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As an avid golf lover, you shouldn’t just spend your time at the course (though nothing’s wrong with that). You should also invest time, effort, and resources refining your golfing chops. That means trying out new clubs, shoes, and gears, as well as learning new tips for golf online.

With many golf-related websites out there, picking the right ones to subscribe to will be fairly easy. Still, not all of them are built equally, and some offer more valuable content than others. So to make your life simpler, we listed some of the best ones below. Check them out if you’re interested!


The PGA TOUR (Yes, it’s in all caps!) is a non-profit premier membership organization for touring professional golfers in the US and North America. Most of the annual major golf tournaments in PGA tours were thanks to them, and they co-sanction various other matches across the continent.

With their official website, PGA TOUR aims to provide golfers the latest news and information regarding the PGA tournaments. From player profiles of pros like Tiger Woods to real-time live scoring, it will help you stay up to date regarding the tournament schedules and your favorite pro’s performance.

Golf Digest

But if you want to learn new tips for golf and read about various clubs, then you should head to Golf Digest’s website. From various ways to make greenside shots to explaining how Danielle Kang won her round, this website has it all.

Like PGA TOUR’s site, they also publish some of the latest news and updates regarding the golfing world. They even have videos and podcasts containing interviews, golf swing demos, and exercises. Additionally, they have a newsletter which you can sign up to for free. To top it off, they offer the Golf Digest Handicap, an app that helps you track your golf game and your USGA Handicap® with GPS and StrackaLine.

Golf Channel

Meanwhile, Golf Channel doesn’t just give you the latest golf news in the US. It will also keep you updated on golf tournaments across Europe and other parts of the globe.

Golf Channel is a great place to get great tips for golf, in-depth reviews of equipment, and the latest schedules for major tournaments. Aside from these, the website offers a wide array of technology and lifestyle services that will make your life at the course a whole lot easier. And with over 500 million viewers in more than 70 countries, Golf Channel makes their content available in nine languages. 

Golf Galaxy

Founded in 1997, Golf Galaxy operates a network of stores across the US where you can get golf clubs, apparel, footwear, and other merchandise. Whether you’ve just started or have been playing for a long time, this is a great place for you to get your golfing equipment.

Aside from providing the best golf clubs and other equipment out there, Golf Galaxy also offers other services to ensure you get what you need. For example, they have a team of professionals who can help you out when picking the right clubs, as well as getting fitted with the right shaft lengths. They also offer special deals and discounts on a regular basis including a 15% discount for first-time subscribers.


In circulation for the past four decades, Golfweek is one of the oldest golf magazines out there. And with the dawn of the internet age, they’re now available online so golfers can continue to enjoy their content.

From the latest news on major golf tournaments to various tips, Golfweek has it all. They provide various lists for golf courses in the US, Canada, and Britain. They have a Winner’s Bag section that showcases the golfing equipment pro golfers use. They even have a travel and real estate section for interested golfers.

Golf Business News

On the other hand, Golf Business News doesn’t cater to golf players as much as it does to golf businesses. But with its aim to provide readers accurate, quality information, it’s still a great place to get updates on the golfing industry.

Golf Business News has a catalog containing lists of associations, clubhouses, golf courses, golf ranges, and other venues. If it’s your first time playing and you don’t know if your area has a course, then better refer to this catalog. Moreover, the website can connect buyers to many golfing equipment thanks to its list of pro shops. And for job hunters, they regularly post ads containing work opportunities at golf businesses.


MyGolfSpy provides trustworthy, objective reviews of numerous golf clubs, balls, gears, and other accessories. Through their content, golf consumers like you would be able to stay well-informed and educated.

For MyGolfSpy, the players matter more than the equipment. So they strive to provide unbiased reviews of various golfing products whenever they can. To keep their content objective, they stay independent from big golf companies, refusing to take ad revenues or sponsorships. They are also 100% datacratic, meaning they rely on cold, hard data as well as on scientific measurements and analysis when reviewing products.


Founded in 1950, the LGPA or Ladies Professional Golf Association is the oldest women’s professional sports associations in the world. The group has since evolved into a non-profit organization, turning tournaments into charitable events. Additionally, they offer various grassroots junior and women’s programs to empower female players across the globe. aims to provide female players the latest news and information regarding the sport, as well as your favorite female players. If you want to keep yourself updated on the latest LPGA tournaments, then this is the place to be. They even have a collection of videos to help you learn how to properly swing your clubs. So if you want to hone your skills, you can simply check these videos out.

Check These Golfing Websites Out!

To keep yourself updated on the latest tournaments, tips for golf, and what-not, you need to get your information from the right sources. The websites listed above are just that, so best bookmark them in your browser. That way, whenever you want to read about golf, they’ll be at your browser waiting.

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