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So when is the best time to buy golf clubs? We’re glad you asked! Below is a guide that will help you know when to upgrade your set, alongside a few buying tips to follow.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or not, buying golf clubs is something you should take seriously. Aside from potentially affecting your game, it might also cost you quite a lot of money. So if you’re considering getting new irons for your next trip to the course, best pick the right time to do so.

So when is the best time to buy golf clubs? We’re glad you asked! Below is a guide that will help you know when to upgrade your set, alongside a few buying tips to follow.

Top Reasons to Buy Golf Clubs

First, let’s talk about why you need to buy golf clubs. Depending on your reasons, a new club can either be a great investment or a waste of good money. To ensure your purchase falls into the former category, best avoid visiting the golf store for reasons other than the ones below.

You’re a New Golfer

Being a beginner is easily the best reason why you should go buy new clubs. After all, anyone new to golfing would want the best equipment and accessories to enjoy a good start. Still, you should be careful when checking out and purchasing new golf clubs. As a general rule, you need to have a clear picture of what you’re expecting from golfing. That way, you can get the best equipment without splurging money.

Your Clubs are Beyond Repair

Another good reason to buy new golf clubs is if your current set is irreparably damaged. With proper care and maintenance, you can make your clubs last for at least 5 years. However, no matter how diligent you are, your beloved irons are still vulnerable to wear and tear. In case you notice any damages in your clubs, check if they can be repaired or if the broken parts can be replaced. If not, then time to get a new one.

You Need to Improve Your Game

Are you noticing changes in your ball trajectories, swing patterns, scores, and distances lately? Those are probably due to two things. Either your clubs are too worn to maintain your golfing style, or you yourself have become rusty. Either way, you need to get new irons if you want to retain your skills and shine again. With the right game improvement set, you can even enhance your performance at the course.

You’re Getting Old

While golf is more relaxing compared to other sports, it will still require a lot of stamina. And unfortunately, the older you get, the more your stamina decreases. This will put a dent in your skills, leading to poor performance at the course. To compensate for this, you need to replace your current clubs with those that require less stamina to swing. Also, you should consider checking out irons that will help you overcome other age-related challenges.

The Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs

Best Time To Buy Golf Clubs

Knowing why you need to buy golf clubs is one thing. Picking the right time to buy one is quite another. To ensure you find the right set, get excellent value for your money, and enjoy great deals, best visit the club stores during these periods:

Winter Season

It’s common knowledge that golf clubs and other equipment are cheaper during the winter months. That’s because relatively nobody plays golf during this season. Moreover, manufacturers and stores need to clear their current stock to make way for next year’s products. So if you need to upgrade your golf set, best do it during winter.

New Year’s Eve

If you really want to get quality golf clubs at lower prices, best do your shopping on New Year’s Eve. Most stores schedule their clearance sales during that day, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy discounts and promos. Plus, if you list golfing in your New Year’s resolution list, buying a new club the night before will help motivate you to keep your promise.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday also provides a great opportunity for golfers like you to score great deals and promos while buying new irons. Golf club proxies during this period are significantly lower. Even well-known brands like Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade offer their products at 90% off. The best part is, you can enjoy these discounts and promos from both physical and online golf stores.

Amazon Prime Day

But in case you urgently need a new golf club, you can get them cheap by signing up to Amazon Prime. Every once in a while, Amazon Prime offers various discounts for the products and services offered in their platform. By getting an Amazon Prime membership, you’ll be able to avail these promos when buying golf clubs. This membership comes with a  30-day free trial, so you can try it out for free and cancel before the trial is up.

Manufacturers Demo Events

Lastly, it’s best if you upgrade your golf club set during manufacturer demo days. Many of the top golf brands showcase their best products during these events. This is also the venue where many new club models make their debuts. Furthermore, the stalls will let you try out their product before buying them. Thus, it’s a great place to find the most suitable irons to add to your set.

Tips When Buying Golf Clubs

Now that you know the best time to buy golf clubs, all that’s left to do is scheduling your purchase during these dates. Here are a few buying tips to help you find the best clubs available when the time comes.

Try Before You Buy

Don’t purchase the first club you spot without testing it beforehand. By trying it out, you’ll be able to get a club’s feel. This allows you to better determine whether or not the iron suits you. Luckily, most golf stores will allow you to test their products out.

Buy Depending on How Often You’ll Play

Next, you need to buy golf clubs based on how frequently you’ll visit your nearest course. If you’re going to play golf only a few times a year, then you should go with less expensive clubs. That way, you’ll save tons of money for other important uses. Besides, you can always replace these cheap sets with better ones in case you end up playing more often.

Choose the Right Club Length

A product that’s too long or too short might end up ruining your performance at the course. So you should also pick your golf clubs based on the right length. Aside from getting fitted, you need to consider the lengths based on the kind of club. For instance, if you’re buying a driver, then best go for short ones. That way, you’ll have an easier time hitting the ball squarely.

Consider Getting 3-Wood Drivers

Speaking of drivers, you should use those that contain 3-wood combinations. 3-wood drivers provide more backspins, allowing you to control your swings and hit the ball more accurately. Combined with a larger sweet spot, it will also make the club more forgiving. This makes a great product in case you’re a handicapped player.

Get the Right Accessories

Since you’re out buying new golf clubs anyway, you might as well grab a few decent accessories for your new set. By picking the best time to buy golf clubs, you can get these extra purchases at discounted prices or even for free. And ultimately, these accessories will help you prolong your new set’s useful life.

Pick the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs

Best Time To Buy Golf Clubs

As with any other purchases, you need to know the best time to buy golf clubs if you want to get quality products and save money at the same time. So in case you need to upgrade your current set, best do your shopping on the days mentioned above.

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