Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter Review

With its classical shape and design, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 pays homage to the traditional “putting cleeks” used by golfers during the early days of the sport. It also serves as a tribute to Titleist  and Scotty Cameron, displaying the fantastic features that put both brands on the map.

But just how good is the Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter? To find out, let’s take a look at its features, strengths, and weaknesses, then rate it based on a variety of factors. Let’s dive in!

About the Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Milled from an entire block of stainless steel, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is one of the eight tour-inspired clubs featured in the Special Select line. This particular blade putter comes with a timeless design that gives it a pleasant sound and feel. And with refinements made on its topline, sole, face height, grip, and other parts, it guarantees larger sweet spots, improved stability, and enhanced comfort.

Product Specifications

  • Loft: 3.5 Degrees
  • Lie: 70 Degrees
  • Available Lengths: 33 to 35 inches
  • Head Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Offset: Full Shaft
  • Grip: Pistolini Plus
  • Weights: 30 to 40 grams (depending on the length)
  • Toe Flow: Mid

Notable Features of the Titleist Scotty Cameron Putter

Now that you’ve gained a glimpse of Titleist and Scotty Cameron’s Special Select Newport 2 Putter, time to check out what features it offers. Based on Scotty Cameron’s website, this blade putter has:

Refined Plumbing Neck

The Newport 2 comes with a plumbing neck that has been refined to boost your performance at the golf course. From its contours to its curves, this re-engineered neck allows the blade putter to offer a full shaft of offset. What’s more, the neck is positioned slightly behind the club’s leading edge. This allows you to alight the putter more easily, as well as improve visibility and confidence at address.

Performance Balanced Weighting

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 features a sleeker head shape that’s infused with a heavy tungsten sole weights. This allows the blade putter to meet certain modern weight specifications and provide proper weight-to length setups. Additionally, it gives the club better stability and a larger sweet spot, ensuring optimal balance, maximum forgiveness, and even weight distribution.

Soft Tri-Sole Design

The Special Select Newport 2’s sole is uniquely designed in such a way that it is divided into three soft layers. This provides a self-soling feature that allows you to have a proper setup at address. As an added bonus, it will also give you a nice view of the topline as soon as you position the blade putter on the green.

Solid Milled Construction

To give you the Newport 2, Scotty Cameron has to find and mill a solid block of premium 303 stainless steel. The chunk of metal has to pass Scotty Cameron’s and Titleist’s standards before it goes through the milling. The process is done with extreme care in the United States. And to give you a superior feel and purer performance, a mid-milled face pattern is added to the putter.

Pistolini Plus Grip

Moreover, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 sports a thinner, Pistolini Plus grip to complement its compact blades. This grip reduces taper in the right hand and provides a more symmetrical feel, allowing for better clubface control that will let you sink the ball in the hole regularly. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Titleist Scotty Cameron Putter

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Next, let’s take a look at the Newport 2’s strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these will help you determine whether or not this blade putter is suitable for you. So before buying one, better read this part first.

What’s Great About the Newport 2?

Legendary Craftsmanship

As mentioned above, extreme care is given to manufacture the Scotty Cameron Newport putter. Only high-grade 303 stainless steel blocks are used during the milling, and the tungsten weight is carefully infused so as to not compromise the club’s forgiveness, performance, and feel.

Classy Aesthetics

The Newport 2 pays tribute to the quintessential blade putters used by golfers during the early days of the sport. With such classy aesthetics, you’ll definitely impress golfers and bystanders alike. Plus, its tri-sole design grants you a pleasing view of the club’s topline as soon as you position it on top of the green.

Consistent Performance

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter guaranties optimal performance while you’re in the course. Thanks to its refined plumbing neck, balanced weighting, and other features, this blade putter can help you sink any hole as comfortably and as stylishly as possible.

Solid Sound and Feel

Though not as exceptionally noteworthy as advertised, the Scotty Cameron Newport nonetheless delivers a good sound and feel. The putter can certainly communicate that marshmallow soft sound you expect whenever it makes contact with the golf ball. And it offers excellent feedback to boot, allowing you to locate each strike more precisely.

Preserved Forgiveness

Even with the refinements made on its topline, plumbing neck, soles, and other parts, the Special Select Newport 2 doesn’t compromise on forgiveness. Thanks to its tungsten weights, it offers a considerably large sweet spot. This increases the stability of your strokes, as well as enables you to retain your poise even on mishits.

Adjustable Length, Loft, and Lie

To accommodate more golfers, Scotty Cameron’s Newport 2 comes with adjustable length, loft, and lie. The loft and lie can be increased or decreased by 1 and 2 degrees, respectively. Meanwhile, the left hand lengths range from 33 to 35 inches, with the weight varying with each length. On the other hand, the right hand length can be adjusted by ½ inch as preferred.

Customizable Putter

While the default look of the Newport 2 is aesthetically pleasing enough, not everyone likes it. Thankfully, if you find the putter a bit dull yourself, then you can have your Cameron customized. Colors can be added to brighten up the club, and your names or initials can be engraved to make it completely your own. Visit Scotty Cameron’s Custom Shop to learn more.

Various Available Accessories

Lastly, the Newport 2 can be complemented by various accessories, courtesy of Scotty Cameron. Keep your putters safe from the harsh elements by getting it one of Scotty Cameron’s headcovers. Or you can replace the club’s Pistolini grip with red ones if that suits your tastes. You can also avail Scotty’s pivot tools or weight customization kits to optimize the Newport even further. Check out the available accessories here.

What’s Not So Great About the Newport 2?

Thinner Stock Grip

The Newport 2’s Pistolini Plus grip is great and all, but many users find its thinness a bit unsettling. If you find the club bigger than hoped for, then you might be better off with the old Matador grip. Still, the Pistolini grip ensures forgiveness and stability on mishits.

Undamped Sound and Feel

Due to its milling processes, the Scotty Cameron Newport club offers a rather firm feel. While its provides you a pleasant sensation and optimizes your performance at the course, many golfers find it somewhat harsh. Additionally, since there are no features to dampen vibrations, the sounds the putter makes can be quite audible albeit gentle.

Somewhat Expensive Putter

At around $400, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 fetches quite a high price. If you find it a tad expensive, then you might be better off choosing a different blade putter. However, keep in mind that if you want a premium putter, then you need to be ready to pay for it.

How We Rate the Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

To further help you decide whether or not to add the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 to your golf club set, we decided to test it out. Below are our scores for this product based on handicap, performance, and other factors.

Appearance (5 out of 5)

As far as aesthetics go, Scotty Cameron’s Special Select Newport 2 is top-notch. By having this putter in your golf club set, you’ll definitely make heads turn. 

Features (5 out of 5)

Manufactured using high-grade materials and tried-and-tested techniques, the Special Select Newport 2 comes with many great features you won’t enjoy elsewhere. From its toplines to its soles, this blade putter is crafted to perfection.

Performance (5 out of 5)

Even with its traditional look (or perhaps because of it), the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 can deliver as well as any other blade putters out there. In fact, due to its unique features, it can out gun most other clubs in the market.

Sound and Feel (4 out of 5)

Combined, the Newport 2’s thin Pistolini Plus grip, milled 303 stainless steel inlay, and tungsten weights give the putter a fantastic sound and feel. However, these are not as noteworthy as advertised. Plus, not everyone finds the sound and feel pleasant.

Handicap (4 out of 5)

While the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 can be used by any golfer, not everyone can fully enjoy its benefits. In particular, high handicap players and golfers who struggle with putting will have a bit of difficulty using this golf club. To fully master this blade putter, you need to have advanced golfing skills, or at least the ability to consistently find the center when making shots.

Forgiveness (5 out of 5)

Despite its limited handicap features, the Newport 2 boasts of providing maximum forgiveness to golfers. This allows you to recover swiftly in case you make a mishit or off-center shot. Furthermore, since the Newport 2 has a larger sweet spot compared to other products, it helps minimize these mishits.

Price (4 out of 5)

The price set for the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is fairly reasonable, especially if you consider its features and benefits. Still, the cost leaves many golfers unable to afford this amazing blade putter. And although there are only a few products that can match the Newport 2, many of them come in cheaper prices.

Final Verdict

As Scotty’s flagship product, the Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 is arguably one of the best blade putters you can get. If your golf club set doesn’t include a putter yet, then best make sure to include the Newport 2 on your shopping list.

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