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As one of the most popular social media sites next to Facebook and Instagram, YouTube also represents an excellent avenue for marketing. Influencers from every niche are numerous on YouTube, and the golfing world is no exception. Here are the top 10 golf channels on YouTube as of 2022. From golf fitness tips to the best golf clubs for high handicappers, these channels can provide you with top-notch Youtube golf content.

Key Takeaways

  • Youtube is a great online platform to learn more about golf.
  • Not all golf Youtube channels are created equal, and some are clearly better than others.
  • If you want quality golf content, focus on the top 10 golf channels on Youtube.

Golf With Aimee

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First on our list of the best golf Youtube channels is Golf with Aimee, which is hosted by Aimee Cho. Aimee is a Korean-American who won the US Women’s Open twice, in 2006 and in 2013. Aimee is an ardent golf player and had only recently quit playing professionally due to chronic back pains. She offers free golf tips and advice to aspiring tour professionals through her YouTube channel.

Aimee launched “Golf With Aimee” in 2015. The channel quickly rose in popularity, gaining 30 million views in just 3 years. Aimee has had extensive experience privately coaching beginners and providing golf advice on television. As a former professional golfer, she drew on this experience to create simple, easy-to-digest, and informative golf content on her Youtube golf channel.

Chris Ryan Golf

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Chris Ryan is a very experienced PGA coach, and this expertise shows in his YouTube channel. Chris has been a golf professional coach since 2005 and is currently a director of coaching at the HIT Golf Academy.

A veteran of nearly 10,000 lessons teaching golf to players of all skill levels, Chris extends his expertise to the online world through his “Chris Ryan Golf” YouTube channel. He publishes weekly content that breaks down the technicalities of golf into easily understood segments for his viewers. Chris hopes that players will attain the results they’re looking for as quickly as possible with his golf instruction videos.

Me and My Golf

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PGA Golf professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward joined forces in “Me and My Golf.” As one of the best golf Youtube channels today, it’s designed to make golf more fun and understandable even by pure novices. The channel is 11 years old and has amassed 826,000 subscribers and 189 million views.

While Andy and Piers provide golf tips themselves, they also reach out to other PGA professionals to appear on the channel and give their fans something to enjoy watching. So far, they have featured players like Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, and Jon Rahm in some videos. To further provide entertaining golfing content, you can even see Andy or Piers taking on these giants in a friendly match!

Danny Maude


Danny Maude is a distinguished coach currently heading the Canterbury Golf Club. He pioneered the Reverse Engineer method, which breaks down every player’s golf swing to identify mistakes that lead to mis-hits and their undesirable effects. Make no mistake, however; Danny does not offer a “quick fix.” He’s there with you, but you have to be willing to invest time to get your golf swing and golf drills in order.

Danny shares on his channel instructional golf course vlogs that turn golf into a science that anyone can learn and master. He draws on his extensive research and experience of playing golf and studying related sciences like neuroscience and psychology. Right now, his channel has 84 million views and 698,000 subscribers.

Solution Golf

Solution Golf Youtube channel

Solution Golf is perhaps one of the most underrated niche Youtube channels out there. The channel launched in February 2020, making it only two years old. However, it has already acquired nearly 160,000 views and an impressive array of informative golf videos, making it one of the best golf Youtube channels today.

The channel’s golf content is quite comprehensive. The instructional videos touch on various professional golf topics, which are already diverse by nature since the sport is very scientific. One of its best golf videos features a drill for a more effective downswing. The downswing is the trickiest to master in golf since specific clubs require personalized approaches. Any novice player can take the actionable content in the video and transform it into an improvement in their game.

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels Youtube golf channel

Although he’s number 6 on this list of top 10 golf Youtube channels, the reality is that Rick Shiels is the most famous golfer that has a channel on YouTube. Shiels launched the channel in October 2011. As of 2022, it enjoys a cumulative 500 million views and a subscriber base of 2 million.

Shiels initially started the channel as a marketing avenue for the Trafford Golf Centre, where he worked as a coach. Since then, his website has enjoyed a steady uptrend in following. Aside from his coaching videos, Shiels also hosted charity events like the YouTube Golf Day in 2019 to raise money for charity. The channel also partnered with Nike from 2017 until 2021.

Peter Finch Golf

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Peter Finch used to be a coach at the Trafford Golf Centre together with Rick Shiels, but he has since left and worked with Golf Quest Academy since 2016. That didn’t change the viewership for his YouTube channel; Peter Finch Golf still averages 150,000 views for each video.

Peter Finch Golf has very diverse content. Instructional videos make up most of the channel’s portfolio. However, you can also find video reviews of golf equipment used by the pros. In his recent golf videos, Peter also featured various golf professionals like Chiara Noja, George Blackshaw, and Colin Montgomerie. There’s also an interesting video of him trying out Rory McIlroy’s physical training!

Seb on Golf

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Seb on Golf may have only 133,000 subscribers on YouTube. Still, the channel’s aggregate total viewership has already hit the 5.9 million mark. Of course, with all the helpful golf videos that Seb-Carmichael Brown regularly puts out, that number is poised to go up even higher.

Brown’s content primarily focuses on reviewing golf products, like clubs. However, occasional videos have him check a golf course out. He also features prominent golf personalities in the United Kingdom from time to time.

Brown is a two-time Trilby Tour champion, winning the title in 2013 and 2015. Aside from the Seb on Golf channel, he also managed two other YouTubers – Alex Ozipczak and Spencer Owen Carmichael-Brown.

No Laying Up

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Claiming to be the “voice of the golf fan,” No Laying Up is a brand producing social media content like YouTube videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. The NLU crew comprises four golf “fanalysts,” namely Tron Carter, Big Randy, DJ Pie, and Young Neil.

NLU features one of the most extensive golf game coverage in general and professional tours in particular. Whenever there’s a game, one or all four NLU crew members will be there to provide live information on what is happening. The team also has three travel franchises as well. This impressive access to what matters most in golf makes No Laying Up a must-follow channel on YouTube.

It’s not a surprise that the golf channel has accumulated 25 million viewers in just 8 years!

Golf Mates

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Golf Mates is a collaborative channel featuring some of the most prominent names in golf. Peter Finch, who also has his own YouTube channel, lends his talents to the channel. Other golfers in the team include OMP, Young Man Josh, and Lee Jones.

Golf Mates focuses mainly on informative videos that address common player mistakes in golf. Every once in a while, they’ll publish news concerning a team member. Of course, a golf YouTube channel will never be complete without the valuable golf club review. Whatever information you need, Golf Mates has a video or two in its portfolio for you.

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