Choosing the Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers in 2022

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As a high handicapper, you can simplify each game you play down to those few shots you can keep and those that need to be eliminated.

Our guide to the best golf balls for high handicappers tackles a broad range of features, including distance, feel, accuracy, and the corresponding price tag of the golf equipment.

When you’re still classified as a beginner or high handicapper, it’s essential that you choose golf balls that help make up for the apparent flaws in your golf swing. They shouldn’t just be popular among players of your skill level but also help bring your handicap level down to single digits. With that being said, here are the top golf balls you’d want to consider as a high-handicapper:

At a Glance: Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers 2022

  • BRIDGESTONE E12 CONTACT GOLF BALL – (Best Overall Golf Ball)
  • WILSON TRIAD GOLF BALL – (Best for Game Improvement)
  • WILSON SMART CORE (Best Budget Golf Ball)
  • TAYLORMADE SOFT RESPONSE (Best for Beginner Golfers)
  • TITLEIST VELOCITY (Best Golf Ball for Distance)
  • MIZUNO RB566 (Best Value for the Money)
  • TITLEIST TOUR SOFT (Best Quality Golf Ball)
  • CALLAWAY 2019 ERC SOFT TRIPLE TRACK (Most Forgiving Golf Ball)
  • SRIXON SOFT FEEL (Best for Slow Swing Speed)
  • CALLAWAY SUPERSOFT (Best Golf Ball for Ladies)

What does the best golf ball for high handicappers look like?

A fairly common assumption in golf is that high handicappers don’t swing as fast or hit as far compared to lower handicappers. While this is often true, there are high handicappers whose game shows otherwise, and their power is just betrayed at times by greenside skills that need improvement or wayward hitting. 

With this factor in mind, coming up with the best golf balls for high handicappers just got slightly trickier than it seems to be. For sure, focusing on just one factor would be an error. That’s why such a list can’t only contain golf balls that are designed to go further, although distance is indeed one of the most pressing requirements for many high handicappers.

Keeping in mind these characteristics when buying golf balls is a surefire way to make your game easier and your overall golfing experience more pleasant. 

To help you achieve just that, we made a list of the characteristics that you need to keep in mind when purchasing your set of golf balls. 


One of the primary characteristics of a golf ball is its construction. Standard golf ball constructions are classified as 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, and so on. Every construction differs in terms of characteristics and how they affect the behavior of the ball. 

As a high-handicapper, you’d want to look for either 2 or 3-piece golf balls since their construction allows for low-compression and improved flight. Finally, consider the number of layers present in the ball’s anatomy. Keep in mind that the more layers there are, the lower the spin will be. 

Outer Cover

It’s also essential to pay attention to the outer covering of a golf ball as this characteristic dictates how it will behave in-game. If you’re after straighter flights, surlyn covering is the obvious choice. Meanwhile, once you’re ready for a bit of spin as your skill advances, urethane-covered golf balls make the best purchase option. 
Ultimately, your choice for outer covering will come down to your current requirements and your skill level as a player.   


This characteristic is hugely dependent on the way the golf ball is constructed. Typically, the more layers it has, and the deeper the dimples are, the more spin the ball gives out, the lesser distance it covers, and vice-versa. 

As a high handicapper, the ideal golf ball for you should be one with shallow dimples. Also, make sure to look for one that gives out lesser spin and covers a greater distance. Professional players commonly prefer golf balls with faster spin because of their advanced ball control skills.  


As we mentioned previously, how a golf ball is constructed determines the distance that it can cover. So if you’re after covering a greater distance with slower swings, a 2-piece or 3-piece golf ball should be your choice, as many high handicappers do. 

Remember that the fewer layers a golf ball has, the greater the distance it can cover. So with your current skill level, you’ll be able to cover enough distance on slower swings with a 2-piece golf ball.  


Another component of a golf ball that you shouldn’t overlook is its dimples, specifically their number, width, and depth. All these factors determine the drag, spin, and reaction of the golf ball when struck. Since you’re looking to be consistent with making distance shots at slower swing speeds at this stage, the ideal golf ball for you has shallow dimples. 
Once you develop a faster swing, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for a ball with deeper dimples that will introduce a little more drag and spin. 


Last but not least is the budget. At this stage, you’re looking to improve your handicap. That’s why it’s a smart move to analyze your spending abilities before purchasing your set of golf balls. The first rule that you need to remember is that more expensive equipment doesn’t always mean better quality or features. There will be instances when certain equipment, regardless if they’re more expensive, may not match your current skill or needs. 

What you can do is take the time to compare the features that different golf balls offer. While you’re at it, also make sure of your current golf ball needs as you analyze the respective prices per brand. By doing this, you’re ensuring yourself the best golf balls for high handicappers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high handicap in golf?

In golf terminology, handicap is the means to determine your ability as a golfer with a corresponding numerical calculation. As a general rule, the lower your handicap number is, the better you’re considered as a player, and vice-versa. Through the handicap system, golfers are ranked based on their ability while considering the golfer’s scores and the difficulty of their playing terrain. 

If you have a high handicap, your score is usually higher than 20, with the world average somewhere around 100. Anyone with a handicap that’s lower than 10 is considered a professional.

Is there a specific color of a golf ball that I should pick?

When it comes to color, white is the most prevalent among golf balls worldwide. As a high handicapper, though, we suggest that you opt for a different color while still lacking the required proper skills.

The more common colors for golf balls outside of white are yellow and neon colors such as orange or even multi-patterned ones. Orange or yellow-colored balls provide you with better visibility and make it easier to find them on the course.    

Does the spin rate of my golf ball matter?

Undoubtedly, it does. It’s for this reason that advanced players and professionals prefer golf balls with a higher spin rate. 

As a high handicapper, you should use golf balls with a low spin rate for the meantime. The higher its spin rate, the greater the distance the golf ball will sacrifice. Therefore, golf balls with a high spin rate require a higher set of skills to achieve optimum results.  

Which golf balls are best for high handicappers?

The answer to this depends in large part on your particular needs. Usually, you’ll experience more significant trouble as a high handicapper with swing speed and ball control. 

Since this is the case, a golf ball that features a significant amount of forgiveness with a low spin rate that will cover greater distances over slow swings is ideal.

Key Takeaways

As a high handicapper, you can simplify each game you play down to those few shots you can keep and those that you need to eliminate. Always remember that not every golf ball fits, especially if you have a slower swing speed or a high handicap. Look for low-compression golf balls with a softer feel that maximizes distance. 

Once you find the best golf balls for high handicappers you like, go ahead and stockpile them. Purchase them in dozens and put them away somewhere.  

Lastly, bear in mind that finding a golf ball that suits you best is part of the journey and just as important as using each piece of equipment you have the right way. 

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