Best Callaway Drivers for High Handicappers

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As the first club used in a golf game, drivers play a crucial role in your overall golfing experience. Aside from setting the tone for your match, it will also help you send your golf ball flying at long distances. So better make sure you have the right river in your club set. And if you’re looking for a replacement, you might want to try investing in the best Callaway drivers for high handicappers.

Below is a list containing five Callaway drivers with features beginners and high handicap players will love. Alongside this list is another containing factors to consider when picking your drivers. Let’s get started!

5 Great Callaway Drivers for High Handicappers


best Callaway drivers for high handicappers

For a premium driver, the Callaway Mavrik is surprisingly user-friendly, making it great for high handicappers. With its A.I. designed Flash Face SS20, it can produce explosive ball speeds (which varies depending on the Mavrik model and loft). Its titanium club head is also uniquely shaped to enhance its aerodynamic capabilities, enabling head speed while reducing drag. To top it off, the Callaway Mavrik has two internal Jailbreak bars connecting its sole and crown for better energy transfer and longer distances.


  • Increased energy transfer
  • Explosive ball speeds
  • Longer ball distances
  • Lighter club head weight
  • Incredible feel and response


  • No interchangeable weight
  • Very expensive golf driver

Rogue ST Max Draw

best Callaway drivers for high handicappers

But if you want to enjoy Callaway’s golfing technology, then better go for their Rogue ST Max Draw instead. Among the best Callaway drivers for high handicappers, this one is notable for its technology-packed design. The club comes with many of Callaway’s patented technologies, including their Tungsten Speed Cartridge, A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frame, and Triaxial Carbon Crown. Combined, these technologies enable the Rogue ST Max Draw to deliver increased speed and stability, alongside a higher MOI to make the club more forgiving.


  • Reduced sliced shots
  • Accelerated ball speeds
  • Higher ball launches
  • Stable ball flights
  • Adjustable loft and lie angles
  • Premium, elegant look
  • Better sound and feel compared to Mavrik


  • Unnecessary clock-style graphic on its crown
  • Very expensive golf driver

Epic Max

best Callaway drivers for high handicappers

In case you want a driver that has adjustable features, you might be better off picking Callaway’s 2021 Epic Max. With its interchangeable weights, adjustable lie and loft, and movable hosel, this driver offers dynamic playability and allows beginners and high handicappers to shorten their learning curve. Like the Mavrik, it comes with Jailbreak technology. However, Epic Max’s is AI-designed to ensure the driver enjoys improved stability and increased ball speeds across the face. And since it’s made from Triaxial Carbon instead of titanium, the Callaway Epic Max is considerably lighter, resulting in higher launches and more forgiveness.


  • Offers draw bias to improve your slices
  • Enhanced stability for better accuracy
  • Increased exit velocity for maximum carry and distance
  • Adjustable weight, hosel, and lie and loft.
  • Top-notch forgiveness
  • Great overall performance across the face


  • High launch and spin not for everyone
  • Very expensive golf driver


best Callaway drivers for high handicappers

Alternatively, you can try Callaway’s X-Hot drivers if you want a starting club with adjustable features. Similar to the Epic Max, it has adjustable loft and lie angles, which allows high handicappers to make better ball launches upon impact. And like the Mavrik, its club head is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and increase speed and distance. Combined with the driver’s VFT face, this sleep club head shape also grants more forgiveness even with off-center hits. 


  • Exceptionally fast driver
  • Delivers longer ball distance
  • Outstanding forgiveness even on off-center shots
  • Adjustable loft and lie angles
  • Fabulous response and feel


  • No adjustable weighting

Big Bertha B21

best Callaway drivers for high handicappers

But if you want the most forgiving Callaway driver for high handicappers, choose Big Bertha B21. specifically developed for beginners and high handicappers, this driver is the most forgiving club you’ll ever swing. This is largely thanks to its combination of Jailbreak Technology and T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown. As an added bonus, this also shifts the driver’s CG lower and forward, enabling you to make low-spin, straighter shots. And at the same time, its AI-designed Flash Face promotes faster ball speeds across a more expansive area.


  • Internal draw bias weighting for straighter shots
  • Large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness 
  • Lightweight feel for increased swing speeds 


  • Limited adjustable features (compared to Epix Max and X-Hot)

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Drivers

Buying the right golf drivers involves a couple of things. For one thing, you need to assess your current skill level first to determine your handicap score. You also need to think about your personal preferences. To top it off, you need to look at the factors below while browsing different products.

Head Size

The larger a driver’s club head is, the heavier it will be (no matter how lightweight its materials are). However, since bigger club heads means larger sweet spots, they’ll also offer beginners and high handicappers more forgiveness. So if you want to enjoy more forgiveness while golfing, then go with drivers with larger heads (with the CG shifted lower). But if you prefer maneuverability and consistency, then you’ll be better off with drivers with smaller heads.

Head Shape

Most golf drivers now-a-days sport square or round club heads. While round drivers are better for beginners and high handicappers, square ones offer more forgiveness since they have larger sweet spots. You need to choose between these two shapes if you want to optimize your play. Thankfully, many of the best Callaway drivers for high handicappers come with aerodynamically-designed head shapes to ensure the users’ comfort and performance. 


A golf club’s loft can directly impact how far your golf ball will travel. The lower the loft is, the further your ball will go. But the higher it is, the higher your ball will fly. If you’re struggling with launching your ball high in the air, then go for drivers with high loft angles. But if you want more distance, go with lower-loft drivers.

Shaft Flexibility

The flexibility of the driver’s shaft will play an important role in your overall golfing performance as well. For best results, your driver must have a stiff shaft if you have a fast swing, and a more bendy one if your swing is slow. Otherwise, you’ll end up with inconsistent shots, more inaccuracies, and other problems.


Finally, check if the drivers come with adjustable features. See if weights, lie and loft angles, and hosel can be adjusted to suit your needs. This will keep your play dynamic, as well as reduce your learning curve as you work on your handicap.

Get the Best Callaway Drivers for High Handicappers

To start your game right, you need a good driver. So make sure you end up with a great one in your best golf bag by remembering the factors above. And in case you’ve decided to go for one of the best Callaway drivers for high handicappers mentioned earlier, type “I LOVE CALLAWAY DRIVERS!” in the comments section below.

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