The 5 Most Popular Hybrids By Callaway

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Hybrid clubs are the perfect tools for those golfers who have difficulty handling long irons but would still want to achieve the same performance in any in-game situation. Hybrids come with high forgiveness ratings and a wider sweet spot than most golf clubs. All of these features translate to exceptional performance on the course even by those with double-digit handicaps.

Thanks to hybrids, golfers who experience difficulty using specific clubs to deal with certain terrains can see better performance in greens, slopes, roughs, and bunkers. Beginners can use these to learn the ropes of the sport quickly, while expert golfers can be a little more creative with their launches.

If you’re looking to buy a hybrid or two, here are the top 5 Callaway hybrids that you might want to consider.

Callaway Mavrik Hybrids

Without a doubt, the Mavrik Hybrids are the most popular of Callaway’s hybrid offerings. Callaway launched three new Mavrik Hybrid models on January 14, 2020. These are, namely, the Mavrik Pro, Mavrik Max, and the basic Mavrik Hybrid.

The Mavrik 2020 models were the first hybrids in Callaway’s product line to be designed using Artificial Intelligence. These hybrids also incorporate Callaway’s proprietary Jailbreak Technology to increase the club’s Coefficient of Restitution and transfer more energy to the ball upon impact. Combined with a low center of gravity and very high moments of inertia, these clubs output the best ball speeds and longest carry times yet from a Callaway hybrid.

Of the three models, the Mavrik Pro has the most compact profile and is most suited for touring professionals. The Mavrik Max has the largest clubface, while the basic Mavrik Hybrid inherits a mid-sized profile and the square toe from the Rogue Hybrid.

Big Bertha B21 Hybrids

The Big Bertha B21 hybrid is popular because of its very high forgiveness. It features one of the largest head volumes in all of Callaway’s hybrid club offerings.

These hybrids boast of carrying the Flash Face SS21 design, Callaway’s proprietary technology that ensures amazingly high speeds at launch. It doesn’t matter which part of the clubface makes an impact with the ball; the Bertha B21 guarantees a very long flight regardless of the point of contact. Callaway also made the club head’s crown out of light carbon steel for a more efficient energy transfer at launch.

The Bertha B21 hybrid assures golfers of not only a long carry distance but also an accurate trajectory. This is made possible thanks to the leading edge’s increased offset.

Epic Max Star Hybrids

The Epic Max Star combines fairway wood shaping with the Jailbreak AI Velocity blades to ensure accuracy, ease of launch, and consistent ball speeds. These blades allow for an optimal amount of flex on the Face Cups upon impact to enhance the ball’s backspin at launch.

These hybrids contain tungsten content in their lofts, precisely measured to attain an optimal center of gravity for improved balance on the downswing. The tungsten also enhances the club head’s moment of inertia, resulting in a hybrid with lots of forgiveness to give to high-handicap golfers.

Swing speed is very vital to attaining optimal launch speeds and longer flight distance. Callaway ensures these by adding ultra-lightweight ATTAS Speed Series hosel and shaft. Finally, the clubface carries the Flash Face SS21 A.I.-driven design for consistent speeds on both center and off-center launches.

Rogue ST Max OS Lite

These hybrids push the limits of the Jailbreak technology to break new boundaries. Instead of having the two frames at the center of the crown, Callaway has moved them further apart. They’re now located at the edges of the clubhead to create an unprecedented balance between rigidity and flexibility.

The redesigned Jailbreak framework in tandem with the AI-designed Face Cup to ensure high speeds and consistent backspin after launch. The distance between the two Jailbreak frames lets the Face Cup flex as much as it can while the frames themselves ensure a high COR upon impact. Aside from the Face Cup and Jailbreak frames, the Rogue ST Max OS Lite hybrids carry up to 24 grams of tungsten to provide an optimal center of gravity.

The Rogue ST Max OS Lite hybrids are perfect for players who have difficulties in generating sufficient swing speed. The clubs are made from extremely lightweight materials to help build the right body rhythm for maximum possible speed. The clubs’ heads are also wider than most models to ensure that there are no misses or mishits on the downswing.

Apex 21 Hybrids

Versatility is the name of the game for number four of the top 5 Callaway hybrids, the Apex 21 Hybrids. These clubs have a hosel that players can adjust to maximize their launch height as well as improve their overall control during the swing. Players can actually make these hybrids perform according to their preferences and handicap limits.

Like their iron counterparts, the club faces on the Apex 21 Hybrids have been designed with precision by artificial intelligence. The AI design combines with the Jailbreak A.I. Velocity framework to optimize the hybrid’s performance. The Velocity blades make the clubs stiffer near the sole, which increases the amount of speed generated in the lower portion of the clubhead.

Last but not least, the Apex 21 Hybrids have a lower center of gravity, thanks to carefully planned tungsten weighting. This low CG provides more forgiveness with every launch while optimizing backspin, trajectory, and ball speed.

Pick Your Hybrids Now!

Callaway hybrids have become very popular with both casual and touring golfers alike. It’s time to consider having a hybrid or two in your bag. They could be that game-changing tool you need to improve your performance and bring your handicap down a notch. These top 5 Callaway Hybrids certainly do not disappoint and are a worthy investment you can make towards improving your golf skills.

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