Best Golf Shoes for Walking and Improving your Game

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Now with so many golf footwear out there, it might get overwhelming just to land the pair that fits you. So to make things more convenient for you, below is a list of some of the best golf shoes for walking and improving your game.

As a beginner, donning the right footwear not only helps keep your feet healthy and comfortable; it will also improve your performance when playing sports. So while wearing golf shoes isn’t always required at the golf course, you should still consider doing so.

Now with so many golf footwear out there, it might get overwhelming just to land the pair that fits you. So to make things more convenient for you, below is a list of some of the best golf shoes for walking and improving your game. Let’s get started!

4 Things Great Golf Shoes Have

But before diving straight into the list, you need to learn what makes a great golf footwear. As with buying golf wedges for high handicappers, knowing these things will help you find the pair that will guarantee your feet’s comfort and health, as well as ensure you play your best at the course.


The best golf shoes can either come with spikes or not, and it’s up to you to decide between spiked or spikeless. In any case, both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. For example, spiked golf footwear offers better traction and grip while you’re walking at the course. Additionally, some spiked golf shoes feature removable spikes, enhancing its versatility. On the other hand, spikeless shoes are more comfortable to wear, and they can be donned outside the course. Plus, they’re a perfect option in case the course doesn’t allow spiked footwear. 


You also need to consider the materials the golf shoes are made of. Most golf shoes are made from leather, synthetics, knits, and waterproof linings. Leather is the most popular choice as far as material goes, but it will feel stiff while you’re still breaking them in. On the other hand, synthetics can make your golf shoes considerably more breathable and flexible. But if you really want maximum flexibility and breathability, you should opt for knit shoes.  Finally, waterproof linings can make your footwear impervious to water, although it will also lock in moisture from the inside.


The right golf shoes will help you maximize your comfort while walking or golfing, as well as prevent you from suffering from cuts, blisters, or worse. So best get the most comfortable pair money can buy. Look for golf footwear that features decent arch support and cushioned soles, and make sure they’re made from a very comfortable material (see above). When choosing among shoes with high arch support, pick the one that provides a bit of heel. You can also check its sturdiness by pushing the area around the heel and by slightly twisting the shoe.


Wearing golf shoes has three main goals: to keep your feet healthy, to improve your game, and to make you look good. So you should pick the pair that will complement your style. That means it should match both your fashion and your golfing chops. Luckily, there are still many traditionally-styled shoes and casual golf golf kicks that will both make you look stylish and athletic. At any rate, you should choose

As you can see, the best golf shoes for walking or improving your game must guarantee comfort, stability, grip, and maximum range of motion, among others. By keeping in mind the factors listed above, you’ll be able to grab the pair that can offer these and more.

Best Golf Shoes for Walking and Improving your Game

Now that you’ve learned the four things that make great golf footwear, you can proceed with our list of the greatest golf shoes for walking and playing. So without further ado:

Under Armour Men’s HOVR Matchplay Golf Shoe

Under Armor is known for making some of the most technologically advanced golf shoes for walking and playing. Their Men’s HOVR Matchplay Golf Shoe is no exception.

Thanks to UA’s HOVR foam cushioning and breathable microfiber, this footwear can deliver maximum comfort to your feet, as well as minimize the strain that comes from being up on your feet all day. Plus, its lightweight waterproof membrane will keep you cool and dry during hotter or more humid days at the golf course.

At the same time, the Under Armour Men’s HOVR Matchplay Golf Shoes are visually appealing, stylish, and modern. Each pair comes with a mixture of white, grey, and black. It also features orange accents at the heels to give it personality without making it look too outlandish or garish. However, this product is not without its flaws. In particular, many people note that its laces are too short for comfort.

Ultimately, this is another impressive footwear from Under Armor. If you want to look stylish at the golf course while maintaining your comfort, then you should definitely pick UA’s HOVR Matchplay Golf Shoe.

Product Specifications: Size: Available in 7 to 16 inches (US Men’s Sizes) | Color: White/Black or Mod Gray/Black | Weight: 14.1 oz | Material: Synthetic, Rubber, Microfiber | Spikes: None | Warranty: 2-Year Limited Waterproof Warranty

Pros Cons
  • Keeps you cool and dry during hot or wet seasons
  • Supports natural foot motion
  • Provides energy return to help reduce foot strain
  • Returns energy back to your foot
  • Improved lockdown horizontal traction and comfort
  • Shoe laces are too short for comfort

Stuburt Men’s Sbshu1127 Golf Shoes

Comfortable and affordable, the Stuburt Men’s Sbshu1127 Golf Shoes is a great footwear to have if you’re playing during the summer. And since it’s spineless, you can also wear it while outside the course.

As far as performance goes, the Sbshu1127 can provide extra comfort to your feet while walking or playing. This is largely thanks to its breathable micro-fibre upper and its cushioning, as well as its padded collars and tongues. Plus, it features a contoured last that can mirror foot shape. The only downside to this product is that it’s not water-proof.

Aesthetically speaking, this Stuburt footwear comes with a contemporary look and feel. It’s available in palettes of black, gray, or navy blue, giving it a trendy and casual vibe.

Clearly, this is Stuburt’s attempt to create a modern, stylish golf shoe that everyone will love. And while some may not like its design, more people praise this footwear.

Product Specifications: Size: Available in 7 to 12 inches (US Men’s Sizes) | Color: Black, Gray, or Navy Blue | | Material: Polyester, Microfiber | Spikes: None | Warranty: 30-Day Return Policy

Pros Cons
  • Improved comfort and traction
  • Cushioned insoles and midsoles
  • Spikeless outsoles
  • Technical microfibre comfort uppers
  • Padded collars and tongues
  • No water-proof capabilities

G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoe

Speaking of great summer golf footwear, you should also check out G/FORE’s MG4+ Golf Shoes. Comfortable from start to finish, it will help you play your best while at the greens.

One of the most noticeable things about this footwear involves the nubs on its footbed. While it may seem like a bizarre feature, it’s actually a pretty useful one. Not only will it make you feel like your feet are being massaged, but it will give the impression that air flows freely around the shoes. These will make the G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoes a very comfortable wear during the summer season.

Another great thing about these golf shoes is that they have great grip and stability despite being spikeless. This is mainly due to the heel cups at the shoes’ back and its non-slip outsoles. It also comes with a premium upper that’s 100% water-proof, ensuring optimized performance during more humid months.

In terms of style, the G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoes come in six colors, namely Nimbus, Twilight, Onyx, Charcoal, Snow, and Snow Camo. This allows you to stay stylish and classy in the golf course and out despite its outlandish design. You can practically wear it anywhere and you won’t look out of place!

All in all, G/FORE’s MG4+ Golf Shoes is a great option if you want the best golf shoes for walking or golfing. 

Product Specifications: Size: 7 to 15 in | Color: Nimbus, Twilight, Onyx, Charcoal, Snow, Snow Camo | Material: Polyester, Nylon Vamp, Spandex Liner | Spikes: None | Warranty: 60-Day Return Policy

Pros Cons
  • Improved grip and stability despite being spineless
  • Great for all-day use
  • Modern, stylish design with six color options
  • Maximum feet comfort with extra amenities
  • Lightweight and waterproof footwear
  • Designs and color may seem outlandish.
  • May feel somewhat heavy after a long day at the golf course.

FootJoy Men’s Pro/SL Carbon Golf Shoes

FootJoy has been producing some of the most iconic golf shoes for the past 150 years. Their products are so amazing that many professional golfers love wearing them. And to make things even better, they’ve partnered up with Pro/SL to give you the FootJoy Men’s Pro/SL Carbon Golf Shoes.

While the FootJoy Men’s Pro/SL Carbon Golf Shoes outwardly looks similar to any standard Pro/SL footwear, it’s a different story inside. It featured midsoles lined with carbon fibre inlays, adding stability to the shoes. It also has extra padding around the ankle area, ensuring your feet’s comfort.

Another notable thing about the Pro/SL Carbon is its rigidity. Taut in all directions, it’s a fantastic footwear for golfers who have overactive lower halves. At the same time, the shoe comes with extra contact points at its outsole, giving it excellent grip even in wet conditions. With these features, you can easily go after your drives without worrying about slipping or making excessive movements.

As far as spineless golf shoes go, the FootJoy Men’s Pro/SL Carbon is a great pick. Offering great grip, stability and comfort, it will help you perform better at the course and make sure you look stylish with each swing.

Product Specifications: Size: 7 to 15 in | Color: Black, White | Material: Leather, Textile, Synthetic | Spikes: None | Warranty: 2-Year Waterproof Warranty

Pros Cons
  • Thicker insoles for increased underfoot cushioning and enhanced comfort
  • Has 3D molded collars to enhance the overall fit at the ankle
  • 100% waterproof in normal use
  • More stability for your feet and reduced underfoot fatigue
  • Excellent perfect grip and ground contact regardless of ground conditions
  • Carbon modeling makes the Pro/SL features somewhat redundant
  • Leather tends to scuff a little too easily.

Puma Men’s Ignite Fasten8 Golf Shoes

Most Puma footwear are known for their performance and versatility. But with Puma’s Ignite Fasten8 Golf Shoes, they’ve outdone themselves even further.

Employing state-of-the-art shoe technology, the Ignite Fasten8 features improved foot support and better shoe fit. Its lacing system comes with advanced nylon webbing straps to better wrap your foot during lace ups. This allows you to more securely fit the shoe and increase foot stability while walking or golfing.

The Ignite Fasten8 also showcases Puma’s PWRFRAME design to further improve support. The high-stress areas of the upper are lined with thin TPU frames to make the shoe more stable and lightweight. Idfoot webbing straps are employed as well to improve stability during golf swings.

To top it off, Puma’s Ignite Fasten8 Golf Shoes come with spineless outsoles to improve traction and increase its versatility. Its traction lugs are socially designed to make sure your foot connects to the ground. And the shoe’s spineless design makes it a great footwear outside the course.

Product Specifications: Size: 7 to 14 in | Color: High Rise-puma Silver-quiet Shade, Puma Black-puma Silver-puma White, Quiet Shade-gold-puma Black, and more | Spikes: None

Pros Cons
  • Sleek and comfortable footwear
  • Improved stability and comfort
  • State-of-the-art shoe technology
  • Allows a more secure shoe fit
  • Somewhat expensive footwear
  • The shoe can seem too large
  • Not suitable for golfers who want spiked shoes

Nike Roshe G Mens Golf Shoes

With golf shoes becoming less and less traditional over the years, it’s no wonder that many fashion forward footwear keeps popping out. One of these is Nike’s Roshe G Mens Golf Shoes. Based on the running shoes of the same name, it’s one of the best and most affordable all around golf shoes you can get.

One of the things that make the Nike Roshe G such a unique golf shoe is its spikes. Instead of large spikes, this footwear features hundreds of mini spurs and round bumps. This allows you to have better grip on the ground regardless of terrain conditions, as well as make walking on it extremely comfortable.

Furthermore, the Roshe G has great traction, allowing you to perform your best at the golf course. And compared to the fabric that lines its for-running counterpart, these golf shoes are made with much more stable material.

Product Specifications: Size: 7 to 14 in | Color: Black, Gray, Platinum White, and more | Spikes: Yes, but smaller

Pros Cons
  • Spikes are too small to be noticeable
  • Light, breathable mesh
  • Thick mid and outer sole
  • Very affordable golf shoes
  • Sole wear will reduce stability over time

Choose the Best Golf Shoes for Walking and Playing

With the right golf shoes, you’ll enjoy stability, flexibility, balance, and comfort as you swing your Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Iron on the golf course. And it will make you look stylish and chic with every swing. So make sure you pick only the best golf shoes for walking or playing. If you don’t know what to look for, then better start with the footwear mentioned above.

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