TaylorMade R7 Irons 2021 Review

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TaylorMade R7 Irons have excellent innovative features hidden beneath their seemingly basic exterior. These features prove beneficial, especially for beginner golfers who haven't mastered their skills yet.

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TaylorMade R7 Irons Fast Facts:

  • Launch date: November 01, 2008 
  • Handicap range: Low, Mid, and High % 
  • Hands: Both
  • Set makeup: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. PW
  • Best for: Male and Female 
Best value for your moneyExcessively large clubhead 
Allows sufficient spin on your every hitProvides lesser distance than with blades 
Excellent forgiveness for off-center hits One of the older ranges of irons
Sizeable sweet spot Has chunky heads
Faster ball speed and consistent distanceNot suitable for lower handicap golfers

Key Features

  • The cavity’s soft aluminum damping web absorbs vibrations and provides players with a soft yet powerful feel upon impact.
  • Inverted Cone Technology in the face makes better ball speed possible for a much greater distance.
  • The clubhead’s elaborate cavity design provides a low center of gravity for increased stability and higher ball flight.
  • T-Step 90-gram stainless steel and Reax Taylormade 65-gram lightweight graphite are available variants of stock shafts
  • TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) Technology grants players the ability to optimize trajectory.

Inverted Cone Technology

Taylormade’s inverted cone technology puts an emphasis on the sweet spot of the clubface. Such improvement increases your ball speed and allows distance even on mishits.   

When the r7 6 iron was tested against Taylormade’s biggest competitors, it did well with distance, traveling consistently around 175 yards compared to the 170-yard average of the Ping G5, Fusion Wide Sole, and Callaway X18.  

Damping Web

Taylormade equipped the r7 clubheads with a damping web crafted using docile aluminum and a state-of-the-art bonding compound. This technology effectively reduces vibrations while absorbing shock on impact, providing you a smooth and solid feel. 

Offset Clubhead

Offset is a design condition in clubheads wherein the hosel or neck is set in front of the face of the clubhead. This way, the clubhead appears to be set back a little from the club’s neck. Such design allows you to get your hands forward and lead the iron almost effortlessly. This capability triggers a more powerful launch that provides you greater distance and accuracy as a result of the faster ball speed.  

Offset clubs are a common sight in the game improvement category and are usually fitted with cavity backs that provide maximum distance, forgiveness, and accuracy on mishits.  


You can purchase the r7 irons in REAX Taylormade 65 gram lightweight graphite and T Step 90 gram stainless steel. These shafts are both engineered to help you improve the distance of your iron shots and generate additional power upon launch.  


The trademark grip of Taylormade is evident in these irons. You can easily notice the abundance of short slots in the grip. This feature is responsible for creating cells that give you a smooth and comfortable feeling while holding the club. This comfort level helps reduce the sensation of any vibrations you’d feel upon impact. 


Look and Feel 

Taylormade R7 Irons come in a striking yellow and black color combination against a silver background. This beginner’s club features a deep cavity, yet it’s also built to be more unobtrusive.

This design is advantageous for anyone who doesn’t want to give away their beginner status to other players.

Even for a set of irons at this level, the clubhead is a little bit large. Some may find it repulsive since it seems to dwarf the ball next to it.

The top line is also slightly thicker than other models, but not overly so. If you’re after the most aesthetically pleasing clubs, it won’t come up as a surprise if you don’t pick these irons. 


Like other game-improvement models, the R7 irons are intended to add extra distance and height on each shot to boost your confidence. See how each of them becomes noticeably loaded with a powerful spring that sends those golf balls flying.

Beginners will surely appreciate specific features like its huge sweet spot and low center of gravity, which make it simple to use and control.

Moreover, the oversized clubhead and lower center of gravity toward the back of the iron provide the high-flying distance that most players seek.

However, unlike many other game improvement models, the ball flight will not balloon as much, and you’ll notice a more consistent curve on your long-distance shots.

Since it’s an older model, you may not experience the same amount of distance that models equipped with modern technologies tend to offer. Nonetheless, you’ll find your gains to be incremental for the most part, like other players do.


Forgiveness is a telltale sign of a club’s stability. It also happens to be one of the top three criteria you need to keep in mind when selecting iron clubs, along with trajectory and workability.

Interestingly, the R7’s target market consists of average and low-handicap players. This bit of information shows the improved stability and consistency R7 irons provide to boost players’ confidence.

After all, they’re specifically designed with the intent of making the ball a lot easier to hit. Thanks to Inverted Cone Technology, R7 irons can maximize the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) even without as much thickness on the topline.

This feature, along with the soft aluminum dampening web, produces a satisfyingly soft sound upon launch and makes poorer quality shots sound less harsh too. 

It’s a great touch to have since it allows you to have the feedback you need to improve your swing and expertise without a clanking ring’s jarring effect.      

Durability and Build Quality 

Taylormade has a long-standing history as one of the leading golf club manufacturers. Thus, you can count on the quality of their products. The TaylorMade iron R7 is no different. Not only is it a piece of well-built equipment, but also long-lasting.

Nonetheless, even with regular maintenance, the stiff shaft has a tendency to rust.

Once this happens, you can check the retailer’s policy on periodic cleaning or consider replacing your set with a new one.  


When they first came out, the retail price of R7 irons is around $499 per set. The manufacturer no longer sells them at present but still maintains its appeal to those who don’t mind using an older model and seek the best value on quality clubs. 

These irons still make for a great beginner set today, particularly those who are just starting their golf journey.  Although one of the older models, they can easily last in your golf bag for years. 

Key Takeaways

TaylorMade R7 Irons have excellent innovative features hidden beneath their seemingly basic exterior.

These features prove beneficial, especially for beginner golfers who haven’t mastered their skills yet.

The benefits that Taylormade R7 irons provide can definitely give the latest products in today’s market a run for their money. 

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