Golfing Gears You Should Include on Your Christmas Wishlist

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Christmas is a great time to upgrade your golfing gear. For one thing, many golfing stores offer discounts during the holidays. But more importantly, some of your golfing friends (not to mention your loved ones) might even end up giving you the very equipment you found in your favorite golf tips magazines.

Still, you need to make sure they know what you want for Christmas. That means making a wishlist and letting your loved ones and friends know what’s in it. And while you’re at it, you might as well include the following items on your list.

Daphne’s Club Headcovers

Headcovers protect your clubs and shafts from the harsh elements, as well as help you make a statement the next time you visit your favorite golf course. But while you can stick with the traditional headcovers, they will probably make you look boring. So instead of those simple albeit practical accessories, you should opt for Daphne’s Headcovers.

As many golf tips magazines would tell you, Daphne specializes in creating novelty animal-themed headcovers. Each of their products is designed to be elastic and fully lined, ensuring they fit your clubs snugly. By putting these on your Christmas wishlist, your golfing set might end up having fun and eye-catching covers.

GPS Watches

GPS watches help you stay updated regarding your precise location at the golf course. Compared to laser rangefinders, it will enable you to determine your distance to your golf ball more quickly. So better make sure this item makes it on your wishlist, too.

Now when it comes to GPS watches, you only have one option: Garmin Approach. As a leading brand for GPS watches, Garmin devices can help you get accurate distance measurements whenever you’re out playing golf. Take their S60 GPS Watch for example. Preloaded with up to 40,000 golf course maps, it can easily help you pinpoint your location in your favorite haunts.

Navika Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers help you remember your golf ball’s position once it lands on the green. This allows you to remove the ball so other players can putt within the greens without any distractions.

The golf ball markers you choose must be as small and flat as possible so they can be placed on the green without being a hindrance. However, if you’re looking for something unique, then go with Navika’s markers. These products come in different shapes and sizes, and each are encrusted with crystals so they can sparkle beautifully on the greens.

Eyeline Groove Putting Mirror

Putting mirrors are made for one purpose: to help you perfect your golf swings. Not only will it aid you while you refine your club control, but it will help you improve your posture and eye alignment as well. Needless to say that it’s a great accessory if you want to practice that new move you found in your favorite golf tips magazines.

So whether you’re a beginner who’s still trying to get the hang of golfing or you want to try out a new technique, best get the Eyeline Groove Putting Mirror. This training aid is notable for its simple yet remarkable functionality, enabling you to monitor your set-up position, stroke path and face angle at impact during swings.

SKLZ Gold Flex 48 Trainer

Golf swing trainers can help you improve your tempo, strength, and flexibility while swinging a club. And great ones usually come with exaggerated flexibility, allowing you to make longer strokes without needlessly extending your limbs.

Thankfully, the SKLZ Gold Flex 48 Trainer offers these features and more. Built to be more flexible even than other golf swing trainers, it will help you make extremely powerful shots during a game. This extra flex also induces a slight lag in your backswings, which help you improve your tempo. To top it off, the product has a weighted head that can easily build momentum, encouraging better form, balance, and power.

Voice Caddie SC200 Plus Launch Monitor

Launch monitors are impressive devices for several reasons. For one thing, it can help you find the best golf clubs that will suit your needs and help you win your games. You can also rely on it when evaluating your swings (and working on areas where you need to improve). 

Through the Voice Caddie SC200 Plus Launch Monitor, you’ll enjoy these and other benefits. This portable device comes with many great features. For example, it has a Practice Swing Mode that will show your swing speed numbers (without actually hitting the ball), alongside other metrics like swing speed and ball flight. It features the latest Doppler Radar Technology, too, providing you uncompromised precision every time you use it. And the best part is, this launch monitor is more reasonably priced compared to others.

Pocket Bunker

The Pocket Bunker is a fantastic product that can help you practice your swings off any surface, including grass, carpets, and sand. With this golfing accessory, you can gradually refine your bunker shots.

Each Pocket Bunker is made with value, durability, convenience, performance, and enjoyment in mind. It practically simulates a bunker shot, staying behind during fat shots and going sideways when shanked. Thanks to its soft, flexible legs, you can use it on other terrains as well. You can even use it on your golf practice grass mat and it will perform just as nicely. As an added bonus, Pocket Bunkers are suitable for golfers of all ages. This means even your kids can use it to refine their skills.

Chip & Sip Golf Beer Pong

The Chip & Sip Golf Beer Pong doesn’t exactly help you improve your game. However, it’s a great golfing accessory to have if you want to spice up your Christmas day a bit.

Inspired by the popular beer pong game you probably played during your college days, this product is essentially made to bring you, your family, and your friends together. And even if it’s not Christmas, you can still use it at other parties.

Add These Items on Your Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas weeks away, now’s the perfect time to think about upgrading your golfing gears. So aside from the items you found in your golf tips magazines, you should consider adding the accessories above on your wish list, too.

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