Golf Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

Golf Instagram Accounts to Follow

The one thing we ought not to forget about golf is that it was invented to be enjoyed rather than stressed over. Here, I compiled a list of the best golf Instagram accounts that represent every aspect of the game. Sharpen your abilities by learning from the pros, having a laugh here and there, and keeping in mind that practically every golfer out there is a dedicated, albeit imperfect, amateur like the rest of us. 

14 Golf Instagram Accounts You Should Follow (if you aren’t already) 


Golf Digest Magazine (@golfdigest)

Golf Digest, the leading magazine for every kind of golf enthusiast, has been in publication since 1950.

Their Instagram account, currently with 1.3 million followers, regularly posts a combination of news about the most popular pros and up and comers in the game, funny sayings, and a healthy dose of golf memes.

They update their social media channel almost every day, so there’s always fresh content to see if you follow them.

They also post questions often to get feedback from their audience. You can take the time to answer queries, such as “My primary golf goal this summer is…” or “The era of golf I wish I could have seen is…”

These questions add an interactive touch to the account while allowing you to see and compare responses from a community of golf enthusiasts such as yourself.

Golf WRX (@golfwrx)

You will definitely enjoy the GolfWRX Instagram account if you’re into golf equipment. They run a “What’s in the Bag” series wherein you can catch a glimpse of the golf clubs currently being used by PGA Tour pros like Viktor Hovland, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, and others. Follow them if you also want to stay up to date on the latest golf club releases.

Patrick Koenig (@pjkoenig)

Patrick Koenig is a world-traveling golfer who refers to himself as a “local golf enthusiast” in his Instagram bio. 

His idyllic photos of golf courses from across the world appeal to both casual viewers and those who intend to visit these beautiful locations.

He has an unmistakable sense of humor and, based on the photos he can be seen in, doesn’t take himself too seriously. You might also want to check out his website, where he discusses his golfing adventures in greater detail.

There are also in-depth product reviews that you’ll find entertaining as they’re educational.

Golf Babes (@golfbabes)

If watching attractive women who hit the golf ball better than most people appeal to you, GolfBabes is an Instagram account you should follow. With nearly 377k followers and lots of content to pique your interest, you’ll be inspired to be better in your own game after watching these ladies hit a golf ball.

With 86.1k followers, this is the account to follow if you enjoy seeing the grandeur of golf courses throughout the world.

Its owner, Jon Cavalier, is a Philadelphia-based attorney who posts incredible photos, thanks to his desire to travel the world and play on some of the best courses.

If you can’t travel beyond your local golf course to play most of the time, you’ll be envious of all the locations Jon gets to play in.

Many of his photos on location feature his second favorite thing in the world, his dog Gracie. His bio reads, “golf photography by a golf obsessive,” a motto he certainly lives up to.

Indeed, his photos are amazing and will make you feel as if you’re on the course yourself!

Golf Gods (@golf_gods)

Golf Gods is another entertaining golf-themed Instagram account that’ll make you laugh every day.

This account has 568k followers and will appeal to any golfer who enjoyed the 1980 sports comedy film “Caddyshack.” The humor is rather raunchy and crude but definitely entertaining.

This golf Instagram account contains so much outrageous humor that you might wonder how they come up with it all.

They also run a website,, where they sell various silly yet cool golf products, such as golf balls and bags. There’s also a section for kids if you have a junior golfer in your life who will appreciate a fun present for any occasion. 

Beautiful Golf Courses (@beautifulgolfcourses)

With 131k followers, this is one of the most popular Instagram pages for your regular dose of “bucket list” golf courses.

This is a fantastic account with a plethora of stunning photos. You’ll be a happier golfer if you can set foot on at least a few in your lifetime.

They have been active for several years and feature some incredibly gorgeous golf courses all over, such as Las Vegas, Dubai, and the royal seat of the game itself — Scotland.

It’s always a treat to see where their next destination will be!

The Golfers Journal (@golfersjournal)

Another terrific golf Instagram account to follow is the Golfers Journal. Its creators publish a quarterly magazine that features a lot of excellent golf content for your perusal.

With 60.9k followers as of this writing, it’s a great source of tournament news, golf gear reviews, information about new courses, and pretty much everything else related to the game of golf.

They also have a ton of historical photos of the game, together with the people who made it popular. They’re one of the few accounts you’ll find that distinguishes their brand from all the others.

If you’re an avid golf fan, you should give them a follow!

Zac Blair (@zachary_blair)

Anyone who knows the son of Utah Golf Hall of Famer Jimmy Blair knows he plays more golf than probably everyone else. Zac Blair lives and breathes the game, seemingly playing it every day while posting a steady stream of content on his Instagram page. For the past few years, he has been working on his own golf club, “The Buck Club.” He also designs his own merchandise and hosts “The Ringer,” a semi-annual golf tournament. Following shoulder surgery in the autumn of 2020, he is now back as a regular on the PGA Tour.

PGA Memes (@pgamemes)

PGA Memes is one of the funniest and most entertaining golf Instagram accounts you’ll find worth following. They come up with hilarious golf memes and videos for your daily amusement. If you and your friends who also love golf enjoy exchanging funny golf content, this page will come in handy.

Golf Balled (@golfballed)

This golf Instagram account, established in 2012, incorporates a wide range of entertaining video content that showcases everything from inebriated golfers, unbelievable trick shots, to entertaining memes. As indicated on its bio, GolfBalled certainly tackles the social side of the game. Definitely one of the best golf-related Instagram accounts you should follow.

PGA Tour (@pgatour)

If you’re a fan of professional golf, it follows that you have to be a subscriber of the PGA Tour’s official Instagram account.

It regularly shares content to its 3.3 million followers with photos and video interviews of the top players on the competitive circuit.

They also post shots of stunning golf courses, funny golf videos and memes, and hilarious quotes by players while on the course.

Overall, it’s an entertaining account that will keep you engaged and updated with the current happenings on the PGA Tour.

Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) 

The person who takes the cake as the most popular golfer on social media may surprise you. It isn’t Rory, DJ, or even Tiger. As of September 2021, Paige Spiranac became the most followed professional golfer on Instagram with a whopping 3.2 million followers.

Her feed showcases different glamorous shots and selfies, with a bio that indicates herself as “Instagram’s original golf girl.”

Although she only played briefly as a professional, she became a successful influencer and media personality who’s on a mission to portray how fun golf can be while creating a positive impact in the world.  

Tiger Woods (@tigerwoods) 

Capping off our selection of the top golf Instagram accounts to follow isn’t just a single account, but a whole lot of them.

Instagram is a well-known platform that provides unbridled access to your favorite golfers on tour.

Having this kind of interaction is unprecedented, wherein fans are able to communicate directly with their favorite players and get to have a peek at not just their games but also their daily lives.

Are you on Team Tiger?  Maybe a fan of  Rory or perhaps Phil Mickelson or Dustin Johnson?

Anyone you follow on tour nowadays will most likely have an Instagram account. Some of the Instagram accounts of PGA tour players are as follows: 

  • @jonrahm
  • @collin_morikawa
  • @patrickcantlay
  • @viktor_hovland
  • @rorymcilroy
  • @scottie.scheffler
  • @justinthomas34
  • @xanderschauffele 
  • @djohnsonpga
  • @hidekimatsuyama1
  • @brysondechambeau

For us golf enthusiasts, there aren’t many days of the week when we don’t wish we could briefly forget about our responsibilities in the real world (work, school, errands) and get out on the course. Unfortunately, unless the day begins with S or the clock strikes 5 p.m., these duties usually take precedence over the game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your golf fix in other ways. I hope this list of golf Instagram accounts to follow did just that. 

Did I leave somebody off the list? Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your favorite golf Instagram account, and I’ll include it in my next post. Happy golfing! 

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