Let’s Golf Better’s Top 10 Most Recommended Golf Club Bags

best golf club bags

Choosing the best golf club bags is just as important as picking clubs, apparel, and other golfing accessories. With the right golf club bag, you’ll keep your precious putters, drivers, and irons organized, protected, and ready for use. Additionally, most golf bags these days come with several sidepockets for your phones, car keys, and personal effects. Lastly, a golf club bag can make you look and feel better, especially if the bag you buy compliments your fashion and style. So if you’re out looking for a good golf bag, better take your shopping seriously.

That being said, here is a simple guide from yours truly to help you know what to look for when buying golf club bags. Also included is a list of the best golf club bags recommended by let’s Golf Better. Buckle up and let’s go!

What to Look for In a Golf Club Bags

Looking for the best golf club bags can feel overwhelming, especially for new golfers. So to make your life easier, here are ten technical factors you need to focus on when shopping for the best bag for you:


There are several types of golf club bags currently available at the market today. These include:

  • Tour Bags

Sometimes called staff bags, this golf bag has the most amount of pockets, dividers, and storage. Due to this, as well as the fact that they’re bigger and luxurious looking, it’s the go-to bag for many professional golfers.

  • Cart Bags

Cart bags are great for golfers who own golf carts. Most of these bags come with bases that can be easily attached to a compartment in the cart, allowing you to securely drive your clubs around the course.

  • Stand Bags

For a bulky bag, stand bags are considerably light and versatile. But its most notable quirk lies in its base, which is designed in such a way that it allows the bag to stand upright, keeping your clubs accessible and ready. As if that’s not enough, some bags come with legs to keep it standing.

  • Pencil Bags

Also known as Sunday bags, pencil bags are the smallest type of golf club bag available today. Lightweight and portable, they’re great if you want to bring only a few clubs. Golfers usually bring them to the course whenever they want to practice or try out a newly bought club.

  • Travel Bags

Travel bags are great if you want to keep your clubs safe while traveling to distant courses. Made from harder and heavier material, they can protect your clubs from scratches and damages more effectively, especially if you’re checking them in at airports.


The best golf club bags vary widely in space and size, depending on the design and model. Obviously, bigger golf club bags like travel bags, tour bags, and cart bags come with more space (excluding pockets and other features), allowing it to hold a full set of clubs easily. Meanwhile, smaller golf bags like pencil bags and stand bags can hold less clubs, although they’ll still have enough space and pockets for your golf balls and other small accessories.


Golf club bags also vary in weight depending on the type, build, and design. Basically, the bigger the golf bag is, the heavier it will probably be. Bigger golf club bags usually weigh around 12 pounds, while smaller ones can be as light as 3 pounds.


Dividers are an essential part of a golf club bag. Not only will it help keep your clubs organized, but it will also prevent them from clanking against each other (thus reducing noise). Plus, dividers make grabbing the clubs much easier.

Dividers range from 1 to 15, which refers to the number of compartments. For example, 4-way dividers split the space within the golf bag by four, while 14-way dividers provide 14 openings. It’s up to you to pick how many dividers you want in your golf bag. If your bag lacks any dividers, then you can simply have a few added as preferred.

Additionally, you should check if the dividers are full-length, meaning they extend all the way to the bottom of the bag. This will prevent your clubs from getting tangled with each other, which will spare you from wasted time and needless frustration.


Most of the best golf club bags today feature pockets with specific uses. These add versatility to the bag, enabling you to organize your clubs, balls, and accessories, as well as keep you comfortable during a game. For example, some bags have insulated cooler pockets that allow you to tuck in your drinks, keeping it cold even as you play. Most bags also come with pockets for smartphones, car keys, and other small personal effects. Whichever bag you pick, make sure they have enough pockets to accommodate your golfing accessories and other stuff (i.e., umbrella, towels, etc).


Usually found on stand bags, legs allow your golf club bags to stay upright during a game, allowing you to easily access your clubs whenever you need them. This bag part is usually made from sturdy materials like fiberglass, graphite, and plastic. Metal legs used to be a thing, and some bags still feature it on many stores. Either way, if you decide to buy a stand bag or get new legs for the one you already have, make sure the legs are tough enough to keep your bag standing even when fully loaded.


Having a good, comfortable strap for a golf club bag (especially for a carry bag) is important for several reasons. Aside from reducing the strain on our shoulders, it will make the golf bag easier to carry, allowing you to move to and fro the course as smoothly as possible. So make sure the bags you pick have decent straps. Check if it has proper support and padding, and make sure it’s made from durable materials. That way, you’ll ensure your comfort and keep the strap for a long time.


You can determine a golf club bag’s structural soundness by checking its stitching. As a general rule of thumb, you should only consider buying bags that have good stitching. That way, you can avoid experiencing any bag-related mishaps while you play golf. For starters, check the density and strength of the stitches on the bag; these will help you tell if the bag is properly made.

Also, some manufacturers use lock or loop stitching, which helps prevent the entire bag from falling apart in case one stitch gets damaged. Check if the bag has those as well. Finally, check if the bag has double stitching on its top and bottom cuffs.


Among its many components, a golf bag’s zippers are usually the first ones to give out. That’s because they often get mishandled by the golfer. So while you shop for a new golf club bag, make sure the one you pick has good zippers. Both metal and plastic zippers are great (though metal zippers are more durable). Also check if there are pull-tabs attached to the zippers; this will make them easier to grab and pull. And check if the zippers come with storm flaps that protect them against harsh weather.


They may not look like much, but hooks allow you to optimize your golf bags even further. For one thing, they can help you save space in your bags. You can clasp things like towels, keys, and others on it, leaving the space inside your bag for other accessories. Moreover, hooks double up as a peg, which you can use to attach to a wall. This will keep you golf bag off the ground, preventing it from getting dirty.

10 Best Golf Club Bags to Buy

So now that you know what to watch out for when looking for the best golf club bags, time to check out what the stores have to offer. The following list features two for each of the five different types of golf bags we know today.

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

best golf club bags
Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

Offering comfort, stability, and loads of storage, the Ping Hoofer Stand Bag is definitely one of the best golf club bags out there. Suitable for all golfers regardless of age or skill level, it will help you keep your clubs and accessories organized and ready, allowing you to focus on your gameplay. However, this bag is not waterproof, meaning it (and your clubs) will get wet during rainy seasons. Nor is it light, so dragging it around the course might be a tad challenging.

Zero Friction Stand Bag

Zero Friction Stand Bag 2
Zero Friction Stand Bag 2

Despite being lesser known than other golfing brands, Zero Friction is one of the best makers of high quality, technologically-advanced golfing products in the world. The Zero Friction Stand Bag serves as a testament to this. Weight less than 5 pounds, it’s one of the lightest golf bags you could get. It’s also quite spacious, featuring a six-way compartment with full-length dividers, as well as seven pockets to store accessories like gloves, water bottles, and scorecards.

TaylorMade Deluxe Cart Bag

Taylormade Deluxe Cart Bag
TaylorMade Deluxe Cart Bag

TaylorMade’s Deluxe Cart Bag is excellent for golfers of all ages or skill level, largely due to its amazing features. For instance, it has a 15-way main compartment with full-length dividers, ensuring your clubs don’t move around too much while inside it. Additionally, the bag sports 10 pockets where you can store your smaller accessories, including your balls, coolers, and phones. To top it off, the outer layer of the bag is mostly made from premium polyurethane leather, ensuring your clubs and accessories stay dry and cozy even during rainy games.

Powakaddy Premium Cart Bag

Powakaddy Premium Cart Bag
Powakaddy Premium Cart Bag

Being a best-selling electric golf trolley brand, Powakaddy has served customers from up to 50 countries worldwide. So you shouldn’t be surprised that they have experience when it comes to golf cart bags, too. Powakaddy’s Premium Cart Bag is one of their flagship bags. Made to fit in Powakaddy trolleys, it can help keep your clubs nearby and ready even while you’re playing on the roughest terrain. Aside from its 14-way compartment and 9 pockets, this product is made from polyurethane leather and vinyl, keeping it waterproof and sleek-looking.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

Titleist Premium Carry Bag
Titleist Premium Carry Bag

Extremely light and comfortable to carry, Titleist’s Premium Carry Bag is specially made so that golfers can enjoy a quick game with just a half set. While it doesn’t have enough space for 14 golf clubs, it can still accommodate important things like your jacket, golf balls, and personal effects. This bag’s pièce de résistance is its ergonomically designed double strap, which reduces the strain on your shoulders while you carry it. And unique among carry bags, it comes with a set of mini legs that can keep it upright while you play.

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag
Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag

Similarly, the Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag offers you a light and comfortable bag where you can safely tuck in some of your favorite clubs for a quick game. At just over 1kg, it’s one of the lightest pencil bags you could ever find. Like many of the other bags on this list, its three-way main compartment comes with full-length dividers to keep your clubs separate and still. It also has three pockets for your smaller golfing accessories and personal effects. But more importantly, it has a double strap that’s comfortable and water-proof.

Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series

Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series 2
Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series 2

The Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series is arguably the best golf travel bag out there. As the second biggest bag in the ClubGlider series (right behind the ClubGlider Pro), it can easily accommodate cart and stand bags alongside the clubs and accessories they contain. In spite of its size, this bag is extremely maneuverable, featuring a pair of wheels on its base and another in its midsection (complete with mini legs). The only downside is that it’s one of the heaviest bags you can ever have, largely thanks to its bulky size.

Ogio Mutant Travel Bag

Ogio Mutant Travel Bag
Ogio Mutant Travel Bag

But if you want a sturdier golf travel bag, the Ogio Mutant Travel Bag might be the one you’re looking for. Featuring a stronger spine, a reinforced base, and a set extra paddings, it can keep your clubs safe even if the airport staff ends up mishandling your luggages. What’s more, it’s very spacious, allowing you to easily fit in your tour and stand bags. And to top it off, the bag comes with a set of oversized wheels for improved maneuverability. 

Mizuno Tour Staff Bag

Mizuno Tour Staff Bag
Mizuno Tour Staff Bag

Mizuno’s Tour Staff Bag is one of their best, with many of Mizuno’s golfer endorsers using it to keep their clubs safe, organized, and ready. Durable, functional, and stylish, this bag features a 6-way compartment and 11 pockets for your clubs, golfing accessories, and personal effects. It also comes with a series of handles that make it easier to carry. And like other Mizuno bags, the Tour Staff Bag features the brand’s iconic looks and logo.

Cobra Tour Staff Bag 2022

Cobra Tour Staff Bag 2022
Cobra Tour Staff Bag 2022

Finally, there’s the Cobra Tour Staff Bag 2022. With its oversized pockets, premium quality materials, and comfortable straps, Cobra definitely pulled all the stops on this bag. It’s 6-way top comes with full length dividers, allowing you to place your clubs inside without worrying about them getting tangled or scratched. Meanwhile, the oversized pockets enable you to tuck in small and medium-sized accessories and personal effects. Then there’s its straps, which are made from premium materials to keep you comfortable while carrying the bag.

Other Things to Know When Buying Golf Club Bags

Aside from the technical details mentioned above, there are three other factors to consider before buying golf club bags. Though not as important as the ones above, knowing these things will still help you find the best golf club bags for you. These are:


Some of the best golf club bags out there can fetch as high as $400. However, you can also find a decent bag for around $120 to $150. In some cases, you can even buy one for as low as $90. Either way, make sure you stay within a set budget whenever you’re out buying a new golf bag.


These days, there are numerous golfing brands out there vying with each other for your attention. If you want to play it safe, then best go for bags made by well-known brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, and Cobra. However, as seen in the list above, some of the best golf club bags out there are made by obscure manufacturers. So if you can, check those out as well.


Finally, your golf bags must be big enough to completely cover all your clubs. This helps prevent them from getting damaged or weathered. Luckily, most bags these days are big enough to contain long clubs, even custom-made ones.

Get the Best Golf Club Bags for Your Clubs

Whether you’ve just started playing golf or have been swinging for a long time, you need the best golf club bags for your clubs. So learn what you need to look for above, and try getting the ten bags we recommend.

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