Best TaylorMade Putters on the Market

The best Taylormade putters help boost your confidence on the course

TaylorMade putters are being used by some of the world’s finest players, including Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Collin Morikawa, so the success of the brand shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not to mention, those players aren’t known to take their equipment configurations lightly. Thus, it’s safe to say that the brand produces some of the best putters in the industry.

What may be surprising for others is the variety in the brand’s line of putters — with shapes, styles, and colors to suit both your eye and your putting strokes. There’s something for everyone.

We’ve compiled a list of the best TaylorMade putters currently on the market:

Taylormade Spider GT Rollback

Taylormade Spider GT RB
Taylormade Spider GT RB


  • Consistent Roll and Topspin

TaylorMade’s Tour-proven face inserts have evolved yet again with Pure Roll. It’s created using a solid TPU urethane material and has silver aluminum bars with a 45° orientation to ensure a consistent roll every time.

  • Rollback Top Design

The rollback top design is the defining feature of the Spider GT Rollback. It allows you to center the golf ball at address with ease and includes an alignment tool to help you visualize the path to the hole. 

Overall, the GT Rollback is intended to inspire confidence, with two distinct finishes to provide further aid with alignment.

  • Perimeter Weighted for Stability and Forgiveness

This is the first in the Spider series to feature an 80g tungsten rollbar. The added weight, placed around the perimeter of the putter, is intended to generate more forgiveness and stability, allowing the Spider GT Rollback to remain highly stable even on off-center shots. 

Forgiving, especially on off-center hitsFeels lighter, compared to other GT models
Excellent alignment lines
Generously large head size

Brief Description

The TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback putter offers a lot of forgiveness in a more traditionally shaped head.  While the Spider GT incorporates the stability consistent with the Spider franchise into a sleeker head design, its 2022 counterpart, the Spider GT Rollback, goes a step further by employing a classic mid-mallet shape. Thanks to its multi-material construction, the Spider GT Rollback sets a high benchmark for forgiveness in terms of performance.

Overall, TaylorMade has packed all of the Spider’s outstanding stability into a conventional mid-mallet design through a creative combination of multiple metals. The Spider GT Rollback enables golfers to have a comfortable address look and soft feel without sacrificing forgiveness or improvements in the roll.

Taylormade Spider GT Notchback

TaylorMade Spider GT Putter NB
TaylorMade Spider GT Putter NB


  • Fluted Feel™ Shaft

A specially designed stability putter shaft with a softer area located 5″ from the tip that’s aimed to improve feel, enhance stability, and tighten dispersion.

  • Pure Roll² Insert 

The new sturdier co-molded insert is made of black TPU urethane, and silver aluminum beams at a 45° angle to produce improved topspin throughout the face.

  • Dual Tungsten Weights

For the first time, Taylormade incorporated heavy tungsten stability bars (172g in total), strategically wrapped around the back and side of the putter for maximum forgiveness and stability. 

  • Classic Shape with Multi-Material Design

Notchback is the most conventional-looking member of the new Spider family. A lightweight 6061 aluminum body works seamlessly with sturdy dual-tungsten weights on the outer (heel-toe) for added stability, forgiveness, and distance control.

Outstanding stability Has a pretty thick topline
More prominent head for added forgiveness
Excellent feel from the Pure Roll² insert

Brief Description

The Spider GT Notchback is among the new Taylormade putters under the Spider series for 2002. It combines traditional design with modern construction to deliver “stability from all angles.” 

The design of the Notchback is nearly identical to the TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback, except for a notch section in the rear of the putter, hence its name. This shifts weight to the putter’s edges, where 86 grams of tungsten sit in each bar surrounding the heel and toe.

The Spider GT Notchback suits all players, especially those who struggle with alignment and consistency. The tungsten stability bars help keep the face square, thus increasing your shots’ chances of making it to the hole, even your off-center hits. 

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Taylormade Spider S Platinum Single Bend

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Single Bend
TaylorMade Spider S Putter Single Bend


  • Spider Stability

Taylormade engineers utilized high-grade aluminum and tungsten weighting in a design that prioritizes stability and forgiveness.

  • White True Path™

The new topline white arrow design lets players center the golf ball. The width of the white True Path is the same as that of a golf ball. Using the science of white, the most reflective color, the human eye can clearly see the course of both the stroke and the ball.

  • Fluted Feel™ Shaft

A newly developed putter shaft with a softer segment located 5″ from the tip is intended to improve feel, boost stability, and tighten dispersion. 

  • Pure Roll™ Insert

A thicker Pure Roll insert creates improved sound and feel, while 45° grooves increase topspin to assist the ball start and stay on its intended path.

  • Multi-material Construction

The combination of machine-milled 6061 aluminum and strategically installed tungsten weighting provide exceptional stability for consistent rolls throughout the face.

  • Tungsten Weight Bar and Steel Sole Weights 

To deliver a precise swing weight, a tungsten weight bar at the backend of the putter is adjusted for each shaft length. Sturdy 43g steel cast-in sole weights are strategically placed for stability.

Premium quality and exceptional feel Putter shape doesn’t suit everyone
Topnotch forgivenessPremium quality commands a premium price
Straightforward to align 

Brief Description

The Spider S is among the best Taylormade putters because of the way its design raises the bar on forgiveness. As with the original, you can hit the ball practically anywhere on the face and have it perform similar to a centered strike.

Additionally, the Spider S Platinum swings easily. Even though it’s the farthest from the gamer style as you can go, you’ll feel at ease with the Spider S at all ranges.

Finally, it features a Super Stroke GTR 1.0 grip. With a tiny pistol shape at the butt, this grip is comparable in size to most medium-sized grips. It also comes in a taper-free design, as do other Super Stroke grips, to maintain consistent grip pressure throughout.

Thanks to the availability of new neck options, the Spider S platinum is now playable for a broader range of golfers. 

Taylormade Spider X

TaylorMade Spider X Putter
TaylorMade Spider X Putter


  • Enhanced Stability 

Spider X combines a sturdy (320g) steel frame with a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole to deliver exceptional perimeter weighting in a more streamlined design.

  • Improved Pure Roll Insert

The thicker Pure Roll insert improves sound and feel while the 45° grooves increase topspin to ensure the ball starts and stays on its intended line.

  • The X Philosophy

By reengineering the mass attributes of the head and integrating a new optically engineered True Path™ alignment mechanism, the Spider X putter revolutionizes how Taylormade achieves optimal stability and alignment.

  • True-Path Alignment

Taylormade’s True Path alignment has been optically developed to aid you in visualizing your intended target line for greater putting accuracy.

  • A Golfer’s X-Factor 

The top putter model on the PGA TOUR just got better. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Spider putters, Taylormade built upon every technology and design to develop Spider X—completely redesigned and optically engineered to deliver more stability and a redefined approach to alignment.

Contemporary mallet design with excellent stability upon impactOversized clubhead can take a bit of time to get used to
Vibration-dampening club head 
High MoI and large SuperStroke grip 

Brief Description

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter is an excellent choice for golfers who have a straight back and straight-through putting stroke. When using a larger modern mallet such as this, ensure your putting stroke isn’t an arc style.

Upon impact, the Spider X  keeps the clubface stable and square. As a result, it’s significantly more challenging to open and close the face as part of an arc putting stroke.

Additionally, the golfers who benefit the most from the Spider X are those who require help with their alignment. Due to the alignment lines, some may find it challenging to line up a golf ball to head towards the hole. Fortunately, the alignment lines on the Spider X are longer and easier to visualize because of how it’s designed.

Taylormade Spider FCG

Spider FCG Putter
Spider FCG Putter


  • Forward Center of Gravity

The front-loaded weight provides the advantages of a high MOI mallet, especially if you’re a golfer with an arced putting stroke

  • Aged Copper Pure Roll™ Insert

A 25g Aged Copper Pure Roll insert improves forward CG performance. Additionally, 45° grooves enhance forward roll and increase topspin on different surfaces

  • Heel and Toe Tungsten Weighting

Heavy tungsten sole weights are strategically placed in the heel and toe to optimize perimeter weighting for greater stability.

  • T-Sightline True Path™ Alignment

The innovative T-Sightline with True Path™ enables perpendicular alignment and delivers optics that allow you to aim with the front edge and the vertical line.

  • Adjustable Sole Weights 

This feature allows golfers to tailor-fit their performance and feel to achieve desired swing weights at various putter lengths.

Grip size is comfortable and slender; provides decent feedbackFirm feel may not go well with a firmer-feeling golf ball
Superb alignment aid designIsn’t as forgiving as a mallet putter
Effortless to align, feels solid and stable, and should help you improve your consistency from long-rangeSome golfers may find the associated price tag to be too steep

Brief Description

The TaylorMade Spider FCG boasts a clean, contemporary look. While the Spider X has a more futuristic appearance, the FCG is sleek and appears to be more compact. The black Superstroke Pistol 1.0 PT grip and black KBS CT Tour shaft complement the putter head’s black/white/copper shades, giving the Spider FCG a high-end appearance.

TaylorMade achieved the Spider FCG’s exceptional forgiveness by increasing the MOI with tungsten weights in the heel and toe. They shifted two-thirds of the head weight to the front portion of the putter to achieve the trademark front center of gravity.

Overall, the Spider FCG is indeed among the best Taylormade putters and a wonderful addition to the brand’s already formidable putter range. The visual appeal and blade-like feel create an excellent first impression, but the exquisite roll and forgiveness will likely capture your attention.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How Long is the Warranty of Taylormade Clubs? 

The answer depends on the date the product was introduced. For items with a consumer introduction date prior to November 10, 2006, the Taylormade warranty covers clubs purchased by the original consumer for five years from the date of introduction or two years from the date of purchase with the original receipt from an authorized dealer.

Meanwhile, for products with a consumer launch date on or after November 10, 2006, the Taylormade warranty covers clubs purchased by the original customer with the original receipt from an authorized dealer for two years from the date of purchase.

For your reference, you can also find the Consumer introduction dates of your clubs on the Taylormade website.

What Would Void the Warranty on my Taylormade Clubs? 

Taylormade’s warranty covers clubs with all original components. Any club’s warranty becomes void if unconventional adjustments are made aftermarket or outside the manufacturer’s factory. It’s entirely up to the manufacturer to evaluate whether any conventional adjustments caused any damage to the club.

Does Taylormade Recognize Player Hole-in-Ones? 

Taylormade will be glad to send you a congratulatory acknowledgment for your hole-in-one using their products. You just need to get in touch with them and provide your information,  including:

  • Your name and address
  • Where you usually play  (Private CC, Public Course, Resort Course, etc.)
  • How many rounds of golf do you play each month during the season? (usually 0-1, 3-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8 or more)
  • Handicap
  • Name of the course, city, and state where your hole-in-one took place
  • Hole number
  • Par of the Hole
  • Hole yardage
  • Taylormade products you used (driver, fairway, irons, ball, etc.)

Once you have this information, you can contact Taylormade on their online contact form or call their Customer Service hotline on their website. 

Key Takeaways

Much like their irons, Taylormade putters can’t be overlooked. In fact, it’s fairly hard to see a grouping on the PGA and LPGA tours without one. 

While TaylorMade Golf creates a putter head for every style preference, the Spider series made the biggest impression on Tour. As they continue to innovate and introduce new technologies into Spider putters yearly, you can be sure this putter style isn’t going away anytime soon. Spider putters have an appealing appearance at address, an easy alignment mechanism, and an unrivaled sense of stability.

Now, ball contact is smoother than ever, no matter which insert you use. You’ll always feel like your ball is going down your line – exactly the confidence you’ll need to sink more putts, and the best TaylorMade putters will be there to help you every step of the way.

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