Best Golf Club Brands To Consider in 2021

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More than being a fun sport, golf is also a game of accuracy, consistency, and control. To meet all these needs, you need to familiarize yourself with the best golf club brands in the market today.

More than being a fun sport, golf is also a game of accuracy, consistency, and control. To meet all these needs, you need to familiarize yourself with the best golf club brands in the market today. 

As a golf enthusiast, I noticed how fellow golfers tend to become very loyal once they find the brand of golf equipment that’s tailor-made for them. It’s the kind of relationship that prospers the more time you spend playing the game and attest, time and again, that this specific brand aligns with your style and the kind of player that you are.  

If you haven’t come up with your list of the best golf club brands, don’t worry since we got you covered. 

This article will list down the best golf club brands on the market and choose our top product of choice from each. 

Best Golf Club Brands of 2021 

Callaway (Best for Average Golfer)
Titleist (Best for Mid To Low Handicaps)
Cleveland Golf (Best for Short Game)
Tour Edge (Best Value)
Ping (Best Quality)
Wilson (Best Cheap Golf Club Brand)

Best for Average Golfers 

Callaway Golf appears to have a thorough understanding of what the average golfer requires. Their new Mavrik club series incorporates Artificial Intelligence that allows players to enjoy their golf game genuinely.

Although Callaway creates golf clubs for players of all handicap levels, their finest technology is specially made for those who require both distance and forgiveness.

Since introducing their Big Bertha products years ago, Callaway has been a favorite of the average golfer. You don’t have to spend all day on the range to learn how to hit these clubs is something many golfers appreciate.

Callaway manufactures practically every golf product imaginable, in addition to golf clubs. The company is known for quality and durable equipment that extends to their drivers, irons, golf ball options, and even umbrellas.

Callaway sponsors several PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour players, with  Phil Mickelson as their most well-known spokesperson of all time.

With Callaway doing such an outstanding job of making golf accessible to all players, there’s no better player to represent the company than Phil. For this reason, many golfers identify with the brand, especially with Phil and the way he plays the sport.

Top Product: Callaway Mavrik Irons 

Mavrik Max irons have all the qualities you need to improve your game. They have forgiveness and distance. That’s why they are considered as one of the top game-improvement golf clubs today.

Best for Mid to Low Handicappers 

Titleist has always given particular attention to players with the lowest handicaps.

In recent years, they have started to add certain game improvement irons to their lineup. This innovation has made golf clubs more appealing to a wider range of players.

When it comes to golf equipment, the look and feel of these Titleist golf clubs make them even more appealing to the mid to low handicappers. From the top-down, the club has a very slender and innovative design.

However, forgiveness isn’t usually Titleist’s strongest suit. That’s why these clubs are not ideal for beginners or those that don’t want to work the ball or control its flight.

Speaking of innovation, the new Titleist TS lineup of drivers is impressive for its adjustability and range.

Let’s not forget that Titleist also owns the Scotty Cameron brand. Clearly, the Titleist brand is more than capable of helping you if you’re looking to lower your golf score.

Due to the extensive range of products that it provides, Titleist is one of the most popular brands on the PGA Tour. It’s simply unrivaled when it comes to feel and high-end performance.

Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth are two of the elite golfers who have Titleist in their bags. Both of these gifted young players entrust their game to the Titleist brand.

Top Product: Titleist TS2

With its very low dispersion, adjustability, and high launching characteristics, the Titleist TS2 driver is one of the best golf equipment that Titleist ever put out.

Best for Short Game

The Cleveland wedges are among the finest in golf history. No other brand produces as many wedges for as many different types of players as Cleveland Golf.

We appreciate the fact that there are available options for both the highest and lowest handicappers to improve their short game further.

No golfer in history has mastered everything from chipping, pitching, up to shots around the green. Cleveland helps average golfers have the impression that they have more control over their short shots.

Every year, the majority of golf club manufacturers release just one wedge. Cleveland produces several such products that appeal to a wide range of handicaps.

Cleveland not only makes the best wedge, but they also have excellent iron, hybrid, and driver options. They are well-known for their hybrid irons, which have delighted senior golfers for many years.

If you tuned in to the Masters in 2021, you would have seen Hideki Matsuyama use Cleveland wedges. If the Cleveland Golf Company can create wedges good enough for PGA Tour players, it will undoubtedly work for amateurs like us.

Apart from Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley and J.B. Holmes also play with Cleveland products.

Top Product: Cleveland RTX Zipcore

This piece of equipment is Cleveland’s most technologically sophisticated wedge to date, with innovative Utilizip grooves and a heat-treated club head.

Best Value

Tour Edge is a golf equipment manufacturer that currently flies under the radar. Although you’re not likely to see advertisements or receive emails about the latest Tour Edge product, this brand has a loyal and reliable customer following.

Tour Edge products are usually available in two models.

At any given time, there’s an available model for players who require forgiveness and another for players who prioritize feel. Tour Edge may be a  smaller company compared to other golf brands, yet they don’t fail to come up with high-quality products all the same.

One of the best features of Tour Edge golf clubs is the option to purchase them with custom settings. Custom golf irons and drives can be quite costly.

However, the Tour Edge brand does an excellent job of providing personalized iron sets at reasonable prices. If you want remarkable technology at a lesser price than the rest of the golf industry, Tour Edge is your go-to choice. 

Top Product: Tour Edge HL3 Set

Tour Edge offers a complete set of golf clubs with an impressive launch, easy distance, and plenty of forgiveness.

Best Quality

When we mentioned golfers staying loyal to their brand, Ping is one of the top brands we have in mind. Truly, Ping users rarely switch to another brand once they have a firsthand experience of a particular product. 

Ping is popular for its innovative fitting technology. If you’re shorter or taller than the average golfer, Ping golf clubs should be at the top of your list. 

The company tends to release new irons and drivers a bit slower than other brands. Thus, they have a slightly more limited product offering. However, they almost always have available choices for high, mid, and low handicappers.

Some of Ping’s recent releases, including the G410 and G425, feature faster ball speeds than any other driver or iron on the market.

Another distinctive feature of the Ping brand is that it pioneered the adjustable putter length. This technology comes in handy since many golfers struggle to decide on the correct length putter.

Finally, Ping products have a unique feel about them. This brand takes a lot of pride in the materials they use and how they manufacture their products. Many golfers attest to the Ping iron’s feel as being softer and more receptive than most irons on the market. 

If you watched Stewart Cink win his last event, you might have been motivated to add a Ping club to your bag. Other players who use Ping golf clubs apart from Cink are Cameron Champ and Bubba Watson. 

Once you own and start using a Ping, you’d understand why it’s hard to go back to any other brand of irons.

Top Product: Ping Sigma Anser 

This recent release from Ping gives the classic Anser a new and improved look.

Best Cheap Golf Club Brand

Golf is widely regarded as one of the most expensive sports to play. You’ll need to spend quite the sum to pay for golf balls, clubs, apparel, and your greens fees.

The good news is that playing golf doesn’t have to be outrageously costly.

The Wilson golf brand helps to make the game more accessible for mid-to high-handicappers and beginners. Perhaps what the Wilson brand is best known for are the complete package sets they offer. 

These sets are designed with newbie golfers in mind. They include everything from a driver to a putter, even a golf bag.

Although relatively cheaper, the clubs’ components are of exceptional quality and are built to last. For a beginner, putting together a complete set can be both costly and challenging. Fortunately, Wilson makes it more manageable.

In addition to complete sets, Wilson also manufactures excellent fairway woods, drivers, and even iron sets. You can count on Wilson products if you’re after equipment that looks like the top brands but costs a fraction of their price.

Top Product: Wilson Ultra Package Set 

You don’t need to purchase every golf product separately. With a complete set such as this Wilson ultra, you’ll be ready to hit the course at once the day it arrives.

What’s Next? 

That’s it for our rundown of the best golf club brands in 2021. Stay tuned for more golf tips, gear guides, and experts reviews. 
If you want to know more about how golf clubs function, you can refer to the information in our article about the different types of golf clubs.   

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