Best Golf Clubs for Seniors: 2021 Comprehensive Guide

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When it comes to choosing the best golf club for seniors, you’re in luck. There are numerous options available, and each has its own set of features that can either be advantageous or leave much to be desired.

As you advance in age, your body inevitably shifts as you face challenges you’ve never experienced before. However, you have worked hard your whole life, and now is the best time to reap the benefits of your efforts by playing as much golf as you can. When it comes to choosing the best golf clubs for seniors, you’re in luck. There are numerous options available, and each has its own set of features that can either be advantageous or leave much to be desired.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

While there’s no doubt that you’ll find a set of golf clubs that would fit your game well, one question remains, which is the best choice for you?

The following are the main factors you need to consider before purchasing your golf clubs. Adhering to the tips we’ll mention here will help ensure that the set you’ll get lasts for a long time.

Swing Speed

To determine if you indeed require a senior set of golf clubs, test your swing speed first. Are you using a regular golf shaft and are starting to lose the driver a bit to the right? Also, do you feel like you’re unable to achieve the same distances like you used to? If your answer’s yes, it’s high time that you step up to the senior shaft.

If you’re unable to have your swing speed tested, you may note the distances you’re hitting your irons. Do you often hit a 7-iron more than 135-140 yards consistently?  

You’re ready for the senior graphite shafts in your golf clubs if you answered no and feel like you lack distance. This type of shaft helps you with that since it launches higher, is more forgiving, not to mention lighter than your current clubs.     


As we mentioned, golf clubs for seniors are designed so you can cover greater distances with your shot. They’re more lightweight and have a much larger sweet spot. With your traditional golf club, you’re bound to lose some distance once you miss the center of the face, even just a bit. 

When it comes to drivers, you’d want to go for those with a 460cc titanium driver, which is the maximum volume a driver can have according to the USGA rules for 2019. This volume is already enough for you to achieve the required distance in your game. However, if you want to go beyond, you need to look for a 3-wood in a set as well as a few hybrids.

Since you’ll begin to lose a bit of length off the tee as a senior, you’ll have longer approach shots to the green. In this scenario, having those powerfully long game clubs at your disposal makes a world of difference.

Short Game

As a senior golfer, there’s no reason why you can’t compete with younger players when it comes to the short game. 

Critical to your scoring success is ensuring that you have high-quality short irons, pitching wedge, and sand wedge that you’re comfortable using.

You must also pay close attention to the composition of the set that you’ll purchase. Many of them don’t include a sand wedge, which is a must-have in your golf bag at all times. It’s something you want to allocate a budget for as an extra cost.

Lastly, you should have the option to choose between a blade or a mallet-type design when it comes to the putter. Mallet putters are the better choice for beginners who are still working on speed control, while blade putters are preferable when you’re playing on fast greens.  

Golf Bag

In the golfing community, it’s relatively common for seniors to ride in a cart when they play golf. Although this isn’t the case for everyone, most senior golf sets come with a cart bag.  

These cart bags are becoming more and more lightweight, although they typically have many components to keep your irons separate from your driver and wedges.

The only issue with the cart bag is that it’s not a good choice if you’re trying to walk while carrying your bag.


For those who are unfamiliar with golf terms, the word “forgiveness” may sound unusual. It simply refers to the iron’s ability to make good contact with the ball. With a more forgiving iron, you can still have better results even though you’re unable to hit your sweet spot. 

What is the best indicator that your iron is forgiving or not? Usually, it has a larger face area for improved accuracy.

Many golfers believe that their irons and driver need the most forgiveness. A senior club will typically have a degree of offset to help a golfer who hits a slice. The club most likely has a low center of gravity and a little extra loft.

Both of these elements will contribute to the club becoming even more forgiving. Seniors should look for a driver with a loft of about 12 degrees.

When it comes to irons and forgiveness, seniors need to consider switching to hybrids once they reach and get past the six iron.

It takes a lot of swing speed to strike a 5 iron solid, but hitting a 5 hybrid is much easier. Most set makeups nowadays are put together this way for forgiveness. 

Club Length

Clubs with graphite shafts are typically 1/4 inches longer than those with steel shafts, but both play like standard-length golf clubs.

If you’re taller than 6’1″ or shorter than 5’6″, you may need a custom set for seniors. This is likely to be more costly than the standard sets that we mentioned. 

Another option is to order anything pre-assembled and then have it custom-fitted afterward. Getting this done helps you save a bit of money.


What are the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors?

If you’re looking to up your game, the clubhead design and shaft are the most important things to consider.

Do you want an all-hybrid set as a clubhead design? One that’s entirely made of iron? Or, a combo package that combines the two?

After deciding what type of clubhead you want in your iron set, the next thing you’ll need to do is consider the shaft options. Identify the right flex in the shaft and determine what you like better, graphite or steel.

Ideally, senior golfers should use graphite flex shafts. These are much easier to hit and don’t require extra energy to swing late in the round.

Finally, it’s crucial to ensure that the flex is the right one. Other senior players may go with the designated senior, aka “A” flex).  Shafts that are less stiff, combined with lighter clubs, make it easier for you to make contact with your irons consistently.

Are Graphite Shafts More Suitable for Seniors in Golf?

That’s right. Graphite shafts are the best choice for the majority of seniors when playing golf. As we mentioned previously, the shaft significantly impacts ball striking, consistency, and distance. The vast majority of senior players will benefit from the use of a graphite shaft.

You don’t want just any graphite shaft; it’ll be great if you find one that’s lightweight and has enough flex. Having such equipment will allow you to maintain the same intensity level throughout the round while avoiding injury.

How Far Should a Senior Hit 7 Iron?

It depends on three factors: the players themselves, their swing speed, and the golf club of choice.

For instance, a golfer with a 10 handicap, a 100mph swing speed, and game improvement irons is more likely to hit the ball further than anyone. On the other hand, a 25 handicap using older models that are too stiff and heavy is expected to hit it at a shorter distance.

The most important thing to formulate your game plan around is selecting lightweight ones to help you get the ball airborne. Having this type of equipment allows you to find more greens, make more pars, and have a more enjoyable round. Finally, you’re most likely to escape injury by using clubs designed for a golfer who possesses a higher swing speed. 

Is It a Good Idea to Have Your Golf Clubs Custom Fit?

Although custom fitting your golf clubs may be beneficial, it isn’t always necessary for most senior golfers. Only consider custom fitting if you’re a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your clubs or if you’re taller than most players. In this particular instance, you would require custom shafts for your golf game. 

What are the Indicators that I need a Senior Shaft?

One of the simplest methods to determine if you require a senior shaft is to hit a launch monitor at your local golf shop. If your swing speed is between 70 and 85 mph, you’re likely to benefit from a senior or a flex shaft.

Consider your carry distance if you don’t have a golf shop nearby. If it’s between 180 and 210 yards, a senior flex might be able to help you add distance without modifying your swing.

Why are Senior Golf Clubs Pricier Than Regular Ones?

Senior golf clubs tend to be more expensive than regular ones for two reasons: the club type and the shaft.

Many of the sets in the market meant for seniors are either hybrids or combo sets, which are more costly on the manufacturer’s part to produce. Additionally, the shafts are usually made of graphite, which also contributes to the higher cost. 

Although they are more expensive, you can count on these golf clubs to last for several years. It won’t be wise to jeopardize your game or risk a potential injury by not using the right golf clubs for you.

Key Takeaway

There are many different types of golf clubs available on the market for your consideration. When purchasing a set, go for the clubs that suit your style of play and make the game as easy as possible. Keep in mind that woods and hybrids are easier to hit than long irons and that there are also sets available that are comprised mainly of hybrids or a mix of both.

Shopping for the best golf clubs for seniors should be enjoyable and exciting. There are so many excellent choices that should make it hard for you to mess up badly. 

Once you get on the playing field, make sure to prioritize your health, work on your game with the right coach, and always have fun. 

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