Best Pitching Wedge 2021: Cleveland CBX 2 Review

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Just when you think you need a “blade style” wedge, the cavity back design of the Cleveland CBX 2 will be nothing short of impressive once you give it a try. The combination of tour-level spin and topnotch forgiveness ensures to help the everyday golfer upgrade their short game.  

The Cleveland CBX 2 takes the title of the best pitching wedge in 2021. These are the top reasons why we love this club and deserves to be number one: 

Amazing Feel – Cleveland Golf CBX 2 wedges feature an enhanced feel balancing technology that reduces vibration for the purest feel at impact. 

Dynamic Sole – Three different sole grinds assure more versatility to execute any shot on the course. 

Rotex Face – 4th-generation Rotex face technology delivers the sharpest tour zip grooves and aggressive face milling, perfect for short game control and maximum spin. 

Hollow-cavity Design– the added weight distributed to the club’s perimeter offers more forgiveness upon impact. 

In addition to those we already mentioned, one of the most incredible things about the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge is the level of customization you can do with it. You can design it to fit both left and right-handed people, which isn’t the case for most clubs out there. Depending on your personal preference and style, you can even choose between steel or graphite for the shaft material. 

Finally, you can take your pick among eight different lofts, from 46-degrees to 60-degrees. This allows you to fully customize your club and come up with a combination that lets you bring your A-game every time.  

Comes in 46 or 48° for a pitching wedgeNot the best option for low handicappers
Provides incredible feel and distanceThe quality of the bat can still be improved
Tour Zip Grooves 

Key Features

Now, we’ll be listing some of the most significant features that make the Cleveland CBX 2 the best pitching wedge around. With a detailed description of each quality, you can have a firmer grasp of this particular type of golf club that might end up in your golf bag one of these days. 

Patented Sole Grind 

One of the most common complaints users have about the original CBX wedges is that they can only choose one sole grind. For this reason, Cleveland went back to the drawing board. They eventually reinvented the CBX wedge to provide golfers with more sole grind options.

Now, the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge includes three different types of sole grinds based on the loft. This upgrade allows you to customize your CBX 2 wedges to your preferred style. Cleveland has optimized sole grinds for each level of wedge, from sand and lob wedges, up to this particular pitching or A-wedge. Every design aids you in whatever course or environment you may encounter. Whether it’s deep rough or soft sand, you’re sure to put the club to good use. 

Club Face Tour Grooves 

All CBX 2 wedges feature Cleveland’s Rotex Face technology. The revolutionary milling process allows CBX 2 wedges to apply more friction on the golf ball, which allows a greater spin and shot-stopping ability from any spot on the playing field.

Not only does the wedge face get machine milled for extra ridges, but the manufacturer also uses laser milling to roughen the face. This ensures an increased grip and control on every shot you make.

Feel Balancing Technology 

Every CBX 2 wedge is equipped with a Feel Balancing Technology. This innovation serves as the apt culmination of months-worth of redesigning the original CBX wedges. To promote forgiveness on off-center strikes, the designers shifted the center of gravity away from the hosel of the original wedge and moved it toward the toe.  

Another reason they opted for a more balanced wedge with this version is that they wanted to come up with a legit game-improvement wedge. Cleveland went for better balance and more perimeter weighting to ground the club through the impact zone to achieve this. They also reduced the penalty of hitting the golf ball off the toe by adjusting the center of gravity going outward, a miscue that’s fairly common to most beginner golfers.

Since high handicappers and beginners are used to hitting the ball toward the toe rather than the middle of the clubface, Cleveland made the adjustment to assist them on those shots, particularly from the fairway, where flawless contact is a must.

Wide Dual-V Sole 

In golf, more than a few players are particular with the width of the club’s sole. They’ll find the CBX 2 to be satisfactory in this regard since it features a wider sole compared to other wedges. You’ll find it easier to glide the leading edge through the turf, thanks to this feature. 

One drawback of this wider sole is that it isn’t your best option when taking short shots. However, you won’t have a hard time using it since it has a wider toe.

Beginners, in particular, will surely like this feature of the club. It allows them to perform well, even though they still lack the necessary skills to be an outstanding golfer.

Gelback Technology

The Gelback insert placed inside the toe of the CBX 2 wedge is a game-changer. It enables the club to promote the launch angle and distance into the lower section of the golf ball. Shots made using this wedge have earned the reputation as one of the softest shots, even for mid handicappers. 


While playing, you’re prone to commit minor mistakes that could eventually have a significant impact on your performance.

This CBX 2 wedge is particularly great at forgiving those errors. As a result, you’ll begin to see greater consistency in all of your swings.  

Thanks to the way the club is designed, it’s capable of allowing said features. As we mentioned, CBX 2 wedges feature a cavity back because of how they’ve distributed the 76 grams of mass. As a result, you’re able to gain control and a higher overall MOI.


If you want more forgiveness in your wedge game, make sure to check out the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge. It’s the best pitching wedge you can find in the market that features the type of spin and feel that will surely leave a lasting impression. 

While there aren’t that many options available, the sole grinds fit the ideal uses of every loft. Instead of confusing you with too many options, it’s convenient enough to let you pick your preferred lofts without taking too much of your time. 

Just when you think you need a “blade style” wedge, the cavity back design of the Cleveland CBX 2 will be nothing short of impressive once you give it a try. The combination of tour-level spin and topnotch forgiveness ensures to help the everyday golfer upgrade their short game.  

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