight Distribution feature is exclusive to Titleist’s fairway woods and hybrids. This allows you to optimize your play whenever you’re playing in a tight tee, tring to reach long par 5’s, or chipping shots near the green.

SureFit CG Track Technology

Some of Titleist’s hybrid models also come with SureFit CG Track Technology, allowing golfers to adjust the club head’s CG as well as fine-tune the ball flights they produce. What’s more, its unique design allows it to disappear seamlessly into the club’s sole. Thus, this feature won’t interfere in any way with turf interaction.


Furthermore, the SureFit CG Track Technology is available in multiple settings. For example, it gives TSi3 Hybrid users three unique positions to choose from: Toe (T), Neutral (N), and Heel (H). This allows golfers to adjust the CG and ball flight according to their needs and preferences.

Premium Tungsten Weighting

Installing additional weighting to a golf club has two main benefits. First, it helps increase its MOI, thus reducing twisting during swings. Second, it helps lower the club’s CG, increasing speed, accuracy, and consistency.


To that end, Titleist guarantees both by employing premium tungsten weighting. Considerably heavier, denser, and more durable than other metals, it can significantly optimize any club’s MOI and CG. In Titleist’s case, it made their clubs’ performance more dynamic, too. For example, thanks to D18 tungsten weights, their U505 and T100 Irons are capable of launching any ball at greater distances, all while complementing its aerodynamic build.

Tour-Contoured Soles

Having the right sole to your clubs can help improve your swings, allowing you to make farther shots even if you don’t flush. More specifically, if your irons come with wide soles, you’ll enjoy lower CGs, too, allowing you to launch your balls at greater distances and altitudes. As an added bonus, it helps ensure a smoother turf interaction during fat shots.


To guarantee these perks, Titleist gave their irons soles with a new variable bounce design. Using data and insights gleaned from various Tour golfers, these soles are created by the company’s best engineers. Aside from improving the club’s performance, it also helped enhance its overall look and feel.

Strategic Groove Patterns

Indented into a club’s face, grooves help determine the size of its sweet spot. Most clubs feature linear grooves, although some manufacturers have been experimenting with more elaborate designs lately. And since the USGA recently decided to disallow U-shaped grooves in professional games, manufacturers are focusing more on etching V-shaped grooves.


With these facts in mind, Titleist employs a new kind of grooves for their wedges. By doing so, they optimized not only the club’s loft, but also its spins. Furthermore, their wedges undergo intensive inspection before being released in the market. This ensures that the grooves won’t easily fade as the clubs age.

Premium and Featured Shafts

To top it off, all Titleist clubs are fitted with high-quality premium or featured shafts. For example, you can pick from one of their four world-class Feature Shafts to optimize your Titleist driver’s performance and satisfy your personal tastes. Or you can have one of their three Tour-proven premium shafts installed instead.


You can also pick your preferred shafts for their other clubs. For instance, you can replace the TSi1 Hybrid’s default shaft with the Aldila Ascent Featured Shaft, which will optimize its performance by enhancing its launches and increasing its spins.

Why Choose Titleist Golf Clubs

Increased Swing and Ball Speeds

Thanks to its constant innovation, not to mention some of its unique features, Titleist clubs can help you improve your swing and ball speeds. As any Titleist golf buying guide will say, this will allow you to launch your balls at greater distances and altitudes, as well as enable you to maintain your posture as you make the shot.

Lower Center of Gravity

Titleist clubs are also built in such a way that they enjoy lower CGs compared to clubs made by other golfing companies. Aside from optimizing the clubs’ spins, launches, and speed even further, it will make them more forgiving, too.

Higher MOIs

At the same time, Titleist clubs enjo a relatively higher MOI compared to other clubs. This increases forgiveness even further, and it reduces the club’s tendency to twist during a game. Combined, these perks will help you play golf more comfortably.

Improved Consistency and Accuracy

Due to the tungsten weighting inserted in their heads, Titleist clubs can help you dramatically improve the consistency and accuracy of your shots. This is especially great if you’re still new to the game and you want to gradually improve your skills.

Generous Sweet Spots

Titleist clubs come with generous sweet spots that are easy for golfers to find, even beginners who are new to the game. This will help you improve your aim when making a shot, maximizing the club’s ability to get your ball to the hole.

Maximum Forgiveness

Thanks to its higher MOIs, lower CGs, and other features, Titleist clubs are very forgiving compared to many of the clubs offered by other brands. This is one of the reasons why they’re so great for beginners and high handicappers.

Excellent Look and Feel

Finally, all Titleist clubs are painstakingly designed to perfection. This ensures that each club aesthetically looks good, as well as feels great whenever you whip it out for a few swings.

Golf Gears

Titleist believes that great golfers shouldn’t leave anything to chance. So aside from bringing you some of the best balls and clubs the world has ever seen, they also offer a series of golfing gears that will help you organize your clubs, optimize your play, and keep you comfortable along the way. And that’s not even mentioning how good these gears look! As of writing this Titleist golf buying guide, the company offers three types of golfing gears, namely:

Notable Features of Titleist Gears

Premium Materials

Titleist’s golf bags, headwears, and gloves are made using only the finest materials the company can get their hands on, ensuring quality, comfort, and aesthetic value. For example, Titleist’s Players 4 Stand Bags are made using a combination of high-grade aluminum and Glove Velcro fabric. This helps keep the bag relatively light, as well as make it water-resistant to a degree.

Another great example is Titleist’s Players Flex Gloves (both the Men’s and Women’s version). Made from tanned leather, satin, and a special synthetic fabric, it’s a very durable handwear. And it can keep your hands warm and dry during a game to ensure your victory.

Ergonomic Construction

All Titleist gears are made with the users’ comfort in mind. To that end, their golf bags, headwear, and gloves are given simple yet ergonomic builds.

To elaborate on this, let’s take a look again at the Players 4 Stand Bag. This product is carefully constructed so it can remain upright wherever you are in the course. Its main compartment also features a 4-way full-length dividers to keep your clubs organized and ready to go. And it features double straps so you can easily keep it on your person as you carry it to and fro the course.

Visually-Pleasing Design

Aside from being ergonomic and functional, Titleist gears are also well-designed aesthetic-wise. This ensures that you look good while wearing or carrying these golfing accessories. What’s more, some of the bags are available in multiple color options, while most of the headwear are available in black, white, or gray.

Let’s take a look at Titleist’s Cart 14 bag as an example. With its symmetrical design and breathtaking features, it’s very visually appealing. And while you can go for the default red-and-black motif, you can also opt for other color options, including charcoal-flame-black, green-white-black, and navy-white-red.

Other Unique Features

Additionally, Titleist gears come with numerous features to ensure your comfort and optimize your game. These features vary depending on the type of Titleist gear. For example, most Titleist bags include pockets to hold items other than your clubs and bags.

Meanwhile, Titleist hearwears come with moisture-wicking and odor-reducing sweatbands, alongside curved bills and even UV protection. And all Titleist gloves have elastic terrycloth cuffs to make them easier to put on or take off.

Signature Titleist Logo

Finally, all Titleist gears are slapped with the signature Titleist script so everyone will know where they came from. So if you want to flex in front of your golf buddies and other people at the course, you would do well to invest in these Titleist products.

In most cases, the logo is embroidered on the surface (this is the case for the bags and most of the headwear). However, the logo is printed rather than embroidered in some of the products, including certain headwear and all the gloves.

Why Choose Titleist Gears

Premium and Durable

Thanks to its materials, all Titleist gears are durable and beautiful. So even if you find many of them expensive, investing in them will be the wiser choice in the long run. Not only will you have a nice-looking gear, but it will also last you a long time.

Outstanding Features

Aside from its materials, Titleist gears come with numerous features to ensure your comfort, optimize your game, and keep your stuff organized and safe. These include pockets for your other golfing accessories and personal effects, headbands with unique abilities, and more.

Maximum Comfort

Thanks to its features, materials, and ergonomic design, Titleist gears are also comfortable to carry around or wear. You could don the glove or headwear the entire day, and you won’t get annoyed with it (not to mention it will make you look good).

Suitable for Both Sexes

All Titleist gears are perfect for female players just as much as they are for men. So if you’re a female golfer and you want some great gear, Titleist is one of your best bets.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Lastly, all Titleist gears are beautifully designed. Any Titleist golf buying guide will tell you that having one will make you look good, as well as make people admire you more.

Other Reasons to Choose Titleist Products

The features and benefits discussed can provide enough reason for anyone to buy Titleist products. But on the off chance you’re still not sold on this brand, allow the following to convince you otherwise:

Endorsed By Pro Golfers

Being one of the top golfing brands in the world, it’s quite easy for Titleist to gain the support of many golfers from the PGA, LPGA, and beyond. However, many professional players support the brand because of its sheer quality and performance. Some of these players include:

Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler has been a long-time supporter of Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball. In fact, he was playing with the ball when he won the recent 2022 Masters Tournament. Additionally, he used three Vokey Design wedges during the tournament, including the WedgeWorks 60.06K model. He’s currently one of Titleist’s ambassadors.

Viktor Hovland

Like Scheffler, Scottie Scheffler has been playing with Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball for quite a while. At one point he told Titleist, “I’ve really liked it at tournaments just when I’ve been chipping around greens. I feel like I’m still able to launch the ball up in the air a little bit while getting that spin”. Aside from the Pro V1, he’s currently using the TS3 Driver, the AP2 Iron, and the Vokey SM7 Wedge. He’s currently one of Titleist’s ambassadors.

Patrick Cantlay

Similarly, Patrick Cantlay relies heavily on Titleist products. In fact, nearly all his go-to clubs are manufactured by the company, including the TS3 Driver, the 718 AP2 Iron, and the Scotty Cameron Putter. Like most professional golfers, he plays with the Pro V1x golf ball, too. And to top it off, he owns a Titleist Tour Bag and a Sports Mesh Cap. He’s currently one of Titleist’s ambassadors.

So Yeon Ryu

So Yeon Ryu’s gear includes many Titleist products as well. The most notable ones include the Pro V1 golf ball, the TSr3 Driver, and the Vokey SM8 Spin Milled Wedge. Ryu has been playing with the Pro V1 ball for around 15 years, saying that it helps her get better ball trajectories and flights. She’s currently one of Titleist’s ambassadors.

Nelly Korda

With the exception of hybrids, all the clubs in Nelly Korda’s bag are made by Titleist. These include her TSi1 Driver, TSi2 Fairway, T100 Iron, Vokey Design SM8 Wedge, and Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 Prototype Putter. And as any Titleist golf buying guide will tell you, she’s a huge fan of Titleist’s Pro V1 golf balls as well. She’s currently one of Titleist’s ambassadors.

Custom Golf Ball and Club Fitting

One of Titleist’s main objectives is to make sure your bag contains the golfing products that best fit your game. To that end, they’ll provide you any assistance they can to ensure you get the right golf balls and clubs for you. They accomplish this in several ways, including:

Online Golf Club Fitting

For Titleist, golf club fitting is more than determining the right specs; it’s also about finding the clubs that will help you make that ideal shot you need to win a game. So instead of just listing out the club’s features, they focus more on making sure you get the drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters you need to play like a pro. The best part is they’ll help you do this online.

Online Golf Ball Fitting

At the same time, Titleist aims to make sure you’re properly fitted with the best golf ball to help you shoot lower scores. That’s why they have an online golf ball selection tool that will help you find the right balls for your game. 

Titleist Fitting Partners

But in case you want to physically try out Titleist’s golf clubs and balls, you’re in luck. Titleist has partnered with numerous golf stores across the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and other countries. Just go to their website and click on the Find a Fitter section to locate the store nearest you that sells Titleist products.

Titleist Performance Institute

Alternatively, you can go to the Titleist Performance Institute to get fitted with the right clubs and balls for you. Situated in Oceanside, California, this institute combines innovative technologies with holistic approaches to help golfers improve their game. From advanced equipment fitting methods unavailable elsewhere to science-based player conditioning, they make it their mission to become the world’s premier golfer development center.

Manchester Lane Test Facility

Or you can go to the Manchester Lane Test Facility instead. Located in Acushnet, Massachusetts, it’s Titleist’s state-of-the-art golf ball research and testing facility. Their main objective is to introduce new techniques that will help improve their golf ball product’s performance. To accomplish that, they also double up as a Tour Fitting Center, offering premium club fitting services to anyone who wants it.

Virtual Consultations

Finally, Titleist offers virtual consultations to anyone who wants to get fitted with the right balls and clubs from the comforts of their home. This mainly involves live 1-on-1 30-minute video chats with Titleist product experts, which will help you better understand how a specific Titleist product can help unlock your inner golfing potential.

Add Titleist Products to Your Golf Set

With their uncanny ability to combine tradition and technology, Titleist has managed to establish itself as one of the premier golfing brands in the world. But to make sure you end up with the right products, you need as much reliable information as you can get.

So before heading out to buy their amazing products, better read this Titleist golf buying guide as thoroughly as you can. That way, you’ll be equipped with the right information as you shop for their clubs, balls, and gears.