Snell MTB Black Golf Balls Review

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But what makes Snell’s MTB Black Golf Balls so fantastic? Why choose it over other products out there? Find the answers to these and other questions by reading our take on these golf balls below!

Looking for a high-performance golf ball? Then better check out the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls. With its mantle layer design, as well as its great features, this award-winning product will help 15-handicapped players like you perform excellently at the course.

But what makes Snell’s MTB Black Golf Balls so fantastic? Why choose it over other products out there? Find the answers to these and other questions by reading our take on these golf balls below!

Deconstructing the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

As a relative latecomer to the golf ball industry, it’s easy to assume that the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls won’t fare as well as other better-known brands out there. But not only did it deliver reliable results; it also exceeded expectations.

Thanks to its unique mantle layer design, it can give you better ball spin control to improve turf interaction. The golf balls also have a compression rating of 80, which is very high considering their 3-piece construction. This allows the balls to spin less and fly longer distances. But more importantly, the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls follow USGA standards, meaning you can use them during tournament plays.

Golf Ball Specifications

  • Brand: Snell
  • Color: White, Optic Yellow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Cover Material: Urethane
  • Pattern: 360 dimple pattern
  • Spin: Low

Why Choose the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Now that you’ve gotten to know the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls a little bit better, you might be wondering why you should go for it instead of other products. To answer that, let’s see what features these amazing golf balls have to offer:

Mantle Layer Design

Similar to other golf balls currently in the market, the Snell MTB Black enjoys a mantle layer design. That is, there’s a mantle between its synthetic core and urethane cover. Anyway, this design enables you to enjoy better ball spin control compared to other products. And as many golfers will tell you, with good spin control comes better turf interaction.

Low Compression Core

As mentioned above, the Snell MTB Black enjoys a high compression for a 3-piece ball. Despite this, it can still grant you lower ball spin rates. That’s due to the product’s fast core, a combination of polybutadiene rubber and several non-toxic chemicals. With a compression rate 7% lower than other golf balls in the market, it enables the ball to fly straighter and cover longer distances. As an added benefit, the core also makes Snell’s balls considerably more durable.

Cast Urethane Cover

Like many other products out there, Snell’s MTB Black Golf Balls has a cast thermoset urethane outer cover. This cover is relatively thinner and softer. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not tough. In fact, it’s just as sturdy as Surlyn® covers. Additionally, cast urethane gives off the pleasant feel and spin that made balata covers so popular. Combined, these perks will ensure you play tremendously well at the course.

350 Dimple Patterns

The Snell MTB Black Golf Balls are engraved with 350 dimple patterns to further refine its aerodynamics. In line with its low compression and low spin rates, the MTB Black’s grooves are shallower. The dimples come in various shapes, diameters, edge angles, and total coverages. These basically help the ball fly high and straight as it balances its lift and drag.

Pros and Cons of the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

With the features listed above, you might already be tempted to buy a set of Snell’s MTB Black. But hold that thought for a moment. Before you go to your nearest golf equipment store, you need to weigh the product’s pros and cons first. That way, you can be better sure that the golf balls are exactly what you need.

The Pros

Premium Look and High Product Durability

The Snell MTB Black is notable for its basic yet premium look. With color options of white and optic yellow, it’s your typical quintessential golf ball. Additionally, thanks to its cast thermoset urethane cover, it’s especially durable. Even after it gets several beatings during a game, it will still come out with only a few scuffs.

Faster Speed and Longer Distance

With its low compression core, you can swing Snell’s MTB Black at considerably faster speeds and longer distances. Both are essential for you to play beautifully at the greens. It will also help reduce lost ball speed in case of mishits. And as its core is somewhat softer even than other Snell products, the MTB Black can fly higher and give you an edge over your opponents.

Lower Spin Off the Driver

Combined with its mantle layer design, the MTB Black’s low compression core will give you better spin control and lower spin rates, too. This means you’ll get enough backspins to get the ball flying when hit with a mid handicapped driver. The balls have an uncanny ability to find the club’s sweet spot as well. Depending on your swing speed, this will enhance your driver’s forgiveness considerably.

Improved Aerodynamics

Whether you’ve just started playing golf or you’re preparing yourself for a tournament, you’ll need your golf balls to fly high and straight. Luckily, the Snell MTB Black can do precisely that. Every single one of its features is included to refine its aerodynamics, as well as balance its lift and drag. Invest in these balls, and you’ll see them cutting through the wind like a knife through butter.

Excellent Feel

Lastly, this product is notable for its excellent feel. The Snell MTB Black’s core technology is made in such a way that it retains its softness and low compression. This does not compromise the product’s performance in any way, as it can still fly at great speeds and even greater distances. Its mantle layer design also contributes to its pleasant feel, its materials being considerably softer than the normal ingredients.

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

The Cons

Basic Alignment Line

Through alignment lines, you’ll be able to set a golf ball properly on top of the tee. Unfortunately, Snell’s MTB Black has a simple, short alignment line, consisting of its name and two short arrows on each side. This leaves the balls somewhat hard to place on the ground, and other products have alignment lines that are arguably better.

Occasional Squishy Feel

The MTB Black Golf Balls are considerably softer even compared to other Snell products. This gives it a pleasant feel and sound overall. However, some golfers have observed that the balls sometimes feel squishy when hit with an iron or putter. Still, by refining your swing style and speed, you can easily avoid encountering this issue.

No Noticeable Improvement in Its Backspin

Although the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls can produce enough backspin to get it flying high and long, it’s quite hard to measure if you’re not a professional golfer. This hampers ball control a little, since it makes it slightly challenging for you to adjust your swings and produce the necessary speeds.

Rating the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

To help you get to know the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls even better, here’s our rating for the product based on several factors.

Tour Performance (5 out of 5)

Like the previously reviewed Srixon’s Q-Star Tour 2, the MTB Black is not perfect. Nevertheless, it can still help 15 handicapped golfers perform like a pro at the greens. Thanks to its core, mantle, and cover, the balls can produce enough back spins to fly at high altitudes, great distances, and break-neck speeds. And since it abides by USGA standards, the Snell MTB Black can be used on tournament plays.

Soft Feel (4 out of 5)

As far as feel goes, Snell’s MTB Black is top-notch. As mentioned above, the product’s core technology and mantle layer design enables it to retain its softness and low compression without compromising its performance. The on;y caveat is the occasional squishy feel, which you can remedy by refining your swings.

Spin Control (5 out of 5)

On the other hand, the MTB Black’s spin control is way off the charts. Not only will you have an easy time guiding the balls; it will also help you enjoy better turf interaction along the way. Again, this allows the product to produce more backspins, as well as enables you to make the most of your club’s sweet spot and forgiveness.

Distance (5 out of 5)

Thanks to its amazing features, the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls can fly at great distances. It also enjoys outstanding aerodynamics, mainly from the product’s 350 dimple patterns since they help balance its lift and drag.

Golf Ball Material and Technology (5 out of 5)

Finally, the MTB Black comes with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. Developed by Dean Snell, it’s practically a different version of the Titleist Pro V1. Its urethane cover and synthetic core is extremely durable, remaining relatively unscathed even after long hours of golfing. And its technology enables the balls to perform excellently, ensuring you bring your A-game to the course.

Final Verdict

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Consistency is crucial, especially when it comes to golf balls. And while the Snell MTB Black has its downsides, it will still deliver reliable results whenever you’re at the course. So the next time you play golf, bring a box of these balls with you.

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