When it comes to golf, you need to be careful when choosing equipment. Pick the wrong ones, and you might end up losing your games and making a fool of yourself. But combine the right set, shaft length, and other features, and you’ll see yourself swinging like a pro! And while quality golf clubs aren’t cheap, they will still help you save money in the long run.

Now with so many golf clubs out there, you might have a hard time picking the best ones for you. And as a beginner, you might not even know which types of clubs to have in your first set! So to make your life easier, start with the items listed below.

Equipment Brands

With its slender, innovative design, Titleist clubs are favored by many low and mid handicappers. Notable for their irons and putters, they offer great precision and distance. Their clubs also include Scotty Cameron products, making it one of the brands with the highest collection of clubs.
Callaway offers the best drivers, fairway woods, and irons for the everyday, average golfer. Using state-of-the-art technology, their clubs are notable for providing maximum forgiveness and distance. Aside from clubs, they also make balls, bags, apparel, and other accessories.
taylor made 2

There are many reasons to consider adding TaylorMade clubs to your set. For one thing, it’s Tiger Woods’ go-to brand. It’s also the first golf club maker to offer woods made from metal. So if you want the best drivers and fairway woods money can buy, no other brand coils compare.

Great for any golfer regardless of handicap level, Cleveland clubs are ideal for short games. This brand produces some of the best wedges you’ll ever find. From chipping, to pitching, and up to making shots within the green, they allow you better control of your swings.
cobra 2
Cobra has come a long way since the company was established by Thomas Crow in 1973. It has since evolved into one of the best producers of hybrid golf clubs, offering you the benefits of woods and irons in one go. And thanks to its partnership with Puma, it’s also a great brand for many golfing apparel and accessories.
wilson 2
If you’re a budget-conscious high handicapper, then you should definitely check Wilson out. Wilson has been producing golf clubs, balls, bags, and other accessories since the early days of the sport. In fact, many of their clubs were designed thanks to Walter Hagen, one of the most iconic pioneer golfers of all time.
honma 2

Honma might not be as well-known as other brands on this list, but their clubs are still a force to be reckoned with. Elegant, affordable, and lightweight, their drivers allow you to get your balls off the tee quite effortlessly. Most Honma clubs also sport non-rotational sleeves, maximizing shaft performance in the process.

ping 2
But in terms of quality, few brands can match Ping. Known for its innovative fitting technology, they’ll give you clubs customized based on your height to ensure optimal performance at the course. And if you really want a fantastic putter to sink your hole, you won’t find better alternatives to Ping’s collection.