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The best golf balls for distance are those that are specifically designed to have a low long-game spin.

You probably never met a golfer that wanted to improve in hitting the ball shorter. Let’s face it, playing golf is a lot easier and more fun when you can hit the ball further. It may be the reason why many search for the longest golf ball to cover more distance.

The number of golf ball choices on the market can be overwhelming. However, not all of them are built for long distances. 
If you’re after a golf ball that you can hit a long way, you need to pay attention to the factors we listed in this article.    

What to Look For When Buying the Longest Golf Ball for Serious Distance?


If you’re a golfer with a slower swing speed, you should look for lower compression golf balls (a low compression rating is typically 80 and below.) Their low-compression core allows them to jump off the clubface even with your slow swing speed. It also enhances the effect of deformation that occurs during impact.   

Simply put, low-compression golf balls are softer and compress more, which is ideal for covering greater distances. Meanwhile, once you develop a faster swing speed, it’s ideal for you to switch to high-compression golf balls for added control.


For your golf ball to produce more distance, it should be constructed in a way that minimizes spin. Since more layers increase spin, what’s ideal for distance is a 2-piece construction. 

If you’re a beginner or a high-handicapper with a slower swing speed, these golf balls are the most fitting choice for you. Golf balls with a 2-piece construction tend to have a larger core that increases distance while reducing spin. 

However, you need to keep in mind that there’s no shortage of brands combining cutting-edge innovations with additional layers. Some examples are aerodynamically structured dimples and a mid-compression core with 3-piece or a low-compression core with 4-piece/5-piece golf balls. 


One thing you need to know about distance-boosting golf balls is that they aren’t necessarily required to produce a high trajectory. While a higher trajectory undoubtedly achieves a longer carry distance, it also leaves room for external factors, such as the wind, to affect the ball’s trajectory. Once they do, your ball stops bouncing after its landing gets minimized.  

To prevent this from happening, you can go for low-trajectory golf balls that have revolutionary aerodynamics technology. They are effective in reducing drag and allowing your shots to descent at a gradual pace. 

Dimple Pattern

Even non-PGA Tour players are aware that not every golf ball has the same dimple design. As a golf player, though, you need to be aware of the specific brands with the most apparent dimple pattern. 
You might be wondering, “what’s the purpose of these dimples anyway?” They take your golf ball smoothly through the air, allowing it to travel farther. Without dimples, it becomes more difficult for you to improve specific factors, such as ball flight and distance.  

Outer Cover

Based on online reviews, the preferred covering of golf balls is durable Surlyn on one side and softer urethane on the opposite side. Surlyn is an ionomer resin that’s more resistant to abrasion, scuffing, etc. It also spins less, which means that you can count on Surlyn-made golf balls for added distance.
On the other hand, skilled players prefer golf balls made of urethane for the higher spin rate and greater control that they offer.  


When it comes to spin, the lower the spin of your golf ball is, the better it can generate greater driving distances. But, at the same time, it also stops on the turf without going any farther after the initial impact. This feature is excellent for your approach shots since your golf ball doesn’t roll away from the target you have in mind. 

Most golfers choose mid-spin golf balls to maximize both spin and accuracy. Thus, it presents the perfect solution for those looking to hit longer shots without having to deal with high spin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Distance Golf Balls High or Low Spin?

When you need distance for your golf shots, look for a ball that has a low spin. It packs more roll and a greater carry distance. However, there’s that diminished greenside feel that you’ll have to deal with as a drawback. 

But, if you value the feel on the greens as much as gaining extra yardages, buying 3-piece, 4-piece, or 5-piece golf balls is for you. Apart from producing low spin, they also help a great deal with your short game performance.

Is a Low Compression Core Ideal for Distance?

As a player with a slow swing speed, a lower compression core will aid you in achieving the distance you’re looking to cover. Meanwhile, golfers with higher swing speed should consider a higher compression golf ball. 

Lower compression golf balls enable slower swinging players to get extra carry and better ball flight. However, you can expect that finding a match for the golf ball’s compression and your swing speed takes some time to develop. 

Ultimately, finding the golf ball that fits you perfectly is a process. Most golfers usually give four or five balls a try before saying they’ve found the one.    

Whatever you do, never assume that a golf ball is the best choice for your game just because it’s classified as a tour-level ball.

Which Go Farther, Hard Balls or Soft Ones?

Like we mentioned previously, soft golf balls travel farther. Their softer core helps expand the limits of having a lower compression. With a 2-piece or 3-piece golf ball, this type of soft construction increases your control while boosting the distance off the tee.    

Does Course Altitude Affect Distance?

Yes, absolutely. The closer the course is to sea level, the shorter the distance. To put things into perspective, golfers hit clubs less on the Club de Golf Chapultepec. This course in Mexico has an altitude of around 7800 feet above sea level. 

So, for every 5000 feet, you can expect a 100% increase in distance. Therefore, it’s great to learn the altitude of your local course and other courses you travel to, so you can adapt and adjust your game accordingly.

Do Illegal Golf Balls Go Farther?

The longest USGA-approved golf ball doesn’t go farther than its illegal counterpart. You can expect the latter to be constructed smaller for faster ball speed. These unsanctioned golf equipment generate a lower spin, which allows them to roll a lot longer.

What is the Best Golf Ball for Distance?

The best golf balls for distance are those that are specifically designed to have a low long-game spin. Usually, they have a higher ball flight that makes them more avertible on the greenside. In addition, since shot dispersion is quite tight, you can expect to hit more fairways with greater precision. Thus, you can count on this type of golf ball to increase distance without affecting spin and control.  

Key Takeaways

Now that you have a better idea of how to choose the longest golf ball on the market, it’s time to apply the theories to action as you narrow down your search. 

The key thing to keep in mind when choosing the best golf ball for your game is to pick the one that matches your swing speed. Then, finally, take the time to factor in your strengths and weaknesses as a player. 

Once you do, it’s time to hit the links and blow some minds with your much-improved game.

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