The 5 Best Odyssey Putters by Callaway

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The Odyssey putters by Callaway might be the least understood of all tools in golf. Most players tend to focus on long clubs, for good reason. Mastering your long-range clubs is the key to reaching the green in as few moves as possible. Generally, clubs that can launch balls at very long distances are ideal. They bring you close to the hole as fast as you would want.

That doesn’t mean Odyssey putters by Callaway should be taken for granted. Putting is a science on its own. It’s basically the opposite of using long clubs. Puts need to be low and slow. Launch the ball any higher or faster, and it will overshoot the hole. Hit it any harder and the ball could lip out. Choosing the right putter is essential to attaining this kind of control.

Callaway has many great putters in its arsenal under its Odyssey line. Here are five of the best Odyssey putters by Callaway.

Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined CS Putter

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined CS Putter features the company’s legendary Stroke Lab weight redistribution technology. Much of the putter’s weight is spread evenly throughout the shaft and grip, immensely improving control and accuracy. Control is further enhanced by the putter’s forward center of gravity.

These Odyssey putters take over from the equally successful Ten family of putters. The Eleven inherits the high Moment of Inertia that made the Ten a darling among golfers of all levels. It also has a TPU sole insert, a very lightweight material that has almost no perceptible effect on the head’s weight.

The Tour Lined CS Putter of the Eleven series is perfect for players who compete but would also like to enjoy high forgiveness and an exceptional feel.

Tri-Hot 5k One

Odyssey claims to have reinvented a new class of blade putters with the Tri-Hot 5K One. Indeed, the company has created new ways to combine materials like tungsten, 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and stainless steel to break new grounds in performance.

First, the toe and heel sections of the clubface contain over 120 grams of tungsten. Together with a forward-positioned center of gravity, the tungsten content helps to maintain accuracy in the ball’s forward motion after impact. The clubface also has a very high moment of inertia – 5,000 IZZ – to keep the blade from twisting in mid-swing. The stainless steel construction also helps in ensuring accuracy even in off-center shots.

With its enhanced accuracy and increased forgiveness, the Tri-Hot 5K One belongs in the bag of any golf player with high handicap ratings. It could also be at home in the hands of a touring professional looking to simplify his putting.

Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide Putter

The classic White Hot insert that’s well-loved by tour professionals is back in the Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide Putter. The technology combines flexibility and firmness into a package that guarantees the accuracy, and an exceptional sound and feel.

The 2-part urethane insert in the putter head is very malleable upon impact, yet firm to the touch. This feature helps golfers prevent excessive energy transfer and ball overshoots. The forward center of gravity also ensures total control over every swing.

Last but not least, the classic pistol grip in the Odyssey White OG Double Wide putter adds further control and enhances comfort.

The White OG Double Wide putter is right at home in the hands of any golfer who seeks to improve their putting capabilities with the aid of a tried and tested technology.

Toulon Design San Diego Putter

There are three reasons why golfers will love the Toulon Design San Diego Putter. These would be the Stroke Lab shaft engineering, the Diamond Groove mill pattern on the face, and the Adjustable Weighting System.

Odyssey’s Stroke Lab engineering distributes weight in the shaft to make it lighter and easier to control. The shaft itself bears about 20% of the weight, while the rest is distributed between the head and the grip. This allocation immensely improves the control and consistency in each stroke to ensure satisfactory player performance every time.

On the other hand, the Diamond Groove equips the clubface with deep grooves that absorb vibration and energy. What results is excellent feel and sound, coupled with accurate ball roll.

Finally, the Adjustable Weighting System further improves the effects of the Stroke Lab weight distribution. Players can adjust the club’s resistance to twisting to maximize the transfer of energy and control.

2-Ball Ten Arm Lock Putter

Golfers who find it difficult to cope with the ban on anchored putting will want to have the 2-Ball Ten Arm Lock Putter from Odyssey. This member of the beloved Ten family of golf putters Odyssey has proven itself a worthy alternative, combining the beneficial features of anchoring putters with innovative Odyssey technology.

The loft, or the angle at which the clubface is raised against the ground, is vital to the distance the ball will travel. With the 7-degree angle in the 2-Ball Ten Arm Lock Putter’s loft, you have greater chances of sending the ball as far as you want with each hit. This putter also simulates an anchored putter by allowing the lengthy shaft to rest the golfer’s left arm.

Performance is a priority for Odyssey. The weight screws in the sole of the putter can be adjusted to conform to each individual player’s playing style. No matter how a player puts, this putter will remain stable.

Pick Your Putter Now

Now would be a great time to take your pick from these five Odyssey putters from Callaway. One of these five may be the magic tool that you need to raise your performance level in putting. What’s certain, however, is that none of these five Odyssey putters will disappoint you in the green.

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