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10 Un-FORE!-gettable Golf Gift Items for April Fool’s

Are you tired of giving the same old gifts or beginner golf tips to your golfing pals this coming April Fool's Day? If so, then…
Tips & Guides

Best Golf Strategy When Playing During Spring

Playing golf during springtime can present unique challenges due to unpredictable weather, softer course conditions, and potential obstacles such as standing water or new growth.…
Tips & Guides

The Ultimate Guide on the Best Golf Tips for Kids

Children need to play golf because it helps them develop physical fitness, important life skills, and confidence. It also allows them to connect with nature…
Tips & Guides

Golf Tips to Break 90: Strategies for Lower Scores

Key Takeaways:  Course management is one of the key golf tips to break 90. It involves focusing on accuracy over distance, avoiding risky shots, and…
Tips & Guides

The Ultimate Golf Club Measurement Guide for Beginners

Planning to get new golf clubs for yoyr next game? Get properly fitted by following our golf club measurement guide! Having properly-fitted golf clubs is…
Tips & Guides

Golf Grips Tips: Common Golf Grip Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Key Takeaways A good grip is fundamental to a successful golf swing, providing stability, control, and consistency. Common grip mistakes can severely impact your performance…
Tips & Guides

13 Easy Putting Tips Golf Beginners Should Try Out

Wants to level up your putting ability? Then this article is definitely for you! Below, Let's Golf Better has gathered 13 putting tips golf beginners…
Tips & Guides

Golf Tips for Women: Lessons Learned from Female Golfing Champions

Are you looking for golf tips to help improve your game? If so, you're in the right place! In this blog post, we're going to…
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Wherever you are in your golfing journey, whether you’re just starting or one step closer to being a professional golfer, we got you covered. Join us as we discuss the following topics in-depth:

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Beginner Guides:

Basic Rules of Golf, Golf Bag Necessities, What You Should Wear, and more.

Mid Handicappers:

How to Break 80, Balls, Wedges, Irons, Drivers, 3 Woods, and more.

High Handicappers:

How to Break 100 in no time, Essential Gear, Fairway Woods, Wedges, Putters, Balls, and more.

Become a Golf Professional

From golf terminologies, how to swing a golf club, up to improving every facet of your game, we got you covered.