Accessories: Buying Guide for Every Player

Playing golf doesn’t just involve swinging the right clubs, hitting the most suitable balls, and wearing the most stylish and comfortable clothes. To become a better golfer, you’ll also need to invest in great golfing accessories. If this is your first time you’ve thought about accessories, then we got you covered. Below is Let’s Golf Better’s accessories buying guide to help you find the right ones.

Why Invest in Great Golfing Accessories

But first, let’s talk about why you need golf accessories in the first place. In most cases, players buy golfing accessories for one or more of the reasons listed below:
  • To improve your game
  • To ensure your safety
  • To keep yourself comfortable
  • To protect your clubs, equipment, and other accessories
  • To have more fun
These days, many gadgets, training aids, and other accessories are available to help you improve performance, safety, comfort, and even swag while golfing. However, while some can actually help you with your gameplay, others are just gimmicks you can do without. So best focus on the former to get your money’s worth.

5 Golfing Accessories to Improve Your Game

So now that you know why golfers need accessories, let’s talk about the ones that will directly help you golf better. Below are five accessories you should consider getting:

Golf Swing Analyzers

To improve your overall golfing skills, you need to be able to properly evaluate your swings. With the right golf swing analyzer, you can do that and more!

Golf swing analyzers are gadgets programmed to monitor your swings, as well as record the data you need to effectively scrutinize them. Most come with sensors to track the swings and an accompanying app where you can receive the data.

While getting golf swing analyzers, you need to check the quality of the sensors, as well as the data it promises to provide. Additionally, the best ones also provide quick feedback to help you improve your swing as you go.

Best Golf Swing Analyzers to Buy

  • Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors
  • Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing
  • Hackmotion


Designed to aid golfers in estimating their shots’ distance and accuracy, rangefinders will help you significantly improve your performance. With this gadget on hand, you’ll be able to polish up how you hit your ball. Now golf rangefinders come in two types these days: GPS and laser. Each has its merits and flaws. For example, GPS rangefinders perform faster than their laser counterparts, but at the expense of accuracy. Meanwhile, laser rangefinders display more accurate results though it takes more time to do so. Whichever you choose, rangefinders will help you pick the right club, remove guesswork as you improve your skills, and even speed up your game. So best invest in a good one if you haven’t yet. Best GPS Rangefinders to Buy
  • Bushnell Phantom 2 Golf GPS
  • Garmin Approach Z82
  • SkyCaddie SX550 Tour Book
Best Laser Rangefinders to Buy
  • Inesis Golf 900 Laser Rangefinder
  • Volvik V1 Laser Rangefinder
  • Zoom Focus X Rangefinder

GPS Watches

A GPS watch is another powerful gadget for golfers to invest in. Aside from helping you navigate the course more easily, most models these days offer other features that can optimize your overall golfing experience.

Most golf GPS watches will provide you with front, middle, and back distances, allowing you to pick the right club to use when getting your ball to the green. They will also display the layup distance, enabling you to avoid any hazardous positions while playing. And like rangefinders, GPS watches can help you save time during a game, as well as boost your confidence over shots.

Picking the best GPS watches involves looking at several things. To ensure you end up with the right one for you, best choose the model that has all the features you need. And you need to pick it based on its versatility, your daily routines, and your budget.

Best GPS Watches to Buy

  • Garmin Approach S62
  • Golf Buddy AIM W10
  • Apple Watch Series 6 40mm (with Arccos)

Golf Simulators

Golf simulators allow players to improve their game indoors. They’re especially helpful if you want to maintain your golfing edge during the winter months, or if you want to secretly train for your next golf showdown with a rival.

Golf simulators operate very much like your typical computer. They receive data about your balls and clubs through radars, light sensors, or other motion-detecting hardware. Then they process this information thoroughly, looking at factors like ball speed, club head speed, face angle, and what-not. Afterwards, they will determine where your ball might land, projecting it on its screen alongside other important parameters.

As with rangefinders, there are different types of golf simulators currently available in the market. Photometric simulators come with camera-based systems that capture high-speed images of your ball along with other essential data. Infrared simulators rely on light signals to pinpoint the exact position of your clubhead. Radar simulators employ Doppler radar technology to track your ball. It’s up to you to pick which among the three is best for you.

Best Golf Simulators to Buy

  • SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Package
  • Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay Golf Simulator Package
  • FlightScope Mevo Plus PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package

Practice Golf Balls

The best way to improve your golfing skills is to constantly practice. That means practicing your swings for hours at a time, while hitting lots of practice golf balls along the way. So while you’re in the middle of getting golf accessories, don’t forget to buy several boxes of practice golf balls.

Practice golf balls are great for all players regardless of their current skill levels. They’re typically made of plastic or some soft material, which helps ensure your safety. Plus, these balls usually come at cheap prices, so buying many boxes won’t be a problem.

If you’re just starting out at golf, best get a box or two of these practice balls before you buy the ones you’ll actually use in your games. That way, you’ll save money while training.

Best Practice Golf Balls to Buy

  • PrideSports PAWB5612
  • Callaway HX Soft-Flight
  • Orlimar Golf 36 Practice Balls

2 Golfing Accessories to Ensure Your Safety

But if your priority is safety rather than performance, here are two golfing accessories you should also consider buying.

Hitting Nets

Hitting nets are designed to keep you and any other people around you safe. Made to absorb high impacts, it can easily stop any ball it catches, letting it harmlessly drop to the ground.

Additionally, hitting nets are specially made to help you catch your balls, allowing you to reuse it again and again as you hone your skills. Depending on the type of netting used, it can even help you improve your accuracy!

Hitting nets are among the cheaper golf accessories you can buy. In fact, a lot of small chipping nets only cost around $13! Just make sure you pick a portable one that comes with a large standard size. That way, it can catch more balls while you’re practicing.

Best Hitting Nets to Buy

  • Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
  • Rukket 10x7ft Pop-Up Golf Practice Net
  • GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

First Aid Kits

Accidents can happen anywhere, even in a place as safe and serene as a golf course. So best invest in a good first aid kit, and bring it every time you’re out golfing. While they won’t help you out too much with major injuries, they can at least help patch you up for smaller mishaps.

Now when looking for first aid kits, it’s important to remember the three P’s of first aid: Preserve, Prevent, and Promote. Also, you should make sure the fifteen items required by OSHA are included in the kit. These are:

  • Gauze pads (these must be at least 4 x 4 inches)
  • Large gauze pads (at least 8 x 10 inches)
  • Band aids
  • Gauze roller bandages (at least 2 inches wide)
  • Triangular bandages
  • Wound cleaning agents
  • Scissors
  • A blanket
  • Tweezers
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Gloves
  • Resuscitation equipment
  • Elastic wraps
  • Splints
  • Instructions to request emergency assistance

Depending on your location, your first aid kits must also have the additional supplies:

  • Electrolyte replacement to reduce heat stress (if you live in warmer areas)
  • Foil blanket to reduce shock or cold stress (if you live in colder areas)
  • Snake bite kit (if you live in areas with large snake populations)
  • Anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling
  • Antihistamine for allergic reactions
  • Low dose aspirin for unexpected heart attacks
  • Glucose replacement for diabetic episodes
  • Hemostatic agent to reduce bleeding
  • Hydrocortisone for rashes and other skin problems

Once you’ve bought a few first aid kits, tuck them in your golf bag and golf cart. That way, you’ll be able to find them easily in case of accidents or injuries at the course.

Best First Aid Kits to Buy

  • Be Smart Get Prepared 100 Piece First Aid Kit
  • M2 BASICS 300 Piece (40 Unique Items) First Aid Kit
  • DeftGet Compact First Aid Kit

8 Golfing Accessories to Keep You Comfortable

But golf accessories aren’t just there to improve your game or keep you safe; they can also keep you comfortable as you swing. If that is something you need, then best consider getting the following eight items:

Water Tumbler

You need to keep yourself properly hydrated, especially if you’re out at the course golfing with your buddies. By bringing a nice water tumbler with you, you’ll have all the fluid you’ll need to quench your thirst.

Now with so many water bottle options out there, you might have a hard time finding the best one to bring on your next golf game. So narrow down your options by picking the tumbler with the right size. That is, pick the one that’s light enough to carry around while playing golf. There’s nothing wrong with opting for a larger bottle. However, it’ll be harder to carry around with you as you trek the course.

You should also check the bottle’s other features, including the materials making it up, the way it keeps your water cold, and the lid preventing the fluid from spilling. And you should pick a tumbler based on your personal preferences (i.e., color, style, etc).

Best Water Tumblers to Buy

  • Hydro Flask Wide Mouth
  • Yeti Rambler
  • Corkcicle Classic Sports


UV rays are another problem you’ll have to deal with while golfing. Luckily, there are lots of sunscreen products out there that can help you ward off their harmful effects.

Now there are a few things to keep in mind when picking sunscreen. First, you need to get one that offers “broad spectrum” protection. That is, the sunscreen must be effective against both UVA and UVB rays, as these can cause various skin problems. 

Second, the sunscreen you choose must have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. SPFs indicate how effective a sunscreen is against UVB rays. The higher it is, the more protection you’ll get.

Third, make sure the sunscreen is “water resistant”. That way, it won’t come off if you sweat during your game.

Best Sunscreens to Buy

  • Thinksport Sunscreen Stick SPF 30+
  • Neutrogena Face Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, SPF 50
  • Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc Spray SPF 30


Some situations are just dicey circumstances to play golf in. These include colder seasons like autumn and winter, as well as windy and rainy days. To keep yourself warm, comfortable, and safe during these inclement weather conditions, you need to don a few snug outerwear before dropping by your favorite course.

For wet, rainy seasons, you’ll need quality rain gear consisting of a jacket and a pair of slipover pants made from Gore-Tex or other waterproof material. Meanwhile, wind shirts, vests, and short-sleeved jackets can protect you against biting winds. Then there are thermal jackets that can keep you snug and warm when golfing during the winter.

Best get one of each of these outerwear if you want to keep playing golf even in unfavorable weather conditions. Just make sure they’re easy to put on, comfortable, and stylish.

Best Rain Jackets to Buy

  • KJUS Pro 3L 2.0
  • Cross Sportswear Hurricane
  • Galway Bay All Weather Long Sleeve

Best Wind Jackets to Buy

  • Adidas Frostguard Full Zip Padded Jacket
  • Ping Sensordry Pro Jacket
  • Glenmuir Elrick Golf Jacket

Best Thermal Jackets to Buy

  • Ping Norse S3 Primaloft Windproof Golf Jacket
  • FootJoy Hybrid Golf Jacket
  • Callaway Primaloft Quilted Golf Jacket

Golf Gloves

Wearing golf gloves may not always be necessary, but they’re still great for golfers of all levels. Aside from the additional comfort and style they provide, they can also keep your hands warm during the cool or rainy season, as well as prevent you from having blisters. It can even help you improve your game to a certain degree!

Before getting golf gloves, you need to consider a few things first. For example, you need to decide whether to don a single glove (on your dominant hand) or a pair for both hands. Then you need to make sure the gloves fit your hand perfectly. The materials making up the glove, alongside its other features, will also come into play.

Best Golf Gloves to Buy

  • Nike Tech Extreme VI
  • FootJoy Pure Touch Limited
  • Callaway’s Opti-Fit


To excel in golf, you need to have a good eyesight and a clear vantage point. This is why most golfers don’t wear any sunglasses while playing. However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a pair of shades on your games. Depending on how high the sun is, it can even help you outplay your opponent!

As with the other items on this accessories buying guide, there are several factors to consider before buying sunglasses. These include the eyewear’s clarity or tint, lens quality, durability, comfort, and style. Moreover, some shades cost more than others, so make sure you go for the one that you can afford without sacrificing quality.

Best Sunglasses to Buy

  • Oakley Gauge 8 Black Sunglasses
  • Maui Jim Cliff House Aviator Sunglasses
  • Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses

Visors and Caps

Alternatively, you can try visors or caps to maintain a good vantage point while golfing. Depending on your pick, they can also make you look stylish. What’s more, caps offer the additional benefit of keeping your head comfortable during sunny days.

Whether you end up wearing a visor or a cap on your next game is up to you. What matters is that the headwear you pick can help you see clearly, while simultaneously keeping your comfortable and stylish.

Best Visors to Buy

  • Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Visor
  • Callaway Golf 2020 Liquid Metal Adjustable Visor
  • Titleist Men’s Nantucket Visor

Best Caps to Buy

  • Titleist Tour Performance Cap
  • Taylormade Tour Radar Cap
  • Adidas 3 Stripe Tour Cap

Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are great to have if you’re golfing in the middle of a rainstorm or during a very sunny day. Aside from protecting you against harsh elements, they also have other features that set them apart from normal umbrellas.

There are various factors to consider when choosing golf umbrellas. These are dimensions, wind resistance, shaft material and color scheme. Thankfully, some golf umbrellas are made wider and sturdier. This allows them to cover not only you, but also your equipment and bag. And their sturdiness enables them to withstand harsh winds without breaking.

Additionally, most golf umbrellas now-a-days come with either fiberglass or steel shafts, although some have rubber, graphite and EVA shafts. Each of these shaft materials have their own pros and cons, so best pick the one that matches your needs and preferences. Lastly, golf umbrellas come in different colors to help you stand out. 

Best Golf Umbrellas to Buy

  • Shedrain Vortex XL
  • Titleist Tour Double Canopy
  • Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68″


Lastly, towels help golfers stay comfortable by absorbing moisture from your face, arms, and hands. You can even use it to wipe your clubs and balls clean and dry while playing. So best bring two towels everytime you hit the course, one for you and another for your equipment.

Settling with the standard white, cotton towel is alright. But in case you have a few extra bucks to spare, try getting golf-specific towels to enjoy the special features they offer. These features include antimicrobial properties to ward off germs and bacteria, multi-functional three-layer designs to make it more absorbent, and more.

Best Golf Towels to Buy

  • Titleist Stadry Performance Towel
  • Ping Tri-Fold Towel
  • Taylormade Cart Towel

5 Golfing Accessories to Protect Your Clubs and Other Equipment

Next in this accessories buying guide, let’s check out some of the items that can help you protect your clubs and equipment. These are:

Golf Club Bags

Golf bags not only keep your clubs, equipment, and accessories in one place; they can also make you look stylish and organized. So better get a decent golf bag if you haven’t yet.

Now when it comes to golf bags, you have several options. Cart bags are great for golfers who have a hard time pulling their own weight. Better known as trolley bags, you can push or pull this bag around as you walk from one hole to another.

Meanwhile, stand bags come with retractable legs that enable you to stand them upright during your games. This prevents the bag from getting dirty, as well as make the clubs easier to get in case you decide to switch.

Finally, carry or pencil bags offer you a lighter and more compact way to organize your clubs. These kinds of bags often come with comfortable straps so it doesn’t chafe your neck and shoulders while traversing the course. And their compact build makes them easy to store in lockers.

Best Cart Golf Bags to Buy

  • Sun Mountain C-130
  • Ping Pioneer
  • Vessel LUX XV

Best Stand Golf Bags to Buy

  • Titleist Players 4Plus Stadry
  • Cobra Ultralight
  • Callaway Hyperdry C

Best Carry Golf Bags to Buy

  • Titleist Premium
  • Taylormade Quiver
  • Mizuno Scratch Sac

Club Head Covers

There are several reasons why you need club head covers. For one thing, they make your clubs more identifiable, not to mention add a personality to each of them. They can also help you stop the clubs from hitting each other and making a ruckus. But more importantly, they can protect your clubs from harsh elements that might cause them to erode.

If you want to keep your clubs longer, then you need to get each of them a good headcover. Luckily, there are many head cover products available out there, ranging from practical covers to those with funny-looking designs.

Best Club Head Covers to Buy

  • Daphne’s Headcovers
  • Swag Golf Headcovers
  • Seamus Headcovers

Golf Club Cleaning Kits

Of course, the best way to keep your clubs spotless is to regularly clean it yourself. Luckily, there are several golf club cleaning kits that can help you out with that.

One of the best golf accessories to clean your clubs is a club brush. Made specifically for golf clubs, it will help you remove dirt, grime, and other debris from your woods, irons, and putters. Most brushes feature thick, nylon bristles, set in plastic or wooden handles (depending on the maker, this can be ergonomically shaped, too).

Aside from the brush, make sure the following items are also included in your golf club cleaning kit:

  • Club towels
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Groove sharpeners

Best Golf Club Cleaning Kits to Buy

  • Golf-EZ Golf Essentials 21 Piece Kit
  • Clubpur Golf Club Cleaning Kit
  • Caddy-Clean The All-In-One Golf Club Cleaner

Golf Travel Case

Golf travel cases are basically large bags used to cover your golf bags whenever you’re traveling. It’s an accessory you should consider getting if you’re the type of golfer who tends to play and travel at the same time.

Golf travel cases come in two types: hard case and soft case. Soft cases are cheaper, lighter, and easier to store when not in use, while hard cases offer more protection because it’s more durable. It comes down to you to pick between the two.

Furthermore, you need to make sure the golf travel case you choose meets luggage and flight standards. You’ll have to speak with the airlines on this one. Other things to look for include padding, wheel system, external pockets, warranty, and more.

Best Golf Travel Cases to Buy

  • CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Padded Golf Travel Bag Cover
  • SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic Golf Bag Travel Case
  • Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Cart Strap Sleeves

Most golf carts usually come with straps to keep your bags secure while tied to the cart. But in case you find this strap too abrasive for your bags, best invest in some cart strap sleeves.

These cart strap sleeves act as a buffer between your golf bags and the cart’s straps. Basically, they prevent the straps from chafing on your bag, preventing the latter from getting damaged. As an added bonus, cart strap sleeves add a stylish tough to your cart’s straps.

So if you own a golf cart and you like taking it with you to the course, best get it some cart strap sleeves. That way, it can keep your golf club bags secure without scratching or damaging them.

Best Cart Strap Sleeves to Buy

  • Vessel Cart Strap Sleeves
  • Ghost Golf Cart Strap Sleeves
  • Kell-Pro Cart Strap Sleeves

9 Other Golfing Accessories to Consider Buying

Lasty, let’s check out nine other golf accessories you should consider adding in your bag.

Portable Putting Greens

If you want to work on your putting skills, then you have to get a portable putting green. Like golf simulators, it enables you to hone your skills from the comforts of your home. However, portable putting greens focus on your putting and chipping rather than your swings.

Like many of the items in this accessories buying guide, picking the best portable putting greens will involve several things. For one thing, you need to decide between nylon or polypropylene when checking turf material. The artificial grass’ infill will also affect your ball’s speed, bounceability, and control, so you need to look at that, too.

Best Portable Putting Greens to Buy

  • Big Moss Augusta V2 Putting Green
  • Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Putting Green
  • Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

PuttOut Putt Trainers

But in case you really want to master the art of putting, then buy PuttOut’s Putt Trainers. Described by an accessories buying guide as “devilishly hard yet divinely rewarding”, it will help you refine your putting’s aim, accuracy, and tempo even further.

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer consists of only three parts: a white rubber hole sized base; a clear plastic ramp (complete with micro-target); and an insert. Basically, all you have to do is set it on the floor in front of your ball, then do your best to nudge the ball towards the Trainer’s base. It sounds simple, but believe us when we say you’ll spend hours trying to do that.

Swing Coach Clubs

The Swing Coach Club may look like a toy, but it’s actually one of the best swing improvement clubs you can invest in. And it’s highly endorsed by several golf experts and talked about in many accessories buying guides.

Developed in the US, the Swing Coach Club can help you find your rhythm and timing when swinging your actual clubs. This will eventually help you improve your overall accuracy, lower your score, and add more yardage to your shots. The only real downside with this accessory is that it’s only suitable for right-handed players.

Pocket Bunkers

You need to invest a lot of time and energy to master bunker shots. With the Pocket Bunker, you can perfect this move sooner. And with its fun-looking design, it will make the entire learning process much more fun.

Pocket Bunkers are designed to help you hone your bunker shots even if you’re not playing on the sands. It’s tough enough to withstand being hit multiple times, and its build makes it pretty easy to clean afterwards. As an added bonus, it’s small enough to fit in your pockets, so you can take it with you to your local course.

Golf Ball Markers

As you probably know, once your ball lands on the green you can pick it up for cleaning and identification, as well as to let your opponent putt in peace. Golf ball markers help you remember its precise location. Just place it behind your ball (without picking it up) and you’re good to go!

When picking golf ball markers, make sure it’s small enough to let other players putt without problems, but not too small that it’s easy to miss. At any rate, go with markers that are flat, with a reflective surface that makes them easier to spot.

Best Golf Ball Markers to Buy

  • Athletic Works Neon Ball Markers
  • Pinmei Clip Ball Markers
  • Giggle Golf Custom Ball Markers

Shoe Bags

Like some of the other items on this accessories buying guide, shoe bags aren’t that necessary. But assuming you wear spiked shoes while golfing, or you just don’t want your footwear to get dirty as you go to the course, these bags can really come in handy.

There are only two factors to consider when buying shoe bags: function and style. Obviously, you need the bag to do its job properly, containing your shoes and keeping them safe from dirt and damage. However, the bag must also be stylish, and it must also suit your tastes.

Best Shoe Bags to Buy

  • Ogio Away Game Shoe Bag
  • Athletico Golf Shoe Bag
  • FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoe Bag


Golf Grips

A lot of golfers overlook grips when buying accessories. But to truly play golf better, you need to mind the grips lining your clubs’ shafts. As it’s the only part of the club you actually touch during a game, it’s crucial that you find the grip that best works for you.

Luckily, there are several grip options available out there. These vary depending on the type of grip (corded, wrap, etc), size, firmness (or softness), and design. It’s up to you to pick among these choices. If you don’t know how, then simply ask the staff at the golfing store.

Best Golf Grips to Buy

  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align
  • SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grips
  • Lamkin Comfort Plus

Golf Tees

Golf can be quite an unforgiving sport, and things like weather and bad luck can inadvertently cause your ball to get displaced. By setting it in a decent tee, though, you’ll be able to keep it in place, allowing you to give it a good head start.

Golf tees come in many shapes and sizes, with some having features that can give you a few advantages while golfing. For example, plastic golf tees are more durable, affordable, and identifiable. And they produce less friction with your ball. The point is, you need to find the tees that will work best with your play style and preferences.

Best Golf Tees to Buy

  • Pride PTS ProLength White
  • 4 Yards More Reduced Friction
  • Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tee

Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks can help you establish a clear aiming point when hitting balls at a range. In other words, it helps you make a good straight shot. If that’s something you’re currently struggling with, then you need to get this golf accessory.

Factors to consider when picking the best alignment sticks include functionality and durability. You should also consider getting sticks that offer extra features like rubber caps and storage tubes. But more importantly, you need to go for the most affordable option without forgoing quality.

Best Alignment Sticks to Buy

  • Shaun Webb Alignment Sticks
  • Callaway Alignment Sticks
  • Frogger Alignment Sticks

5 Things to Remember Before Buying Golf Accessories

Finally, this accessories buying guide won’t be complete without a few tips to help you pick the best golf accessories. Anyway, best remember the following before visiting your favorite golfing store.

Do Some Research First

Before anything else, you need to find out the kinds of accessories you’ll need for your game. For example, if you’re struggling with your sand plays, then best do some research on Pocket Bunkers, as well as list stores or websites that sell them. This will help you see multiple options, which can help you save money and get the best product in one go.

Make Sure They Fit

Earlier in this accessories buying guide, we talked about making sure the gloves you buy fit your hand perfectly. You should also apply this principle when buying other accessories, too. So if you’re buying outerwear, GPS watches, club head covers, cart strap sleeves, golf club grips, and many more.

New Isn’t Always Mean Better

Golf is not exactly a cheap sport. And while going for new accessories is great, that doesn’t mean secondhand ones are bad. In fact, there are situations when you should! For example, instead of buying boxes of new practice balls, you can opt to get buckets of used balls. These tend to be cheaper, and they offer you more balls to play with. So if you can, try going for pre-loved accessories to save money.

Stick to Your Set Budget

As mentioned just above, golf is by no means a cheap sport. The clubs by themselves will cost you a small fortune. So unless you have loads of disposable money to throw, best make sure you follow a strict budget when buying accessories.

Focus on Quality Rather Than Price

At the same time, however, you need to focus on the quality of the golf accessories. Don’t just go for cheap options. They may take it easy on your budget, but they might not perform as advertised. Plus, if they broke, you’ll have to buy new ones again, needlessly costing you more money.

Get the Best Golf Accessories for Your Game

It’s often the smaller things that can help you golf better. By getting the best golfing accessories money can buy, you’ll be able to play better, not to mention enjoy every second of your game. Through the accessories buying guide above, you’ll be able to find the best ones to use. So before heading to your nearest golfing store, better read it thoroughly first.