Noodle Golf Ball Review: TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls Review

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In this Noodle Golf Ball review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the defining features of the golf ball that the average golfer and us here at Lets Golf Better unanimously agree is special. 

The golf ball you use to play has a significant impact on how well you perform on the course. Yes, your clubs, grip, and swing technique are equally essential, but you still won’t get the results you’re after if you don’t have the best golf balls. 

The golf ball you use affects your yardage as well as the amount of distance, curve, draw, spin, and fade you get from your shots.

There are several golf ball options available in the market to accommodate golfers of every handicap, swing speed, and skill. One of the most well-known, that’s no longer classified in the premium category, is the Taylormade Noodle Golf Balls. 

Although that’s the case, you can still expect a box of TaylorMade Noodle golf balls to be of the finest quality, and the best part is that they can be yours at a very affordable price. It’ll be a mistake to consider them as average golf balls. They are designed using proprietary technology, softer compression, and 342 aerodynamically designed dimples to ensure quality and consistent performance.

Key Takeaways

  • The golf ball you’ll bring to your game will have a significant impact on how well you perform.
  • The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Ball is a fantastic option for high and low handicappers alike, thanks to its excellent yardage, compression rating, and affordability.
  • Learn more about the Noodle Long and Soft golf balls by reading our Noodle Golf balls review.

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls At a Glance: 

  • Cover: Surlyn Cover
  • Core: REACT core
  • Spin: Mid
  • Dimples: 342
  • Compression: Low
  • Category Comparison: Value
  • Spec: (Two) 2 Piece / Layers


  • Core impact propulsion for increased carrying capacity
  • Excellent feel and spin on or around the greens.
  • Soft yet durable cover
  • Helps you achieve consistency in your long game
  • Unique dimple design for straighter flight
  • Reasonably-priced. Offers great value for your money 


  • Not  suitable if you’re a golfer with a fast, easy golf swing
  • Isn’t at par with premium golf balls on and around the green

Noodle Golf Ball Review: Key Features:

Ideal for High-Handicappers

The Noodle golf ball designers and engineers have developed a golf ball that’s ideal for any high handicapper. Its revolutionary dimple design, straight flight, and longer distances are everything that high-handicappers need when playing. 

These Noodle golf balls are intended to help them perform better, score more holes, and dominate their opponents on the field. However, if you have a lower handicap with a stronger swing, you’re better off with other balls out offered by Noodle.

Allows for Excellent Yardage

As some Noodle golf balls review will tell you, one of the distinguishing features of Noodle golf balls is that it is engineered to provide golfers with great yardage on the golf course. Gone are the days when you had to be concerned about several things apart from playing. Now, all you have to do is swing through the ball and watch it fly off the tee at great distances.

The impact propulsion core is responsible for the Noodle golf balls flying off the tee and achieving this type of yardage. It’s beneficial in generating added power from your swing, thus increasing the energy released by your strokes. Also, it allows you to cover an even greater distance on the golf course.

Ultrasoft 34 Compression Core

The Noodle golf ball’s ultra-soft 34 compression core helps it cover more distance on the course. In addition, it helps make sure that your golf ball has a soft feel to it, so you can consistently strike the ball cleanly. 

Generally, this feature allows most golfers to swing hard and gain maximum distance on their high energy shots because they know they’ll get full value for their money. The best aspect about the ball’s soft feel is that it allows anyone to hit monster shots on the course with relative ease. 

342 Aerodynamic Dimples Design 

One of the primary features of the Noodle golf ball is its patented 342 aerodynamic dimples design. With this technology,  Noodle golf balls are able to travel through the air more swiftly and with considerably less friction. 

This capability ensures that they won’t go against the wind’s direction, which allows you to achieve tremendous yardage on the golf course. The sturdy outer core and dimples make sure that the Noodle ball still feels brand new even after playing multiple rounds of golf.

Excellent Look and Feel

When the Noodle golf ball manufacturers intended to create a golf ball that players would love, they knew exactly what they needed to do. In the process, they manufactured a golf ball that not only looks great but feels great too. 

Taylormade did an excellent job of zeroing in on the design and technical aspects of the golf ball. It was made possible after taking lots of valuable insights from other golfers. The attention to detail that they put in explains why golfers get excellent results when using Noodle golf balls.

Low-Compression Core

Another distinctive feature of the Noodle golf balls is their low compression core. This characteristic makes them ideal for slower swingers.

Golf balls with low compression rating are ideal for you if you have a recorded swing speed of up to 75 mph. Even with a slower swing speed such as yours, you can count on these balls to still cover a great distance.  The designers created the Noodle balls with this capability in mind. Indeed, this type of golf ball will greatly benefit handicappers who have slower swing speeds due to their high level of forgiveness.

Reasonably Priced

Perhaps the most notable attribute of the Noodle golf balls and the reason behind their massive popularity is their economical price tag. They usually come in two package options: The smaller pack contains 15 golf balls at $1 each. If you purchase the larger pack, you will get 24 golf balls at the cost of approximately $0.8 per golf ball.

Consequently, these related costs make it the ideal golf ball on the course. You can rest assured you can easily replace one if it gets lost. The price makes these balls extra appealing and explains why young and senior golfers alike prefer to play with Noodle golf balls. 

Noodle Golf Ball Review: Key Takeaways

As its name suggests, Taylormade designed the Noodle Long and Soft golf balls to be long and soft, which means you’re getting increased distance and an exceptional feel. 

Also, the Noodle Long and Soft golf balls emphasize Taylormade’s patented 342 aerodynamic dimple arrangement, which allows them to glide through the air/against the wind more effortlessly. They boast a brand new and incredibly soft 34-compression core, which means that when you use them on the course, you’ll experience a top-quality feel and distance when you need them the most. In a nutshell, the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft are terrific golf balls you can get at an affordable price.

They make quite a long and soft golf ball, with a great feel and distance. Playing them will certainly help you achieve greater distance. In fact, it’s one of the few things you’ll immediately notice the first time you’re hitting them. The Noodles maintain their excellent feel upon impact and are also easy to handle around the greens.

It’s apparent that the TaylorMade Noodle golf balls are aimed at players with slower swings, given their low compression core. However, they’re also highly responsive and forgiving. 

The bottom line is that a box of the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft golf ball is highly recommended if you want to up your game play. They’re for you if you’re after affordable, long-distance, soft feel golf balls that are durable and have increased spin around the greens.

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