Best Golf Bags 2022: Golf Stand and Cart Bags for Amateurs and Pros

best golf bags

The best golf bags you can ever purchase are those that’ll help make your life easier on the course the most. It can spell the difference in your game by conserving your energy and allowing you to focus on enjoying yourself more out there on the course.

Choosing the best golf bag for your needs is more than your brand of choice. It isn’t also about the budget you have available, although both are important factors to consider for many.  

Firstly, there’s the matter of choosing between the two primary types of golf bags: cart and stand. Thankfully,  we made sure to cover both types in this handy guide to the best golf bags in 2022. 

Read on to learn more.

Best Golf Cart Bags

Golf cart bags have evolved faster than anticipated for the last five years and have become more reliable than ever in terms of functionality. At present, they feature large expanding pockets, strategic pocket placement, full-length divers, and the list of innovative specs goes on. 

As a result, finding the best golf cart bag that fits your needs just got a lot easier and more challenging, given the available options in the market. Whether you’re looking for the perfect golf cart bag today, in need of buying advice or just want a closer look at the different options, you’ve come to the right place. 

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best golf cart bags for 2022:  

Callaway Org 14 

Key Features: 

  • Cart strap pass-through
  • Innovative, non-stadium top allows wedges to fit evenly, reducing hang
  • 14-way top with full-length individual dividers, a separate putter well with TPE insert for shaft safety
  • Trolley-friendly hook and loop straps keep the bag in place and prevent bag rotation

The Callaway Org 14 will not let you down if you’re after ample storage capacity and comfort. The high-quality materials used in its stylish design and construction, plus the overall value it offers, justify the price tag this cart bag comes with. For any enthusiast, loyal supporter, and user of Callaway Golf, getting a hold of this should simply be a formality.

Pros Cons
Definitely a lightweight cart bagCooler pockets are missing drain holes
Easy to carry and handle Zippers leave much to be desired
Fits great on push and pull carts, as well as golf carts 
Trolley Lip and E-trolley base system adapt with pushcarts to secure the bag.

Maxfli Honors Plus

Key Features: 

  • 14-way cushioned divider with 10 pockets and 2 large garment pockets
  • Three full-length dividers make organization a breeze
  • Cart strap channel ensures pockets are accessible while the bag is stable
  • Made of lightweight nylon ripstop material for extra durability

The Maxfli Honor+ is the ideal cart bag, especially for golfers on a budget. Easily, it’s the bag that offers the most value in 2022, with a 14-way divider and ten expandable pockets. The sturdy structure is more than capable of protecting your clubs, regardless of the instances said clubs slam into it. 

Pros Cons
Sturdy frame to safeguard your clubsA bit on the heavier side
Separate putter wellGetting clubs all the way in can be a challenge at times
Spacious cooler pocket
Fully-expandable pockets 

Motocaddy Dry Series 

Key Features: 

  • 14 full-length dividers help keep your clubs organized and secure
  • Thermo-sealed zippers open smoothly while avoiding snagging
  • Lightweight cart bag
  • Easy-carry strap and handles

If you’re on the market for a waterproof golf cart bag made of material that doesn’t lose its overall structure, the Motocaddy Dry Series is for you. These waterproof cart bags ensure their pockets remain poised, have substantial storage space with anti-snagging dividers, and feature a one-handed opening and closing system for easier access.  

Pros Cons
Diamond top 14 full-length dividersOnly has one base fabric color
EASILOCK anti-twist base
Spacious pockets
Easy-use zippers

Cobra Ultralight Pro 

Key Features: 

  • Built-in pass-through allows attachment to cart without pocket access restriction
  • Insulated cooler pockets, can hold up to 9 cans
  • 11 pockets with dual oversized outerwear pockets and a magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • 14-way top with three full-length dividers

The Cobra 2022 UltraLight Pro is a high-quality golf cart bag specifically developed for use with push trolleys and electric trolleys. It includes various features that will make every round of golf you play more enjoyable.

The Ultralight Pro Cart Bag features eleven pockets, giving you plenty of storage space to bring everything you need on the course. Pockets include a couple of huge apparel pockets, a large insulated pocket to keep your drinks chilled, a magnetic range finder pocket,  and a velour-lined valuables compartment.

This excellent bag has a fourteen-way top with three full-length dividers to keep your golf clubs organized. It also has a built-in pass-through strap that enables you to attach your cart bag to a trolley without interfering with pocket accessibility.

Pros Cons
Spacious storage area Needs to adjust to most pull carts
Great stability upon ground contactZipper may be an issue
Made of lightweight materials that are easy to carry around

What to Look for in the Best Golf Cart Bags of 2022?


Having a cart bag with as many as twenty pockets doesn’t mean you’ve snagged the best for storage purposes. Instead, you need to look for a golf cart bag with expandable pockets statically placed for best utilization. Of course, you’ll need space for your other essentials, such as your sweater, rain suit, refreshments, among others. 

I also recommend magnetic closures, which are the standard for rangefinder pockets. With them, you’ll have easier access to your equipment without having to clip additional equipment that serves this purpose to your bag.      


Among all the golf cart bag features, dividers tend to be the most overlooked. On the contrary, you should prioritize them when purchasing a bag. Standard cart bags provide 14 to 16 individual slots, while others feature a couple of putter wells. Since not everybody brings two putters when playing, the extra bag spot can hold a ball retriever or driver instead. 

Since your clubs can be prone to snagging, look for a bag with full-length liners and no excess material. If you’re after ease-of-access that’s snag-free and want your clubs to be well-organized, the Motocaddy Pro Series golf cart bags should be at the top of your list.     

Cart Strap Pass-Through Channel

The cart strap pass-through is essential, especially for frequent riders and push-cart users. A pass-through channel on a properly-designed bag helps ensure unrestricted access to all the pockets while your bag is on a cart. Bags that don’t have these pass-throughs force the straps to hug the pocket, limiting your access and making some of the pockets inaccessible.

Expert Recommendation: Zippered Access to the Bag’s Bottom

If you frequently drop stuff between your cart bag’s dividers or have sensors attached to grips, a zipper that allows access to the bottom of your bag can come in handy.    

Best Golf Stand Bags

Finding the right golf stand bag is just as important as it may make or break your game when it comes to preparation and organization. Carrying a stand bag allows you more mobility on the golf course, meaning you can walk right up to your ball, wherever it may be. Stand bags are also helpful at keeping you fit and way easier to deal with pre-and post-round. 

If you prefer to carry, it only makes sense that what you’re after is something comfortable, lightweight, and fits perfectly on your back. Also, the quality of the stand and storage space available should be top-notch.

With these qualities in mind, here are our picks of the best golf stand bags in 2022:    

Titleist Hybrid 14 

Key Features: 

  • Durable legs with an automated stand mechanism for enhanced utility
  • Lift-assist handles built into the top cuff and spine for improved mobility
  • Self-balancing, convertible dual shoulder strap system for carrying comfort
  • Integrated cart strap tunnel that keeps bag secure on push and riding carts

Stand bag meets cart bag. 

The Titleist Hybrid 14 features a cart-friendly construction that allows for superior organization. Indeed, it’s a golf bag that combines the remarkable features of stand bag and cart bag designs. But perhaps, its most notable features are the integrated cart strap tunnel, which keeps all pockets accessible when the bag is attached to a cart, and the impressive number of pockets that provide maximum storage capacity.

Pros Cons
Comfortable straps that are easy to adjustProbably better as a trolley or cart option rather than for carrying
Comes packed with a lot of useful featuresCan be a bit on the weighty side, especially in instances where you require a fuller load
Well thought-of design allows for superior organization 

Ping Hoofer

Key Features: 

  • Attached rain hood strategically-placed, so you don’t have to give up any storage space
  • Reengineered back puck makes it easy to convert carry bag from backpack style to single-strap carry 
  • Easily accessible full-length apparel pocket
  • Zip-off ball pocket panel 

Ping golf bags, especially those included in the Hoofer series are synonymous with reliability, making them a go-to choice among golfers for years. The 14-way top of the latest Hoofer stand golf bag makes tracking your clubs simple enough.  But, what stands out the most is the amount of storage space you get. 

Some golfers keep the amount of stuff they bring to the course bag as few as possible: a few golf balls, tees, maybe a jacket, and a pen to record the score. If you’re the type who brings more than they need, like rain gear, sunscreen, gloves, spare phone batteries, a driver adjustment tool, plenty of balls, tees, markers, and “enough” supply of water, you’ll find it easy to stow everything away with all the pockets on the Hoofer.  

As a bonus, your water bottle will always stay upright, and the bag itself is comfortable enough to carry for 18 holes, even beyond. Even non-users of Ping golf clubs will find Ping bags to be useful. They’re that good. 

Pros Cons
Easily-accessible compartmentsSome may find the rain hood to be thin and a bit quirky
Sturdy and extendable legs
Ideal for players with back issues

Mizuno BR-D4 6-Way Stand Bag

Key Features:

  • 6-way top cuff 
  • Full-length apparel pocket allows for sufficient storage capacity
  • Front ball pocket zips off for straightforward embroidery
  • Insulated drink pouch to keep drinks or a towel cool throughout a round
  • Matching rainhood helps keep clubs dry in cold and wet weather 
  • Reinforced grab handle installed at the bottom of the bag makes lifting easier

In terms of storage capacity, the BR-D4 stand bag easily outshines its predecessors. It’s equally at home on a trolley as over the shoulders, thanks to its fairly flexible base. In total, the BR-D4 has 13 pockets and compartments that’ll accommodate all the stuff you’ll possibly need on the course. Also, its insulated drinks pouch and climbers style metal clip deliver additional storage options. Overall, you’ll find it to be an extremely versatile golf stand bag.

Pros Cons
Zip-off embroidery panel Club divider is likely to get torn out after a period of regular use
Insulated cooler pocket
Carabiner accessory clip
6-way cuff 

TaylorMade Flextech

Key Features:

  • Flextech stand system 
  • 5-way top with a duo of full-length dividers
  • Front-grab handle
  • Strap Slider system ensures even distribution of your bag weight while carrying
  • 11 pockets in total

FlexTech is a fantastic addition to your collection of golfing gear. It’s a premium stand bag from Taylormade but is reasonably priced and worth purchasing if you don’t mind having a fully-waterproof option.

It has an innovative Strap Pass system that allows your trolley strap to pass right under the main pocket for comfortable carrying. It’s a fantastic feature that’s rare for golf stand bags to have.

Overall, the Flextech is a fantastic-looking bag with a wide range of features that make it a delight to own and use. With an ample number of pockets, sleek design, and a whole lot of innovative features, it easily fits the billing of a “perfect stand bag,” especially if it had been fully waterproof.

Pros Cons
11 total pockets provide ample storage with a large water bottle pocket and a tiny side pocket to store golf balls Not fully waterproof, unlike other models in the FlexTech range
Lightweight bag with a sleek look and solid grab handleBag can look a little clunky, and its shiny finish isn’t for everybody
Innovative strap pass system gives that premium feel

What to Look for in the Best Golf Stand Bags of 2022?


When it comes to storage, more is usually better—as long as it’s usable. However, the placement of the pockets is often more important than the quantity. What good is a pocket if it’s inaccessible or because you put something in another pocket?

The stand bags on our list have well-placed pockets that don’t interfere with one another. If the pockets are strategically laid out, each may function to its maximum capacity without restriction, providing extra storage for your equipment and other stuff.

Other helpful features are conveniently accessible water bottle compartments and holders that stay upright, whether on your back or standing up, preventing leakage. Finally, larger insulated pockets are generally preferable, especially if you’re a frequent snacker.

Stand Leg Stability

The opening system, materials used, and leg frame are essential components of a great stand bag.  You should be able to count on the stand to remain sturdy and durable, especially when your bag is loaded with equipment to the brim. The best stand bags open effortlessly to the proper standing position, close just as easily, and stay closed while on your back.


Like with storage and pockets, more dividers aren’t necessarily better. While 14-way dividers enable you to keep everything in its place, they might prove inconvenient in certain stand bag designs. 

Four- to six-way dividers are more likely to serve their purpose instead. Remember, each divider takes up valuable space, adding to the total weight count. As the total weight of your bag increases, so does the possibility of clubs snagging when you pull them out. A well-designed top separates your clubs and reduces, if not eliminates, snagging while keeping things organized at the same time. 


Quite obviously, comfort is a huge aspect of carrying. The best stand should have reinforced shoulder straps and additional padding to lessen the strain on your lower back and keep you feeling good throughout the entire 18-holes, perhaps even 36.


If you’re a walking golfer, weight is one of the most important things you should consider. While a single pound may not seem like much, the extra bulk can significantly impact your fatigue levels throughout a round. The extra weight added to your total count might spell the difference between leaking oil on the back nine and finishing with a flourish.

On the other hand, weight shouldn’t be that much of an issue for those who push or ride. If you only carry your bag occasionally, go for the additional storage capacity, extra features, and more versatile tops found in hybrid bags, such as the Titleist Hybrid 14.


A golf bag that suits every golfer is much like a magic golf kit that’ll make you a better golfer in an instant. It doesn’t exist.   

Ultimately, the type of golf game you’d like to play will play a major role in your buying decision. The rule of thumb is, “If you love to walk, stay away from the golf cart bags.” 

Thankfully, the majority of brands these days prioritize lightweight models across their ranges. Understandably, no one wants to use a heavy bag, given the number of rounds being played in general. 

While choosing the best golf bag can be a tall ask, given all the available options in the market, you can’t go wrong with the choices we included on this list. 

How’d you find our selection? Did we miss your favorite golf bag? Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. 

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