10 Great Items to Upgrade Your Golfing Gear

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Aside from trying out new golf chipping tips and good old-fashioned practice, the best way to improve your golf play is by upgrading your gear. That means fitting your clubs with new grips, buying new gloves or other accessories to keep you comfortable, and investing in new items that might be useful in future matches.

But with so many golf-related merchs out there, you might find yourself having a hard time picking the best one to add to your set. So to make your life easier, here are ten items to focus on.

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

The Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Ball is notable for two things: world-class performance and soft impact feel. Due to its materials and build, you can easily shoot it at high distances, while simultaneously delivering tour-caliber spins and maintaining low compression. Each ball also features a large core, FastLayer technology, and SeRM urethane cover, resulting in the ultimate combination of speed, distance, and spin. Check out our take on the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls if you want to learn more.

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket can keep you dry and comfortable in case of a rainy day at the golf course. Made from Omni-Tech™ fabric, it’s 100% waterproof and breathable. It also comes with a storm hood that can be attached and adjusted to suit your needs, alongside a drawcord hem, abrasion-resistant chin guards, and zippered hand pockets. The best part is, it can be packed within a hand pocket, so you can take it with you regardless of weather conditions. As an added bonus, it’s available in numerous colors, including Black, Collegiate Navy, and Red Quartz.

Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella

But if you really want to keep yourself dry on a rainy day at the course, best have the Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella on hand. With a diameter 65mm longer than normal umbrellas, it can definitely keep water away from your person as you wait for your opponent to finish swinging. It even has unique clear viewing panels to let you watch as you fend off the rainwater above. Other features include an extra long handle and an auto-open mechanism. The Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella is compatible with the Motocaddy Umbrella Holder, allowing you to place it on your club bag when it’s your turn to swing.

Bushnell Tour V5

Back then, accuracy was something you can only improve through constant practice and patience. Now-d-days, though, you can use the Bushnell Tour V5 to measure your distance from the hole whenever you’re trying out those golf chipping tips you read about. This rangefinder is equipped with many great features, including a PinSeeker to let you know the precise moment you hit a pin, as well as a high-def display to view your surroundings in great detail.

Callaway Par-Tee High Performance Golf Tee

Golf tees matter for several reasons. For one thing, the height it provides can optimize your play while using your trusted Wilson Staff D9 Driver. But more importantly, it will keep your ball in place as you make your tour-level swings. With Callaway’s Par-Tee High Performance Golf Tees, you’ll enjoy additional benefits as well. Made from premium plastic, it has an uncanny design and construction that makes it virtually indestructible. With its rubberized cup top, it can promote low spins on your balls, allowing it to fly at longer distances. And thanks to its sharpened tips, you can insert it in any area of the course without causing divots or other damages.

AmazonBasics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net

But in case you want to practice those golf chipping tips from the comfort of your home, best have the AmazonBasics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net. This convenient product will help catch the golf balls you’ll swing during your at-home golfing session. Made from high-quality polyester, it’s designed to withstand the pressure coming off your balls allowing them to safely drop at the net’s base for future use. And with just four metal stakes to keep it together, the practice net is virtually easy to set up or dismantle.

Mizuno Elite Glove

People with sweaty hands tend to have a harder time gripping their clubs during a golf game. Wearing gloves like the Mizuno Elite Glove helps remedy this issue. Made from premium materials, it can deliver a superior feel whenever you’re gripping your club, as well as durability to let you play in all kinds of weather conditions. Its palm, thumb, and forefinger are lined with Cabretta leather, with the thumb double-stitched to reduce twisting. Meanwhile, the upper part of the glove is enhanced using a combination of synthetic leather and Mizuno FlexMesh panels.

Saplize Golf Grips

You might not know this, but you need to replace your grip at least once a year. Doing so helps minimize grip pressure, allowing you to swing your club properly with acceleration. So before trying out those golf chipping tips, have your clubs fitted with Saplize Golf Grips. Made from high-quality, abrasion-resistant rubber, it offers premium shock absorption alongside its anti-slip features. And you can install it on your own, although it’s still highly recommended you get a professional to do that to enjoy better results.

Z Blok Sunscreen Stick

Like certain other sports, golf requires you to spend hours exposed to the sun. Unprotected, this can lead to various skin problems, even cancer depending on your body’s buildup. To prevent this from happening, best bring a slab of Z Blok Sunscreen Stick during your future games. Non-greasy and fragrance-free, it can give you SPF 45 Broad spectrum protection. It’s also water resistant for up to 80 minutes, ensuring you stay dry throughout your game. And unlike other sunscreen lotions out there, this one does not irritate the eyes.

First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit

Lastly, despite what you think, golfing can also lead to accidents and injuries if you’re not careful. That’s why it would be better if you have your own First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit nearby. This kit comes with everything you need to treat minor cuts and injuries. It has up to 312 pieces of essential first aid supplies for use at the course, and these are organized in a fabric pouch with clear pockets to make locating what you need easier.

Get These Items Before Your Next Game

These items might not be able to help you perfect that golf chipping tips you recently saw on YouTube, but they’ll still help you gradually become a better player. So better get them now and upgrade your golfing gear.

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