Wilson Staff D9 Driver Review

The Wilson Staff D9 Driver offers a great option for high handicap golfers who want to invest in a good hybrid club. With its symmetrical looks, outstanding forgiveness, and consistent performance, it’s definitely something worth looking at.

The Wilson Staff D9 Driver offers a great option for high handicap golfers who want to invest in a good hybrid club. With its symmetrical looks, outstanding forgiveness, and consistent performance, it’s definitely something worth looking at.

But just how good really is this hybrid golf club? You’re about to find out! Below is our take on the Wilson Staff D9 Driver. Best read through this review before you go out and buy this driver.

Introducing the Wilson Staff D9 Driver

Wilson Staff D9 Driver

The Wilson Staff D9 Driver has quite a lot to offer for a hybrid golf club. This is all thanks to Wilson’s generative computer design process. Following Callaway’s example, they used a computer modelling software to create and simulate different driver variations to find the most effective head. As a result, the Wilson Staff D9 Driver inspires confidence with its premium, symmetrical look, as well as giving you one of the best hybrid clubs in recent memory. And with its budget-friendly price, it will let you enjoy excellent performance and style for a fraction of the cost.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: D Series
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Graphite
  • Grip Model: W/S Lamkin Crossline Genesis
  • Shaft Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Hand Orientation: Left, Right
  • Golf Club Flex: R, S, A
  • Golf Club Loft: 9,10,13,22 Degrees

Notable Features of the Wilson Staff D9 Driver

Developed using such state-of-the-art computer technology, it shouldn’t surprise you that the Wilson Staff D9 Driver has many great features to showcase, including:

Generative Computer Design Process

As mentioned above, a computer modelling software was used to give you the Wilson Staff D9 Driver. Hundreds of simulations had been done throughout the process, and Wilson’s team of engineers had worked tirelessly to ensure the final design had top-notch qualities. Thanks to these efforts, the D9 Driver can give you that accuracy and precision you’ve been missing in other products.

PKR Club Face

The D9 Drive also comes with a Peak Kinetic Response (PKR) club face. This feature basically splits the club face up into a series of fractal zones. Each zone is fine tuned to make sure the drive delivers incredible forgiveness, explosive ball speeds, and longer distances. In other words, the PKR club face hones the D9 Driver’s overall performance, allowing you to hone your play at the green.

3-Layer [K]Composite Crown

To further ensure great performance, as well as deliver outstanding sound and feel, the Wilson Staff D9 Driver comes with the 3-Layer [K]Composite Crown. Made from Kevlar, this feature renders the golf club extremely flexible and durable. It’s very lightweight as well, and it lowers the driver’s center of gravity to deliver faster speeds, higher flights, and longer distances.

Multiple Weight Options

At 310 grams, the D9 Driver is slightly heavier than its predecessors, although it still retains the lightweight construction that made the D series so popular in the first place. And to further ensure the swing weight doesn’t feel too heavy, the product comes with different flex options (with their respective weights). Additionally, the weight of the sole of the club head can be customized as well. 

Premium Shaft and Grip

To top it all off, the Wilson Staff D9 Driver is complemented by a Lamkin grip and the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue graphite shaft. This essentially boosts the versatility of the hybrid golf driver, making it a suitable fit for a wider range of players. Moreover, the grip makes the club ideal for golfers with high swing speed, since it guarantees firmer clutch and superior torsion control.

Wilson Staff D9 Driver

Pros and Cons of the Wilson Staff D9 Driver

Hybrid golf clubs like the Wilson Staff D9 Driver are revolutionary since they combine the benefits of both wood and iron heads. Nevertheless, this type of driver is not without its downsides. So if you want to make sure that the D9 Driver is for you, then you’d better take a deep look at both its pros and cons.

What’s Great About the D9 Driver?

Lightweight Hybrid Driver

The D9 Driver’s 310 grams make it a very lightweight hybrid club indeed. This makes the driver relatively easier to swing, and it boosts the ball spin rates significantly. And as mentioned above, the weight of the loft and club head back can be further adjusted to meet your specific specifications and preferences.

Large Sweet Spot

Despite its rather compact club head, the D9 Driver has quite a huge sweet spot. This allows high handicapped players to enjoy more forgiveness and better feel. Combined with the product’s customizable weight and loft, as well as its lower center of gravity, it enables you to align the drive more easily, and it  can help you send the ball flying at greater heights.

Outstanding Stopping Power

Thanks to its lower loft, the Wilson Staff D9 Driver is also notable for its incredible stopping power. This allows you to swing the ball high at greater backspins and speeds without worrying about it cascading over the course. In other words, it allows you to direct the ball more effectively, enabling you to guide it until it sinks in the hole.

Consistent Performance

Another reason why the Wilson Staff D9 Driver is a top choice for high handicappers is its consistent performance. From maintaining an athletic, balanced golf posture to improving hand-eye coordination, high handicap golfers need to rely on an unfailing routine to optimize their play. Through the D9 Driver, you can have a club that guarantees that and more.

Sleek, Sharp Looks

As mentioned earlier, the D9 Driver is developed using a generative computer design process. While its main focus is on the driver’s performance, it also makes sure the club sports an appealing, symmetrical look. This makes the club a great addition to your golf set, and it helps you look good whenever you align and swing it.

What’s Not So Great About the D9 Driver?

Reduced Distance

While the D9 Driver is notable for its better control, higher flights, and improved overall consistency, these features come at significant costs. One of these is reduced distance. You’ll have to swing the driver harder if you want the ball to reach longer distances. Luckily, your efforts will be mitigated by the club’s lighter weight.

Lacking Overall Carry

One of the reasons why the D9 Driver ranks rather low among hybrid drivers is due to its overall carry. Indeed, its 19-degree loft can only enable the ball to fly a mere 211 yards, which is somewhat shorter than what other drivers can deliver.

Fixed Hosel

Having an adjustable hosel allows you to deliver proper swings, lower the club’s center of gravity, and square the club face, among many other things. Unfortunately, the Wilson Staff D9 Driver’s hosel is fixed, so you’ll have to make do with some of the built-in features it offers.

Wilson Staff D9 Driver

How We Rate the Wilson Staff D9 Driver

To help you make a better-informed decision regarding the Wilson Staff D9 Driver, we decided to try the hybrid club out ourselves. Below are our ratings for the product based on loft, shaft and grip, club size, adjustable features, and overall performance.

Loft (4 out of 5)

With a maximum loft of 22 degrees, the D9 Driver is an excellent choice for high handicappers. These relatively lower loft angles allows the driver to match your high swing speeds, enabling you to have better control of the ball as well as optimized spin rates and speeds. Nevertheless, it also leaves the driver with a slightly disappointing overall carry, which might put you off from buying one.

Shaft and Grip (5 out of 5)

With its premium Lamkin grip and Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue shaft, the Wilson Staff D9 Driver can deliver outstanding grip and versatility. Plus, the shaft is graphite, meaning the hybrid driver is considerably lighter than its steel-shafted counterparts. This makes the cub significantly easier to swing.

Club Size (5 out of 5)

Most high handicap golfers strive to find a club’s sweet spot to improve their play. With the D9 Drive, you won’t have to search for too long! As mentioned above, this product has a huge sweet spot despite its compact construction. Due to this, it gives you more forgiveness compared to other hybrid clubs. It also helps boost the distance to a degree, thus offsetting one of its weaknesses.

Adjustable Features (4 out of 5)

The Wilson Staff D9 Driver comes with several adjustable features. Its hand orientation is available in left and right. Its loft angles can be adjusted as low as 9 degrees and as high as 22 degrees. And its flex and weight can be changed according to your needs. The only downside is that its hosel is fixed.

Performance (5 out of 5)

Overall, the D9 Driver can deliver the consistent performance it promises. It’s certainly easy to align when in use. And whenever swung, it can make the ball fly at higher arches, faster speeds, and considerable distances.

Final Verdict

The Wilson Staff D9 Driver is one of the most underrated golf drivers out there. But while it definitely has its flaws, it’s still one of the best hybrid clubs you can invest in. So if you’re a high handicapper and you want to upgrade your golf set, then better include this one in your shortlist.

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