10 Un-FORE!-gettable Golf Gift Items for April Fool’s

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Are you tired of giving the same old gifts or beginner golf tips to your golfing pals this coming April Fool’s Day? If so, then boy do we have a treat for you!

Below are 10 wacky, gag items that can leave your friends laughing, scratching their heads, or even improving. So let’s stop talking about golf techniques for now and start checking out these merchs instead.

(WARNING: If your buddies are short-tempered, don your best running shoes before giving them these items. Then run away as fast as you can before they realize they’re being pranked.)

Key Takeaways

  • April Fool’s Day is a fun time not just to play golf, but also to give your pals some gag gifts.
  • By giving the right golf gag items to your buddies, you’ll make your day extra special.
  • Try giving your golf friends one of the items listed below.

Why You Suck at Golf (written by Clive Scarff)

Why You Suck at Golf written by Clive Scarff
Source: Amazon.com

Does your friend suck at golf? Then BOTH of you should shell out a few bucks to get Clive Scarff’s book!

Why You Suck at Golf lists 50 of the most most common mistakes golfers make while at the course. Written in a tongue-in-cheek style, it provides several beginner golf tips that can help you and your buddy gradually improve your gameplay.

Just make sure you give this to your pal AFTER the game. That way, you’ll already have won by then (unless you suck worse).

A Partridge on a Par Three (written by Clive Agran)

A Partridge on a Par Three written by Clive Agran
Source: Goodreads.com

The fictional Mortimer Merriweather is notorious for being the worst golfer ever, never winning any major tournament throughout his 60-year career. But instead of improving his game, Mortimer decided to vent his frustrations through a series of provocative, offensive, yet amusing letters.

A Partridge on a Par Three is a compilation of these letters, organized by his supposed golfing buddy Clive Agram. It’s a great read for golfers and non golfers alike. In his book review, Fergus Bisset from Golf Monthly noted that it offers a “rather alternative but highly amusing view on all things golf.”

But while also written by a man named Clive (this one claims to be Mortumer’s ), A Partridge on a Par Three is a completely different book from the one we mentioned earlier. So don’t expect to gain any golden beginner golf tips here.

Loftus Heads Down Tees

Loftus Heads Down Tees
Source: Amazon.com

Loftus Heads Down Tees are great if your golfing buddies are dirty-minded. These presence of someone’s hindsight stuck in the tees is more then enough to leave your friends on the ground laughing.

It’s also a great item to use if you want to play harmless golf pranks on your buddies during their tee shot. Just place these in their golf bags or golf cart (remove their usual tees). Then watch how they respond once they realized what you did!

Gugelives Emergency Portable Urinal

Gugelives Emergency Portable Urinal 2
Source: Amazon.com

Do you constantly need to pause your game because your friend constantly gets a call from nature? Get them the Gugelives Emergency Portable Urinal and they can do their business on the spot!

This handy device allows you and your buddies to discreetly relieve yourselves without having to leave the course or use the unsanitary restrooms. No more awkward squatting behind a tree or holding it in until the next hole!

The Gugelives Emergency Portable Urinal is also lightweight and easy to use. You can practically keep it in your golf bag and whip it out whenever the urge strikes. By getting this gag item, your golfing buddies will thank you for the convenience. And you’ll thank yourself for the peace of mind.

Intech Emoji #2 Golf Poop Putter

Intech Emoji 2 Golf Poop Putter
Source: Amazon.com

Golf is a game chock-full of unexpected twists and turns. So why not add a touch of humor to your buddies’ game by getting them the Intech Emoji #2 Golf Poop Putter?

Unlike other putters out there, this one features a hilarious poop emoji design on the head. But despite its unusual design, it’s quite a functional golf club. You can even try beginner golf tips with it.

Needless to say that this putter offers a great way to lighten the mood on the course and make everyone smile, even on the worst of days. Who knows, maybe the comical design will even help improve someone’s backswing!

Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game

Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game
Source: Amazon.com

The Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game combines two of your buddies’ favorite things: golfing and drinking. With each swing or miss of the club, players have the chance to earn points or take drinks. This makes for a lively and entertaining round of golf.

With 6 shot glasses and a mini putting green included, this game is ready to play right out of the box. So whether you’re looking to spice up your regular golf game or just have a good time with your buddies, the Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game is the perfect gift to give this April Fool’s Day. Just make sure to bring your designated driver along for the ride!

Fore! On-Course Drinking Game

Fore On Course Drinking Game
Source: Amazon.com

What better way to celegrate April Fool’s Day than to get your buddies the Fore! On-Course Drinking Game? This hilarious game is perfect for spicing up your golf game with some friendly competition and a bit of alcohol.

Each shot taken on the course comes with its own set of rules, including sips, shots, and even passing your drink to another player. The game is designed to keep you laughing and having fun from tee to green, all while enjoying your favorite beverages.

And with a convenient carry bag included, you can take the Fore! On-Course Drinking Game with you wherever you go. Just remember to drink responsibly and keep your eye on the golf ball!

3D Golf Ball Breaking Glass Sticker

3D Golf Ball Breaking Glass Sticker
Source: Amazon.com

The 3D Golf Ball Breaking Glass Sticker is designed to give the illusion of a golf ball breaking through a glass surface. This creates a hilarious and unexpected moment for your golfing buddies.

Simply stick the sticker onto any smooth surface, such as a window or golf cart windshield. Then watch your friends’ reactions change from shock to laughter. Best have your camera ready for good measure!

Stormtrooper Golf Ball Stamp

Stormtrooper Golf Ball Stamp
Source: Amazon.com

Gain an edge over your golfing buddies and ruin their aim by getting them the Stormtrooper Golf Ball Stamp. This hilarious stamp allows you to imprint the iconic Stormtrooper helmet onto any golf ball, making for a unique and fun addition to your buddies’ golf accessories.

Whether they’re Star Wars fans or you just want them laughing, this gift item is sure to be a hit on the course. And with its easy-to-use design, you can stamp your ball in seconds and get back to your game.

So if you want to add some intergalactic humor to your next round of golf, don’t hesitate to give your buddies the Stormtrooper Golf Ball Stamp this April Fool’s Day. Oh, and may the Force be with you!

Exploding Golf Balls

Shanker Exploding Golf Balls
Source: Amazon.com

Last but definitely not least, this blog woudln’t be complete if we don’t mention the classic exploding golf ball.

These prank balls look and feel like real golf balls. But once struck with a club, they explode into a cloud of white powder, leaving your buddies surprised and entertained.

Needless to say that it’s the perfect way to add a little humor to your next round of golf. And with their realistic appearance, your buddies will never see it coming. Just make sure to use them in a safe and open area, away from people and buildings. And make sure you let everybody in on the joke after the explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy a golfer as a gift?

You can buy a golfer a variety of gifts, such as golf balls, golf clubs, golf accessories, or even a golfing experience. The best gift will depend on the golfer’s preferences and level of experience.

What to get someone who wants to learn beginner golf tips?

If someone wants to start golfing, you can get them a beginner’s golf club set or golf lessons to help them learn the basics. Another good option is a golfing book or video to provide them with helpful tips and techniques.

What to buy dad golf?

If you’re looking to buy your dad a golf-related gift, you can consider a personalized golf ball set or a golf accessory, such as a golf bag or gloves. Another great option is a golfing experience, such as a round of golf at a prestigious golf course or a golf lesson with a pro.

What are the prizes for golf day?

The prizes for golf day can vary depending on the event, but common prizes include golf-related merchandise such as golf clubs, bags, balls, or gift certificates for golf lessons or pro shop merchandise. Some events may also offer non-golf-related prizes such as vacations or electronics.

Have Fun at the Golf Course This April Fool’s Day

Between the exploding golf ball and the drinking game, each of these gag items are designed for golfers who want to share a few laughs. Get these for your pals, and you’ll be the talk of the golf course for weeks to come.

So make your April Fool’s day game more memorable by sending these items to your buddies. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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