Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid Review

Ever experienced a rough lie while golfing? Don’t worry, every golfer does! But if you want to get yourself out of that sticky situation fast, best do so with the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid. With its three glide rails and other fantastic features, it can effortlessly get your ball out of any tough spot.

If you’re seriously considering getting this hybrid Cleveland golf club and you want to know more about it first, you’re in luck! Below is a review that sheds light on what the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid can do and offer. Let’s jump in!

About the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid is optimized for better turf interaction and cleaner strikes. Not only will it get you out of rough lies; it will also help you improve your scoring position.

This product is basically a revamped version of the original Cleveland Halo. Decked with new technology and painstakingly designed, it can deliver the same forgiveness and high launches its predecessor did. However, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that distinguishes it from the first Halo (more on this in a bit).

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Cleveland Golf
  • Hand Orientation: Left, Right
  • Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Item Weight: 6 lbs
  • Model: 2H, 3H, 4H
  • Loft: 16 to 22 degrees
  • Length: 40.75 to 39.75 in
  • Lie Angle: 60 to 61 degrees
  • Swing Weight: D2
  • Stock Flex: S, R, A, L

Top Features of the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

Three Glide Rails

The most notable feature of Cleveland’s Launcher Halo Hybrid is the set of glide rails on its bottom. With these three rails, it won’t matter what kind of terrain you’re in. Whether it’s long grass, hard dirt, or even the fairway bunker, the glide rails will help you launch the ball out of a problem area. As an added benefit, they will keep your club face straight during impact.

Rebound Frame

To get your desired ball flights, speeds, and feel, your golf club needs to have the right shaft flex. With the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid, you get two. This product comes with two flex zones (flexible and rigid), allowing you to pick which one is better for you. You can also alternate between these flex zones to optimize your play even further.

Action Mass CB

To make swinging the club even easier, the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid comes with Action Mass CB. An 8-gram weight is placed inside the tip of the club’s grip, ensuring the product is more balanced than others and giving you better control of your strokes. Combined with its club head size, that means easier swings and tons of forgiveness as well.

HiBore Crown Design

Like the Launcher HB Turbo, Cleveland’s Halo Hybrid sports their signature HiBore crown technology. This allows the club to flex more during impact, acting like a spring to produce more distance. It also lowers the club’s center of gravity slightly, leading to easier hits, lower ball spins, and higher ball flights.  

Accuracy Build

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid’s configuration is customized to a degree. With its design being half an inch shorter than other Cleveland clubs, it has improved accuracy and precision. This build doesn’t counterbalance max control, either, as you’ll still be able to guide the ball to where you want it to be at the course.

Pros and Cons of the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of the features you’ll enjoy from the Halo Hybrid, time to check out its strengths and weaknesses.

What’s Great About the Launcher Halo Hybrid?

Improved Turf Interaction

Thanks to its three glide rails, the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid enjoys better turf interaction. It can help launch the ball off from any kind of terrain, making it a handy club in case you find yourself in a rough spot.

Excellent Forgiveness

At the same time, the Halo Hybrid’s Action Mass CB and considerably large head size can provide you with a generous amount of forgiveness. While that may not cure your bad swing habits (you need to work on that on your own), it can certainly make your shots look less bad. Plus, it will still allow you to make high ball launches even on mishits.

Customizable Shaft and Grip

For the standard shaft and grip for their Launcher Halo Hybrid, Cleveland has chosen the graphite Miyazaki C Kua 60 and the Lamkin 360 crossline, respectively. While these can significantly optimize your gameplay, that doesn’t mean you can switch things up to meet your personal preferences.

For instance, you can replace the shaft with the Project X Cypher Hyb Shaft or the Project X Cypher 40 Hyb Shaft. Both can help you produce higher launches and longer distances, and it can enhance the mid-section stability of the Halo Hybrid club. Check out the specs of these shafts here:

Tip Diameter (in)Weight (g)LaunchSpinFlex
0.37060(A), 74(R), 74(S)Mid-HighMid-High5.0-A, 5.5-R, 6.0-S
0.37050 (all flexes)Mid-HighMid-High5.0-A, 5.5-R, 6.0-S

Meanwhile, you can replace the grip with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. Made from a special rubber compound, this grip option will help improve your play, increase your comfort, and provide moderate feedback, among many other things. Check out its specs here:

Inside DiameterWeight (g)
58 Round52

Multiple Available Models

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid is available in various models that make it a very versatile golf club. It comes in standard, women’s spec, and custom accuracy build (if you want extra precision). And to further widen your options, the club comes in three lofts. Check out the two tables below to see the Halo Hybrid’s standard and women specs.

Standard Specs

ModelLoftLengthLie AngleSWHand
3H19°40.25″60.5°D2RH, LH
4H22°39.75″61.0°D2RH, LH

Women’s Specs

ModelLoftLengthLie AngleSWHand

Good Value for Money

Fetching around $199.99, the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid is considerably cheaper than other hybrid golf clubs out there. This allows the product to offer you excellent value for your money. With so many amazing features to offer, it’s definitely a bargain you shouldn’t miss!

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

What’s Not So Great About the Launcher Halo Hybrid?

Crown Design Not Visually Appealing to Some

Some people find the Halo Hybrid’s HiBore crown design a little unpleasant in terms of look. But aesthetics aside, this feature will help you make easier hits, lower ball spins, and higher ball flights.

No Left Hand Option for Women

Although the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid comes in women’s specs to cater to female golfers, the clubs are only available in right hand orientation. This can put you and many other women off from buying one if you’re left handed.

Limited Product Availability

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid is no longer sold in Cleveland’s official website and stores. However, you can still buy this club from one of their authorized dealers (while supplies last), as well as from online platforms like Amazon.

Rating the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

To further help you make an informed decision before buying the Halo Hybrid, we decided to test the product out ourselves. Below are some of our scores for this golf club based on performance, features, and sound and feel.

Performance (5 out of 5)

Whether you’re hitting it from a good or bad lie, the Halo Hybrid can help get the ball up and into a better scoring position. With the 4H-loft club, you can launch the ball as high as 200 yards from its initial position. The bearings from front to back were stellar, and it feels very friendly if you’re trying to make fade shots.

Features (4 out of 5)

From its graphite shafts to its three glide rails, the Halo Hybrid sports many spectacular features. These features not only make the golf club visually appealing; it also enables it to outperform many hybrid clubs out there. The only downside is the women’s specs seem to be a bit lacking regarding the hand orientation (since it’s only available in RH). 

Sound and Feel (4 out of 5)

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid feels great. Whether you’re swinging it from a good or bad spot, it will keep your hands comfortable as you strike. At the same time, the sound it makes is somewhat of a deep thud. It will feel solid but it won’t sound like a resonating crack. All in all, both its sound and feel are pleasant.

Final Verdict

With the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid you can embrace the rough instead of dread it. Thanks to this amazing golf club, you can launch the ball from practically any spot in the golf course. So if you’re out looking for a new hybrid club, you might as well check this one out!

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